Download Snagit Free Today

Download Snagit Free Today

I would highly recommend you download Snagit free today.

Here's another GREAT tool you can use for your Screenshots - especially when you need short key cuts (called "HotKeys") to create links for screenshots for images and videos that "disappear" before you can grab 'em.


download Snagit free for hot keys

I ran across this great tool called SNAGIT by TechSmith when I had to send screenshots to outside Tech Support that did not allow you to upload direct screenshots to their servers.

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download Snagit free, but first try Jing

Download Snagit Free:  First Try Jing

You can use a cool screenshot tool I use called Jing (also by TechSmith) to create a link to your screenshot (in conjunction with to first copy your link into your clipboard and then to paste anywhere (i.e., email, text message).

However, Jing has a limitation: it doesn't allow the option for keyboard shortcuts (i.e."Printscreen") to enable you to grab images that "disappear" when you release your mouse, such as menus and hover buttons.

Jing by Techsmith

This is how I stumbled upon SNAG IT (through Jing), when I needed to send links to screenshots to explain a problem I was having with a hover button. The Hover button would disappear when I tried to grab the screenshot.

This worked GREAT for explanation of my tech issue. Perfecto!

In addition to capturing images, SNAGIT also works GREAT if you need to capture videos (in conjunction with where you would send links to a video or series of videos.

Snagit Editor

SNAGIT also appears to have a nice editor called SNAGIT Editor, where you can edit your Images and Videos (I haven't tried it yet). However, I will review the Snagit editing tool in detail, and write about it in my next blog post.

download Snagit free, Comments from the Community

Download Snagit Free: Comments from Our Great Community

Here is what our great international community of 1.5 million internet marketers are saying about Snagit:

I've used Snagit for many years and wouldn't be without it .- Anonymous

I love Snagit! I've been using it for years. It makes screen captures so easy! – Anonymous

That looks amazing! Gonna have to try that out. Thanks! – Anonymous

This is amazing timing since I've had issues with sending screenshots this very day. Thanks so much Kaju – Anonymous

I love Snagit and use it all the time for screenshots that I use in my review articles.- Anonymous

It is a great tool. I’ve been using it for years. I give it a thumbs up. Specially the editor.- Anonymous

This is exactly what I was looking for. I was using a tool called SnipIt but I will try this one too.- Anonymous

‘I've been using this snag it tool for years and yes it is amazing. I never knew about the short keys though. They also have an affiliate program too. I didn't sign up with them but, hey just in case anyone is interested. It is good info to know.

I love to snag it. I use it almost every day and the images that it takes are amazing. I need to learn more on how to really get all my usage out of though.

I don't know how it works now, but I paid that one time fee and never had to pay again so, it was well worth the pricing. It also allows you to embed and watermark your logo into your images. It's a pretty amazing tool.

I never knew anything about Jing so, I'll have to look into that. I have used screencast once but, not enough to know any of the info you shared. So, thanks for sharing that information.

Thank you for sharing a learned something new about snag it.Thanks again. – Anonymous

I’ve been using Snipit too. But excited about trying this out. – Anonymous

Love Snagit! Well worth the price in my opinion! – Anonymous

I've been using Jing for at least 5 years. - Anonymous

My company uses SnagIt and my Windows based video trainings here are recorded with it too. – Anonymous

Windows key and Print Screen key does quick screenshots.
You can also download Jing for free from Techsmith – Anonymous

I'll be snagging it Kaju! – Anonymous

Snagging it already thanks for sharing
Have a great day! – Anonymous

download Snagit free

Ummm, Interesting. Ok, I'll try Snag It... Thanks Kaju! – Anonymous

Thanks for this friend, it is always good to have something else you can use just in case. I currently use Awesome Screenshot which is free and is really good. – Anonymous

Kaju, great advice about Snagit, I have been using it for many years it is the best in the market.- Anonymous

Awesome....great stories and good useful business information....thanks Kaju - Anonymous

Thanks for sharing another great tool! I am going to have to get me a notebook to keep
all these in for the future my bookmark is getting way too long LOL. – Anonymous

Very useful tips as always!
There is still so much to learn
on the internet. I will try Snagit! – Anonymous

Thanks for passing it along. I've had issues with screenshots as well.- Anonymous

This is exactly what I was looking for. I was using a tool called SnipIt but I will try this one too.- Anonymous

I use Monosnap. It’s free to use. It doesn’t upload your screenshots to the cloud, but this can be achieved by using Dropbox.- Anonymous

Thanks Kaju, I have been trying to find a good screenshot tool to use for some time. I will check it out. – Anonymous

download Snagit free, Conclusion

Conclusion: Snagit

You will love this screen capture tool, it is simply so easy and intuitive.

Here is the link to SNAGIT, you can download it and get a 14-Day Free Trial.

Try SNAG IT, I think you will find it very useful!

Download Snagit Free and be the judge. I think you will like it.

Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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