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Kaju was hired to Build Website for New 9/11 Movie, as result of writing the article "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?"

Hired to Build Website For New 9/11 Movie

Here’s some really exciting news just in I wanted to share with you here my friends.

Today I was officially hired by a film producer to build the website for a new “9/11” documentary movie coming out this September.

The plot will be mainly focused around the victim’s families. I cannot go into any other specific details.

Kaju became 400 Days a WA Ambassador, and contributed article writing for "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?"  to Wealthy Affiliate

400 Days a WA Ambassador, Back to #4!

Today is my 400th day as a WA Ambassador, and I’m back to Rank 4!

But the irony is that I’ve been so highly focused working consistently and diligently doing research, attending to my business and my new website ...

Landing Page vs Home Page, what is Better? Landing Page of course!

Landing Page vs Home Page: What Is Better?

I still see many glossed over faces when I ask peeps what's the difference between a Landing Page vs Home Page.

If you too find asking yourself “Landing Page vs. Home Page, what is better?”, you are reading the right post! 

Learning SEO the Simple Way has enabled Kaju to rank high for "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?"

SEO The Simple Way

To complicate matters further, Google is always changing its algorithms, and naturally Google is a lot "smarter" now than it used to be, even than last year.

So a strategy what worked in the not so distant past will not necessarily be as effective today.

This is why I believe its the intent of WA to teach us SEO the simple way.

Don't Be a Wantrepreneur, be an Entrepreneur! Or you better strat writing articles like "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?"!

Don't Be a Wantrepreneur!

Please take my advice here. Here is something that you don’t want to be. You see, I have a friend (let’s call him David) who wants to launch an online business that will earn 6 figures within the first year. He is a “Wantrepreneur” 

Believe me, you don’t want to be a “Wantrepreneur”!

Count aloud "5,4,3,2,1" and just do it. That's the 5 Second Rule.  That's how I wrote "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?"

The 5 Second Rule

Here’s the solution. Think Apollo Moon Landing! 

Count aloud, “5,4,3,2,1……” and then just DO it!!

This counting “mechanism” by itself will shut off the slow acting part of your brain and trigger the fast acting part of your brain. It’s really that simple.

Achieving twice my site speed.with "Turbo Charge" was the catalyst for  "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?" ranking better.

Turbo Charge Your Site Speed!

Achieve twice your speed. Both on desktop and mobile.This is the nuclear solution, it can be quite tedious but it WORKS.

My results are proof of this ...

Always focus on the process , as the road sign implies, and you will be able to write articles like "Landing Page vs Home Page, What Is Better?"

Focus on The Process, Not The Outcome

Life is lived in the present, not the future, and happiness is a process, not a place. I’ve seen far too many of my friends here at WA fall into the trap of rating themselves and their performances solely on their outcomes. I must confess I am one of them ...

my article "Landing Page vs Home Page, What is Better?" was executed easiliy using Instagram and Canva

Instagram Made Simple Using Canva

So as of Monday, I have been posting on Instagram once per day and will continue posting at a minimum 5x per week.

What has made this transition so much easier for me are all the great templates in Canva, particularly the Instagram image option.

As Instagram Made Simple Using Canva ...

Are product reviews truly authentic? Read this article to uncover some hard truths.

Are Most Product Reviews Truly Authentic?

Are most product reviews truly “authentic” product reviews?

In other words, can we honestly look ourselves in the mirror every day with an absolute clear conscience and believe our product reviews are truly authentic if WE as reviewers ONLY are basing those product reviews on other reviewer’s reviews – no matter how highly authoritative, reputable, and reliable the original source happens to be? ...

Over genetrification is causing trouble in the village