Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal? 

(My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review for Newbies)

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

Here is my honest Wealthy Affiliate review for newbies, or for any person who has a strong desire to learn the right skills for making money online in the world of affiliate marketing and beyond.

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

Acquiring these right skills can one day allow you to live the dream: to forever free yourself from working for someone else, by teaching you to build a successful and flourishing online business that brings in consistent revenue that you can count on.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, and soon you will find out why.


Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

With the highly comprehensive training you receive from Wealthy Affiliate, the possibilities are endless. Successful members for 14 years running have proven that the Wealthy Affiliate training works every day.

Soon you can be traveling to exotic places while making passive income remotely from anywhere in the world. All earnings flowing into your automated bank accounts.

Knowing that I am a long-time member and Wealthy Affiliate ambassador, you might say to yourself, “Why should I believe whoever this “Kaju” guy is, being a long-time WA ambassador he no doubt is biased, right”?

And you certainly have every right to make this assumption. I wouldn’t blame you.

Especially with the proliferation of anti-reviews of Wealthy Affiliate out there in the “Google-sphere”. Some from disgruntled former members, while others being from misinformed “copycats” from other reviewers.

However I am not going to “sugar-coat” this review.

As an outspoken observant member “from the inside” who has commented on everything within the community for several years, I am going to present the unadulterated facts about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am going to present both the good and the bad.

You can trust what I say here. There is never only one side to anything, there is always another side. Often the dark side. And soon you will see that what I am presenting here is an UNBIASED and objective review.

Make no mistake: Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

You will have to work very hard and invest a few months of focused study and application before you will see a dime from this program.

This will vary from person to person: it all depends how much time and effort you put into the program, how quickly you absorb the information from the lessons, and above all, how you will TAKE ACTION on these lessons.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal? Or can you ever make too much money?

Any online program that promises that you can make tens of 1000’s of dollars within only a few short weeks by applying their training program, run the other way!  

These are SCAMS, and they are lying!

In the 14 years Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence, they have never made such an absurd proclamation.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

Wealthy Affiliate has always stood true to its members, and soon you will see why it is my #1 Recommendation. 

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Wealthy Affiliate:  My Review Summary

Product Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Founders:  Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing Online Community

What Is It:  An Active & Thriving Online Community + University to Help Beginners Build Websites and Make Money Online

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

Made By:  Wealthy Affiliate, which is an online university with a wonderful and  helpful community specializing in teaching new marketers how to become affiliate marketers

Price: Free  (Starter Membership); $359 per year (Premium Annual Membership);  $49 per month (Premium Monthly Membership, One Year);  $39 per month (Premium Monthly Membership, 6 months)

Perks: Super Affiliates earn all-expenses paid luxury trip to Las Vegas annually to hang out with the Founders at the WA Super Affiliate Conference

Best For:  Beginner & Intermediate Online Marketers who want to learn how to make money online

Summary:  My #1 Recommended Platform for Beginner Marketers

Rating:   96 out of 100

Recommended:  Yes

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate? 

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) at its core is a complete “online university” where you take “follow-at-your-own-pace” online courses as you go. There are over 120 courses included in 12 levels of the main training.

Although Wealthy Affiliate members come from all different backgrounds, the official main training is designed to be most helpful for beginner marketers.

The core principles of the training is geared toward helping new online marketers (“newbies”) first identify their passion niche, and then teaching them how to create a profitable online business in any niche they have a passion for.

Once their passion niche is chosen, the rest is accomplished by teaching newbies how to:

  • Build their own beautiful profit-generating WordPress websites
  • Drive free visitors to their websites by creating content (blogs, etc.)
  • Promote affiliate products by displaying them on their website pages and blogs (affiliate marketing)
  • Earn commissions through affiliate marketing while sleeping

In a word, Wealthy Affiliate teaches the newbie marketer the blueprint to affiliate marketing success!

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is a wonderful worldwide community of 1.5 million + members strong and growing in place that are willing to help you along on your journey.  You can ask the community questions in blogs, in Live Chat, in private messages, or by submitting questions on the platform.

Through Wealthy Affiliate teachings, the emphasis is definitely how you can make money online by creating a WordPress website from scratch and teaching you how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from there.

Affiliate Marketing flow diagram

But Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than this. In essence, it is a powerful All-In-One platform that can teach you how to make money online in hundreds of different ways.

