What Is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

“What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing” is the 2nd of a 3-part series of how to find your best niche.

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Many students of mine have asked me “What is the best niche for affiliate marketing?”

First, this requires for me to explain what exactly a niche in affiliate marketing is.


What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Do the research.

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What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Online Marketing is one.

What’s a Niche in Affiliate Marketing? 

Any product or service that can be offered based on your type of business is an affiliate niche.

Let’s say your business involves selling musical instruments and accessories, then your affiliate niche would focus on musical instrument related products, such as guitars, drums, outboard effects gear, and drum pedals.

In case you have not started an affiliate marketing business yet, then first follow your passion.

My passion has always been custom-made guitars.  

Searching for divine providence from focal hand dystonia

Another option would be to do research, and find out the things that people most want and need.

Think of the sort of products and services they would be looking for, and do a search on Google. This would give you an inkling as to which affiliate marketing business you might want to try venturing into.

What Do People Want

What Do People Want? 

Welcome to market research!

Whether you like it or loathe market research, there is simply no way around it. Start by checking the major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Your most important job now is to do extensive research by locating products in your desired niche that there is a demand for.

If you came up with a new and never before seen product or service, Congratulations. And condolences!

You would need to develop a prototype and then do lots of Beta testing. That is well beyond the scope of this article.

Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to what we want to accomplish here. We have it so much easier!

Our mission is to dig deep for the best money-making niches that will draw a great deal of interest, thus giving us the highest potential for sales.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? High potential sales and conversions.

So I’m sure you now are asking yourself again, “What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?”

Without further ado, here are the 9 Best Money-Making Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2019.

9 Best Money-Making Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

The following is a list of the 9 Best Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Niches in the year 2019.

If you’d like to learn the specifics about these hot niches, click on the “Quick Navigation” menu and you will anchor link straight to that section of article.

After each one of the 9 Best Money-Making Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2019, we have included our Recommended Affiliate Niche Product as our SPECIAL GIFT to you for reading our article!

1. Self-Improvement

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing?  Self-improvement

By learning new skill sets and educating the mind to make ourselves better and businesses more profitable, it lifts our minds and spirit.

For this reason, there is nothing quite as satisfying as gaining personal accomplishment through self-improvement. Therefore, it is no surprise why this is one of the most profitable niches, and it is HUGE.

So what would be more satisfying of a skill to learn in an article entitled “What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?” then you guessed it – affiliate marketing!

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That’s right, a company that has added value EVERY YEAR, but has NEVER increased its price!

Product/ Service:   Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the Real Deal.

It is a wonderful online university specializing in teaching new and aspiring online business owners how to become successful affiliate marketers.

At its core, Wealthy Affiliate is a complete “online university” where you take “follow-at-your-own-pace” online courses. There are 120 courses included in 12 levels of the official training.

There is a worldwide community of 1.5 million + members who are willing to help you by answering your questions along on your affiliate marketing journey of learning.

I am a long-time Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador (Top 25) and one of their Top Mentors in affiliate marketing.

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What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Health and wellness

2. Health and Wellness

We are always looking in some way to improve our health and well-being.

You cannot go wrong with the Health and Wellness niche. All you need to do is focus your business on healthy living. This is an evergreen niche.

Here is a great health and wellness product that has taken off, is super simple to make, and which also induces calmness and promotes weight-loss

Product/ Service:  Matcha Powder

Matcha Tea

Nothing is easier than brewing a cup of tea. And people will always be interested in easy weight loss.

Matcha Powder, the powder in which to brew match tea, is currently a $300M market and is expected to grow 8% each year. However, for whatever reason, It has been trying to catch-up to green tea’s popularity for the last decade.

Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea, but is less processed and as such contains significantly greater health benefits. For residents of Japan, this needs no explanation.

Trends clearly indicate that every year, a greater number of consumers are becoming aware of the greater Matcha health benefits. That’s why we recommend Match tea as a great affiliate niche product.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Pets.

3. Pets

Need I say more? The pet industry is super massive. $70B annual. Some people love their pets more than their children.

