Once a Pro musician, Kaju teaches others the best ways of making money at home online

my name is Kaju
if you're a musician suffering from a disability,
i will help you TAKE your life back.

I was once a Pro Musician who made a good living playing music full-time until a rare disease ruined my career.  Now I TEACH musicians and artists who have suffered a disability like me my secret to making money at home online while I sleep.


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Wealthy Affiliate will help you in making money at home online. My #1 recommendation.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal? 

(My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review for Newbies)

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

Here is my honest Wealthy Affiliate review for newbies, or for any person who has a strong desire to learn the right skills for making money at home online in the world of affiliate marketing and beyond.

Acquiring these right skills can one day allow you to live the dream: to forever free yourself from working for someone else, by teaching you to build a successful and flourishing online business that brings in consistent revenue that you can count on.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, and soon you will find out why.

Passport to Taiwan Festival:  A Brief History of Taiwan 

The Passport to Taiwan Festival held annually in New York City near the end of May is a jubilant affair.

Of the literally hundreds of street fairs in New York City, without a doubt this is my #1 Recommendation, personal favorite and the only one that stands out for me.

However, it is also one that reminds me of the steep challenges Taiwan still faces today.

Passport to Taiwan festival's participants are into  making money at home online making money at home online

Focal hand dystonia forced me to start making money at home online

Living With Focal Hand Dystonia

Here is how I took my life back.  After it was mysteriously almost taken away.  

Here is how by massive winds of change my life and sanity was pushed to the edge, and how I was able to comeback living with focal hand dystonia.

If you are a musician or an artist, or have ever been great at something you were extremely passionate about and then had it mysteriously taken away, my true story you are about to read might hit you gut-wrenching hard to the core.

Thrive Architect Reviews: An Honest Review from a Thrive Architect User

Here is one of the most honest Thrive Architect reviews you will ever read.

In the year of 2019, everything that is exciting in cyberspace appeals to our visual sensory. As human beings, we are highly visual animals. 

As the archaic saying goes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Thrive Architect will help you build beautiful websites so you can start making money at home online

Save your money and don't buy Camtasia. lest you waste making money at home online

Camtasia 2018: Is it Worth the Price?

If you are currently looking to purchase excellent video editing and screen recording software, you may be asking “Camtasia 2018, is it worth the price?

In this review, I will providing the answers to that question.

Have you ever wondered, "How to Make My Site Load Faster?"

How To Make My Site Load Faster is something you may have wondered, but never knew how.

Herein lies the nuclear solution, it can be quite tedious but it WORKS.

Follow this recipe for success step-by-step and you will achieve twice your speed. This will vastly improve your website loading speeds on both desktop and mobile.

My own technique will get your site loading faster so you can start making money at home online

Instagram can help drive traffic to your website so you can start making money at home online

11 Reasons Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Platform

Here I want to give you 11 Reasons why Instagram is the Best Social Media platform.

However, first let me give you a bit of history behind the “Instagram story”

My 5 Blog Writing for Money Tips

Here are my 5 Blog Writing for Money Tips.

You can definitely make a good living writing blogs and other types of content making money at home online. These tips are rooted in a lesson I learned a long time ago when a very wise mentor schooled me. 

Here are 5 Tips for blog writing to help you start making money at home online

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

Take Charge and Create a Great Passive Income 
Wealthy Affiliate!

P.S. These are all REAL testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members. I've included their respective websites for your reference :)

Learn To Be Your Own Boss!

"Kaju is one impressive online marketer, and he cares about people. He can show you the right way to be your own boss and his secret to making money at home online while you sleep.

Maybe you would like a new car or perhaps make enough extra money to pay off your mortgage. The reasons don’t matter. What matters is that you want to find a legitimate way to earn A GREAT PASSIVE INCOME.

The reality is that a dedicated slice of the day that is just yours can turn into a great money maker, a legacy, yes and a life that may surprise you.

I'm my own boss. I work when I like. I do what I want in my life and I'm beholden to no one. The internet has opened up worldwide opportunities for me.

Follow Kaju’s 1-on-1 mentorship and this could be you".

Robert Allan


As friends together we teach the best ways of making money at home online

Meet the Problem Solver!

"There are no problems Kaju can't solve, he can help you start an online business and change from a broken life to a success the right way.

I have worked with Kaju and his work ethic is impressive and his knowledge of online marketing always growing."

Fran Callado


As friends together we teach the best ways of making money at home online

Learn to Turbo Charge your Website Speed and Increase your Traffic with Kaju's Training!

P.S. These are all REAL testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members. I've included their respective websites for your reference :)

I went searching through Wealthy Affiliate's training when I came across a training by Kaju.

The title of his training was “Turbo Charge Your Site Speed.” I desperately needed to fix my website speed, so I decided to read it because it seemed to have the solution that I was looking for.

My mobile speed was around 33 give or take and my desktop would linger around 69 give or take. Neither speeds were the best to have, especially for search engine rankings or user experience.

Surprisingly, after taking and applying even part of Kaju’s training my website speed immediately went up from 33 for a mobile device to 74, and my desktop speed went up from 69 to 100!

As I mentioned, I didn't complete the entire training; so even completing only 3 (of 8) steps produced a tremendous increase in my website speed.

Here is the biggest surprise that I found after taking Kaju’s training.

After checking my website speed. I decided to log into Google analytics to see if I had any visitors during these changes.

When I logged in, I never expected to see 111 real-time live users at one time. By midnight, Google Analytics had reported that I received a total of 358 visitors for that one day!

I was floored!!

Never has my user count been that high. The highest count of users that I've ever experienced prior was 53 users in one day. Now I had 358!

I simply can't thank Kaju enough for taking his time to provide such valuable training.

He has helped me out and many Wealthy Affiliate members out. Kaju knows what he is talking about. Yes the training will take time to complete but, I can testify that it is worth it.

Kaju is a Great teacher. I now have a Turbocharged website, and if it weren't for Kaju I wouldn't have had an increase in traffic nor would I have a faster website.

Ever since then, I have and still will recommend Kaju’s training. It is the real deal.

Thank you once again, Kaju!

La'Kisha Akbar


This wealthy Affiliate member started making money at home online  making money at home online

Kaju and Off the Hook performing at Capital NYC

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Once a Pro musician, Kaju teaches others the best ways of making money at home online

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This Free Study Guide will help you to understand how this proven strategy works. And it's an evergreen strategy that has been proven to stand the test of time.

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Isn't that worth it? Give It a Try :)

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Once a Pro musician, Kaju teaches others the best ways of making money at home online

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