The Wealthy Affiliate Founders

                                                Kyle and his Family                                                                                                       Carson and his Family

Wealthy Affiliate Background

Wealthy Affiliate is a Canadian company founded in September 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They are known in the Wealthy Affiliate community simply as “Kyle and Carson.”

The company started out as a simple Keyword List membership site to capitalize on many people looking for good keyword lists to scale up their online businesses. At the time, PPC marketing was very popular.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Real Deal?

Over the following 14 years, Wealthy Affiliate would transform into an all-in-one platform replete with all the resources, training, online tools, and support for anyone to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Can you Earn passive income with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Features and Benefits

Here is a list of Wealthy Affiliate’s Features and Benefits, which I will go into much further detail in the next section.

    Wealthy Affiliate Features:                                                     Wealthy Affiliate Benefits:

FREE Starter Membership Forever

1-on-1 personal mentoring for the first 7 Days, 2 FREE websites, and 10 Free Starter lessons (Level 1 OEC)

Premium Membership Pricing

$49 per month if you commit to at least one-year, $39 per month if you commit to 6-months, or $359 per year

Never Any Upsells!

Wealthy Affiliate has always been about the value rather than any upsells

The Price Hasn’t Changed in 14 Years!

Same price today as in 2005

1-on-1 Personal Mentoring

All FREE Starter members are allowed 7 days of online 1-on-1 personal mentoring given by their sponsor within the community

A Wonderful Helpful Community of 1.5 million + Members

Get an answer from someone in the community within a short period of time. You can reach out through Live Chat, through comments in someone’s blog within Wealthy Affiliate, through private messaging (PMs), or by posting a question on the forum.

Live Weekly Classes (and 100's of hours of replays)

90 minute video classes run every Friday evening on the Wealthy Affiliate platform (with archived replays of every class available within a few days).

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) is the official main training comprised of 5 Levels each containing 10 Lessons, for a total of 50 Lessons.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp (OEC) is official advanced training comprised of 7 Levels each containing 10 Lessons, for a total of 70 Lessons.

Direct Access to the Founders

Founders Kyle and Carson are reachable by PM, and are available to answer your questions directly

The Ambassadorship Program

A “pay-it-forward” system that rewards the most highly active and helpful members within the community. It represents the Top 25 Wealthy Affiliate members according to rank who are helping people the most, and who are the most active within the community.

The Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate rewards members who recruit new members through its own affiliate program that is one of the highest paying per referral affiliate programs anywhere.


Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing place to network with a worldwide community of 1.5 million+ members. On the platform you can track all the members you are following, who is following you, and who is unfollowing.

A Safe Place to Learn the Art of Blogging

Premium members are allowed to set up their own personal blog within Wealthy Affiliate. For those who never wrote a blog post before, this is a safe place to test out your writing skills in front of an engaged and helpful community and to learn the fine art of blogging.

Building Websites

Premium members can build /host up to 50 sites (25 subdomains, 25 domains you own), and Free Starter members can build and host 2 sites on, the #1 Content Management system in the world!

Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)

A proprietary hosting platform, website creation and performance tool that runs on the Managed WordPress platform at Wealthy Affiliate.  Using SiteRubix, anyone can build a website literally within 30 seconds without any coding knowledge.

Keyword Research Tool

By far Jaaxy is the BEST and Most User Friendly keyword tool I have ever used. With a premium membership you get “Jaaxy Lite” which includes unlimited keyword searches. Free Starter members are allowed up to a limit of 30 free keyword searches

24/7 Site Support

Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7 Site Support team that will help you with any technical problems you may be experiencing on the platform. All you need to do is fill out a Site Support Ticket via a private message (PM).

Website Engagement Platform (Site Comments)

Site Comments allows other members of the community to give their own personal feedback about the quality, design, and functionality of any requesting member’s website.

Site Content Writing Platform

Site Content is a proprietary writing platform that was designed to make writing easier for members. It provides information that track your own writing progress such as total articles, total words written, spell checker, and includes over 1 Million Free Images you can use to add to your article.

Member Created Personal Training (Premium Members Only)

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate may create and publish their own personal training after three months. Training can be on any topic related to online marketing. This can be in the form written tutorials or video training.

Wealthy Affiliate will offer you credits for personal training in return based on the popularity and engagement of your training. These credits can be later exchanged for a small amount of income.

Wealthy Affiliate and focal hand dystonia

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Here is everything that I like