Best Free Malware Adware Removal Tool

Best Free Malware Adware Removal Tool

Recently I was given the excuse to download a great free malware adware removal tool. Here’s the reason why.


Whenever I go to any of my blog posts, I am bombarded with popups and promotions.

Even on my member group Pages!

free malware adware removal for popups and promotions

Here are some of the annoying popups and promotions

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popups and promos

Popups and Double-Underlined Links

Also I am for the first time seeing double underlined links inside my blog posts content, and when I hover over them a new promotion appears!

Double underlined links

These double underlined links are also appearing when I hover over them inside “comments”.

free malware adware removal for unwanted comments

Here is the worst thing: when I click on any post in my right column, I get a FULL Screen Promotion (not a POPUP).

Full Screen Promotion

Click on my post link in the right column, this is what I get....

Why was I getting targeted with Popups and Promotions inside my “safe” member website?

free malware adware removal to remove adware

What is happening here?

I thought my member website was a spam-free environment?

Could it possibly be that I am now being targeted with these unsolicited promotions on my member pages only because mw new site has been seeing more traffic lately?

What do you think?

Best free malware adware removal, Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes: Best Free Malware Adware Removal Tool

As I would later find out, the reason was that my hard drive had been surreptitiously infected with malware and adware.

“Malware” is combination of two words: “Malicious” + “Software”. When defining the core of the actual “thing”, malware is a malicious software which has some harmful intent t0 compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your operating system, network, data, or applications.

Malware is a broad term that consists of all types of malicious software such as Adware, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, and Viruses. This very bad thing that gets transferred to your computer consists of code which is designed to gain unauthorized access to a network or system to cause extensive damage . Such damages could be a disruption of services or a system working, manipulation of results, stealing information etc.

How does maleware enter into our computer systems? Malware can enter via pen-drives, email attachments, spam emails, malicious links we clicked over internet through the files we download from the internet. Malware can also be installed by exploiting a known vulnerability in an operating system, application software or network device however generally installed due to some action by a user such as clicking a malicious link.

Adware is a form of Malware that usually comes prepackaged with software that is downloaded. It will mainly cause a lot of unwanted pop-ups and unclosable windows to appear on your computer. These pop-ups often have links that will direct to harmful sites, and scams.

Malwarebytes is an excellent free malware adware removal tool to use as an additional layer of security for your operating system. Although it cannot fully replace an antivirus solution, you can use Malwarebytes as your lightweight software in combination with any main antivirus for assurance that you are well protected. Malwarebytes was never designed to compete with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Avast.

This is a free downloadable software that targets the newest online threats, instead of focusing on full and comprehensive protection mechanism against all kinds of malware, it. Yes, it is highly capable of flagging the most recent malware that even the best paid or free antiviruses won’t be able to detect.

So, how good is Malwarebytes? What I have found out is that Malwarebytes is great, especially when joining forces with traditional antivirus solutions.

In 2019, Malwarebytes Premium, you give you the best protection against malware, ransomware attacks, automatic updates, and safe browsing. Although not all of this is available with the free edition, it would be a good idea to download it to your device and see how it works alongside the primary antivirus tool.

Malwarebytes Software PROS:

Excellent at eliminating cutting-edge threats

Decent anti-ransomware and anti-exploit protection

Straightforward, easy to install and to use

Available as a free product

Scans are fast and thorough

Light system impact

Malwarebytes Software CONS:

Detection rates leave a lot to be desired

The 1-device Premium subscription plan is expensive

No real-time protection with Malwarebytes Free

Only effective when used alongside more traditional antiviruses

Lab test results are outdated

Malwarebytes Highlights:

  • Can work with other antivirus products
  • System impact is well below average
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook
  • Offers a decent free edition
  • Lightning-fast scans
free malware adware removal, our community comments

Free Malware Adware Removal Tool: Comments from Our Worldwide Community

Here are some of the comments we received from our wonderful worldwide community of 1.5 million internet marketers and entrepreneurs:

You downloaded some software (I'm guessing something that was free), that included this in the package. Naw, they didn't tell you this would happen, but how else do you think they pay for the "free"stuff?

This may be hard to find, as they are far too good at hiding this kind of stuff.

Don't download free software ever, unless you can find it on something like – Anonymous

Could’ve been adware too, not that it’s any better than malware. – Anonymous

Yep malware used to see it a lot back in the day when I was working for AOL ...old school but still rather annoying. – Anonymous

I do suggest more than just a regular virus scan. I dated an IT person, and even with a paid subscription to Norton or the like, he always ran two different free scanning tools as well, as no one virus scan is perfect he said. But with that massive of a malware attack, better be safe than sorry. – Anonymous

Contact support it sounds like it could be malware. They will scan your website to make sure that is not it. Then go to your plugins on your browser...delete a few that you recently uploaded. Lastly, do a malware scan on your computer.- Anonymous

How do you feel about Malwarebytes? Do you think it's the best free malware adware removal tool readily available today?

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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