Canva and Instagram: Meet the Dream Team

Canva and Instagram: Meet The Dream Team

Using Canva and Instagram together to create your own custom images to post on social media is like leveraging a dream team.

Once upon a time, I struggled with a long bout of personal resistance due to my own silly procrastination, before I finally setup my own Instagram account for my interior design firm.


My significant other had been pestering me about it for quite awhile, and finally convinced me to go on a steady regimen of preparing daily Instagram posts in advance for the entire week.

Templates from Canva

So ever since then, I have been posting on Instagram once per day until I started posting at a minimum of 5x per week.

However, what made this transition so much easier for me were all the great templates I discovered in Canva, particularly for the Instagram image option. It was akin to Instagram Made Simple Using Canva.

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Canva and Instagram templates 2

An Instagram Template in Canva

This is very easy to do, as I can prepare all of my posts in advance at least 2x per week. And for some weeks I may prepare one post every day.

All you need to do is go to the free image program Canva. Google it right now if you aren’t yet familiar with this excellent image tool. Most of you have already been using Canva with excellent results. I know I have.

Once you have created a username and password and have logged into Canva, go to the top of the main page “Create a Design” and to the far right click “More.”

Canva and Instagram you can bring up 62 templates

This will bring up 62 different templates, 7 of which are social media templates.

7 of the templates are social media templates

At the far right of “Social Media Posts”, click “Instagram Posts”. This is where you “drag and drop” your image which is set at the Instagram default size of 1080 x 1080.

1080 x 1080

Then all you need to do is select one of the default images in the far left column (see below) or upload one of your own images from your computer or from another source drive.

An Example of a finished product image from Canva

Here is but one example of a finished product image from Canva that you can post on your Instagram account.

Canva and Instagram, Comments from Our Community

​Comments from Our Worldwide Online Community

Here are some comments from our awesome worldwide community of 1.5 million internet marketers of how valuable Canva and Instagram are together:

Well done I have recently started using instagram and I just so love Canva it is very versatile and easy to use wish you continued success. – Anonymous

Instagram is my favorite form of social media. My niche is food and what draws people in more than a beautiful pic of food?! I've gotta get back on Canva and check out their options for instagram! Thank you and congrats on your perseverance! – Anonymous

Great training Kaju-san! Thank you! – Anonymous

Hi Kaju, I will be VERY interested in your upcoming training.
I already like what you've done above.
It's good to have a coach (wife) there's no hiding from her. – Anonymous

Hey Kaju, this is very cool. I haven't done Instagram yet, hopefully soon. I have this bookmarked so I can go back to it.
Thank you... good stuff!! – Anonymous

Great post, Kaju. I signed up for Canva as you suggested. What I get is: “Let’s start creating beautiful designs”. Below that is: “Canva has more than 50.000 templates. Let us help you find the right ones by telling us: What do you do?”. I could not find the options you suggest. – Anonymous

Hi Kaju,
Thanks for sharing. This is very valuable information.
Have a great day. – Anonymous

Great post and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing the information but I don't know if I want to try Instagram yet. I just got Google+ and Pinterest working on my site so I believe that should be enough for right now. I truly appreciate the information though. – Anonymous

Me too, I finally just got my Facebook page up. This seems like a great tool for Instagram and I need to get that going also. Thanks for sharing! – Anonymous

This is great, and explained in a very simple and detail format. Thank you, Kaju.- Anonymous

Really helpful Kaju, thank you. Canva is THE tool for people who are not graphic designers. I make everything on there. It's such a great tool for whipping out shareable memes and images. 🙂 – Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I'll be having a look at Canva in the near future.- Anonymous

Hello Kaju, Instagram is really a great source of organic traffic. I am focusing my attention on it and look forward to your training.- Anonymous

A really informative post again, Kaju. I have to admit I have neither used CANVA nor have I got an Instagram account. But reading your post, I have come to the decision that I should have a closer look at both. I think I might wait for your training on this first but I completely agree that with the available social media templates and free image program option, the Instagram account will be much more attractive. So I look forward to your training, Kaju. – Anonymous

Brushes in Canva

Thanks for the help. I am interested in trying Instagram for my business. – Anonymous

Must play around with canva but there is so so much to learn. – Anonymous

As a new person after reading your post this is just another amazing example that lets me know that I am definitely in the right place. The information in this community is second to none. The information that you present here is outstanding. Appreciate it. Thanks for sharing. Excellent post! Back to the training I go...:) – Anonymous

Great post, very insightful Jet, and very useful as far as Instagram goes. I have CANVA, so will bookmark this post, to follow suit, thanks very much for sharing, what I consider to be a useful hack. – Anonymous

Great post Kaju (as always). I can hardly wait for your Instagram training. Your style works! – Anonymous

That is so interesting Kaju, thank you so much for this insightful post, I can't wait for the next one.- Anonymous

This is good stuff Kaju. I'm still trying to drum up the patience and discipline to keep up with the social aspect of all this. This will help for sure! – Anonymous

Shortly I will provide a more complete training here on the entire process of how I do it, from creating the image in Canva, to posting images, reposting, creating a worthy caption, and how and when to schedule posting on Instagram, etc.

C & I Go together

Canva and Instagram Go Together

Canva is definitely a great tool that gives me a mental boost when preparing my posts for all my social media.

I am learning it is particularly great for Instagram, and I am looking forward to giving everyone periodic updates on my Instagram posting and engagement.

Look forward for my upcoming training elucidating in greater detail my method of posting and how I am using both of these great mediums together.

Canva and Instagram are definitely a bona fide dream team.

Please feel free to leave any of your comments below.

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