People love their pets! Just look at some of the most popular videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to know just how obsessed people are for their animals.

It is next to impossible to go through a day without coming across at least one cute dog or cat video. People really know how to shop and spend for their pets – they treat them as a member of the family!

Here is a perfect pet affiliate marketing niche product that is trending high.

Product/ Service:  Dog and Cat Bowls

Dog Bowls

Dog bowls generate $350K per month in revenue.

There is an expanding niche market for foldable dog bowls or customizable cat bowl products. There are over 1800 reviews of products with only 4 stars.

Cuter dog bowls

Maybe you can improve it. Why not 4.5 or 5?

I’ve also seen a growing trend where buying owners are even more interested in pet health and nutrition. You have phenomenal opportunities to scale up content marketing and social media.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Online food delivery

4. Online Food Delivery

This growing industry is expected to reach $30B in sales by 2025.

The online food delivery industry is expected to reach $30B in sales by 2025. You could combine this product with a subscription-based model for passionate crowds. Just incorporate your own idea into it.

Product/ Service:  Home Chef

Home Chef

Online food delivery companies like Home Chef take the stress out of dinner. This is a hot affiliate marketing product and service. Amazon is going HUGE into this space. This should be a strong sign for every entrepreneur.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Shapewear

5. Shapewear

Shapewear is a niche that is expected to grow to roughly $6M by 2022. It is a tight fitting underwear designed to control and shape your body. Although it’s not nearly as big as women’s underwear, it is a great example of a niche starting point.


Product/ Service:  Spanx

Spanx has become a market leader in Shapewear. They are a perfect example of an ecommerce brand you would strive to replicate.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Fashion

6. Fashion

All of us are influenced by fashion. Even if we say we are not into fashion, something or someone influenced us to wear the clothing we have on.

No doubt about it – the fashion industry will always dominate. We will always be lured by the latest fashion trends and hottest gear and accessories on the market. It is an evergreen as evergreen can be.

Here is a hot affiliate fashion niche product that was once huge in the past, lost its appeal for awhile, but is now back!   

Product/ Service:  Denim


Google Trends tells me that Denim is back!

This is a great fashion niche product for affiliate marketing. But others still don’t believe me.

Believe me, I’m not an expert of fashion. My idea of everyday wear are a T-shirt and sweat pants. A simple button shirt and slacks when I want to get dressy.

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However, Google Trends indicates that 100’s of thousands of consumers are purchasing denim clothes for themselves and their kids on Amazon every day. Industry experts predict denim will overtake leggings for Millenials.

That’s why denim is back and can no longer be ignored!

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Hobbies

7. High-Ticket Hobbies

When you think of the phrase “most profitable niches” you are definitely thinking of products with a high-price tag, right? Hobbies like flying drones, golfing, and snowboarding, where the equipment is pricey, and there will be good affiliate commissions!   That will bring a smile to any aspiring affiliate marketer’s face!

Product/ Service:  Drones and Accessories

Drones and accessories

Drones are currently a $5B industry and sales are only growing..

That’s because there is a supercharged passionate community behind drones. Mix in the high price of drones and all the accessories, and you have a great affiliate marketing niche product.

There’s an educational element you can provide to differentiate your ecommerce store vs others.

There are also different levels of drone users which I love. As an affiliate marketer, you can leverage the fact that drone manufacturers are selling entry-level products and accessories and then upselling higher end products to more experienced users.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Subscription boxes.

8. Subscription Boxes

Monthly recurring billing gives the customer lifetime value. And nothing speaks to this trend better than subscription boxes.

When you sell a subscription box, you keep billing the customer until they cancel.

The subscription box industry is growing 200% annually. Many bloggers and influencers cover subscription-based products. Consumers are excited to get these things each month. Overall, people are obsessed with subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes can be created around any type of passion. Hobbies, pets, and personal care are all industries that are waiting to be “anointed” with subscription boxes.

