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My Music Career ruined by a rare Hand Disorder, Now I Teach Others How I Make Multiple Passive Income Streams

Hi, I'm Kaju and I've helped dozens of musicians and artists claim their life back by teaching them my secrets of making

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I truly believe that is what I was put on this earth to do.  

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Once a Pro musician, now I teach others to create multiple passive income streams

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"Kaju is a long-time Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate in more ways than one and he truly does honor to this title.

He has achieved this status by being a knowledgeable and helpful member of the community and mentor  to many of its members.

When someone needs help, he always responds with a constructive answer as well as an infectious enthusiasm that lifts the spirit. He has done this for us, on many occasions.

He is a positive soul and a gifted musician who has had to contend with the alarming reality of focal hand dystonia, a terrible condition for anyone - but for a professional musician, potentially devastating.

Not for Kaju, though. He dealt with this and is receiving ongoing therapy in an effort to heal himself.

He continues to pursue his online business so that he can share his experience with other musicians who may be suffering from this, or other conditions.

He can empathize with what they are going through and offer them an alternative path.

Kaju is an authentic, helpful and socially engaged person with a buoyant personality and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit."

Colette and Philip Pepperell

Friends who have learned how to create multiple passive income streams from me

Turn Your Life Around!

"I have known Kaju for a couple of years now, although it actually seems a lot longer, I believe this is because we have so much in common!

Something that I noticed about Kaju very early on was his great willingness to help, I would often ask a question or write a blog post and Kaju would always answer my question in great detail, often the comments and the answers would leave me scrolling down the page as he didn't leave anything out.

Kaju is a great person to learn from, he has a huge amount of experience in life from being a professional musician to a professional Internet marketer and trainer. I guess this is one of the reasons why we have so much in common as I have been in business since 1983, which is literally all my working life - and Kaju has been in business for many years.

Kaju has a very interesting story to tell from his musical experience and his Internet marketing experience, he is a Great Person to Learn from and also a Fantastic helper.

If you would like to turn your life around and ​learn how to make multiple passive income streams, even when you are sleeping ....

KAJU is the man to help you!

If you follow his training and his advice, I promise you that you won't be disappointed."

Roy Bretton

Friends who have learned how to create multiple passive income streams from me

I've been a pro musician for 25+ years of my life.  It was once both my passion and my calling.

Once upon a time I made a great living as a guitarist and a band leader performing at over 2500 LIVE private venues, club dates, and specialty events.

I always had gigs, and I truly loved my work. I was living a charmed life, making a living doing what I truly loved doing. What more could I have asked for?

Then one day, something changed.

When I woke up one morning, it felt like any other morning.

But when I picked up my guitar and began to play, I noticed a subtle difference; when playing simple songs and riffs that I've played a million times, my left ring finger and pinkie were "flying out" slightly.

Over a period of the next 18 months, I would still play my gigs, noticing I had less control over my left ring finger and pinkie. 

But I could still work my fingerboard magic, playing my rhythm guitar and all my solos.

How It All Changed

Living with focal hand dystonia
Kaju on the cover of Daily Single, now teaches other how to create multiple passive income streams

Then one night at a band rehearsal I began to lose total control. While playing simple open chords, my left ring finger and pinkie were flying out to an extreme. Additionally, my middle finger began to curl inward.

This all happened very suddenly without warning, and it felt like I was falling off a cliff.

Although for months I had been seeing many different hand specialists and taking EMG tests, not one could conclude what was wrong with my left hand's mobility.

All test results were inconclusive, showing nothing wrong with my hand.

The next day, my life came crashing down.

Having been recommended to see a renowned specialist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I was diagnosed with focal hand dystonia. This is a rare disease that mainly affects professional musicians. It is neurological, and there is no known cure for it.

The rest of my "hand" story goes beyond this introduction, stay tuned you will read more about it if you follow my blog here.

But the bottom line is my days as a performing musician were essentially OVER.

I could no longer make REAL money doing gigs.

For a long time, I wallowed in a deep, dark depression.

My depression after my music career was laid in ruins

There have been many other musicians and artists – even some famous ones - who went so far as committing suicide over such a fate, but I was one of the lucky ones.

Ultimately being an optimist at heart, I was able to march on. I have always refused to give up.

But I had no idea where to start.

Desperately needing to find a new steady source of income, I searched high and low. Long and hard.

Then one day I stumbled upon a secret.  A secret that only select insiders know.

I found a NEW way to make money online working from home - a way of generating a passive income - which is making money while I sleep.

And here is where I'd like to share with you MY SECRET of how I found the Best Way to Earn Money working from home, all while I am sleeping.

My Value Proposition 

If you are a creative, ambitious independent musician or artist and are looking for an alternative way to make a good extra income by making money online, you have come to the right place!

And if you always desired to travel the world while Making Multiple Passive Income Streams (but never thought it was possible) this is the site for You!

You can do it all....

You can be an Affiliate Rock Star....
My Affiliate Rock

This is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme,

I repeat ...this is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Like anything worthwhile in in life, it will require a Great deal of dedication, work, and time.

But unlike learning how to master any musical instrument, this will not take years but can take only months.

I will teach you how to Crush It and Multiple Passive Income Streams doing what you already love doing - combining your love of music with showing and guiding you how to create the 5 Key Ingredients To Make Money Online.

You have my Promise My New Friends, I Will Guide You Every Step of the way to achieve  the same successes I have achieved.


It is my duty and pleasure to HELP OTHERS who are less fortunate but are hopeful and dedicated to reach a Truly Happier and Most Fulfilling place in their lives by teaching them the skills that will gain them the financial freedom they deserve.

 I want to help you create multiple passive income streams. 

I Am Truly looking forward to helping you Reach the Success of Your Dreams on the Other Side.

Kaju now helps others create multiple passive income streams

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