If you want to see a great example of a subscription box, look how Dollar Shave Club changed the shaving industry

Product/ Service:  Sprezzabox


Sprezzabox is a great affiliate niche product for subscription boxes. They are considered the #1 Men’s Subscription box for only $28 per month. The monthly re-billable subscription is Sprezzabox’s top choice. Each box will be personally curated with amazing new brands and products.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Vaping.

9. Vaping

Although I am not a smoker (in fact loathe it), vaping (of all kinds) is a massive trend.

Like it or not, once more states legalize marijuana I expect it to take off even further. Vaping is all about lifestyle and community, it’s a rapidly-expanding niche that can certainly be leveraged to establish a growing brand..

Product/ Service:  E-Cigarettes


The E-Cigarette industry is expected to grow to $61B by 2025.

This is a niche that includes everything.  Products come at low, medium and high price points. Here are upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and search volume is trending up.

If you learn to navigate this heavily regulated industry, you could succeed with this niche affiliate marketing product.

I hope you enjoyed my article on “What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?” and found this helpful.

If you indeed did enjoy this article and found it helpful, I would appreciate you leaving a comment here below, and we can expand the conversation.

About the Author

KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!

  • Saane says:

    Haha, you know what, I am actually quite surprised with some of the niche interests you have listed here.

    I had no idea that shape wear (Spanx) are still that popular.

    The other one, is Sprezzabox. Subscription boxes is a new concept for me.

    E- cigarettes seem to be very popular indeed. In New Zealand, just about every motorist I meet is smoking one. I don’t smoke but quite curious to why they are popular.

    I am glad I came across your post. I might try one of these niches in my next website.

    • Kaju says:

      It’s really amazing what we all learn through directed research Saane, isn’t it!
      I never would have thought some of this either, but I did the research, and learned fantastic things I wanted to share!

      Try some of these niches, and let me know. I hope you like ’em!

  • Cheryl Brown says:

    Thanks for this great post and information on what the best niche for affilliate marketing. Thanks for including the 9 best money making niches for 2019. It is always good to see ideas like these, especially if you are not sure what you want your niche to be.

    • Kaju says:

      Yes Thank You Cheryl. I hope this information was very helpful to you, and you can go back to it whenever you need to find a great affiliate marketing niche!

  • Lynn says:

    Great list! There are sooo many options when it comes to affiliate marketing.

  • Nicole says:

    Great suggestions. I only make some affiliate commissions though. Is there someplace online where I can learn more about niches and affiliate marketing?

    • Kaju says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Of course! Simply Google these and you will find out a “wealth of information and other sources” that will have you knee-deep in research for the next 3 months!
      Wishing you a great experience on your “niche” journey!


  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    I’m a fan of Matcha Tea. I hadn’t thought of it as a niche.

    I’ve been looking around for niche ideas and glad I found your article.

    Matcha Powder is a great niche. There are lots of healthy recipes for it online and people can even mix it with protein powder without sucrose of course.

    Ummm matcha shake, spinach, a bit of yogurt, protein powder, maybe half a banana…. I have to try this first.

    What do you think about home security? I don’t know if that’s too broad a niche. I was thinking I could promote home security devices for homes and farms and not for businesses.

    • Kaju says:

      Hi Monica,

      Great comment and much to think about here! Home Security I feel is too broad. You would need to dig deeper into Home Security, say something like “SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems” or “HomeKit Security devices”, etc… If you decide to base your research on promoting home security devices for homes and farms and not for businesses. you have already made your niche more narrow.

      Definitely look into this, I think there are great possibilities with Home Security Monica.
      For now, “Go Matcha”!


  • Dawn says:

    I haven’t even thought about what I like and stuff because I actually like a lot of things. Seems like this will be challenging to narrow it all down.

    • Kaju says:

      Yes Dawn, know your feeling. Finding your affiliate marketing niche is one of the more challenging decisions you will make in your career.
      That’s why I presented these affiliate marketing niche ideas in this article to make it easier and help get you started.

      Please reach out to me if you need any assistance.

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