Unique Niche Business Ideas That Make Money

Unique Niche Business Ideas That Make Money

In this article, I would like to present to you some unique niche business ideas that can really make you some good money online.

All of these were thrown on me solely by happenstance during my party travels with my partner. My discoveries of these unique niche business ideas were pure serendipity.


However, as soon as I began to do some background research, I quickly realized how viable money-makers these FUN unique niches could be if they were leveraged in my online marketing campaigns.

These 2 unique niches present some excellent affiliate marketing money-making opportunities, as there are some wonderful fun related affiliate products that we can refer through our affiliate links on our websites where we can make some decent affiliate commissions.

Unique niche business ideas are everywhere

So here without further ado, let me present to you these unique niche business ideas, I think you are going like them. I also think you are going to have some great fun and turning some nice profits by incorporating some of these niche products into your affiliate marketing strategy.

“Unique Niche Business Ideas That Make Money” is the 3rd of a 3-part series of how to find your best niche.

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There are affiliate links within this post. What this means is that if you decide to purchase anything through one of my links, I'll be rewarded with a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. This small commission helps me run and maintain my website.

unique niche business ideas: Arabian Nights Theme

Unique Niche Business Ideas:  Arabian Nights Theme Niche

For the 2nd year in a row, we were invited to an unexpected great event. As was the theme last year, the theme this year was an Arabian Nights Theme Party!

I had no idea what I would wear on such short notice, and neither did my partner. That’s when I remembered where I stored away my old costume from “Karaoke Battle USA.”

Old costume simialar to what I wore in Karaoke Battle USA

All I now needed was a turban, but where on earth would I find one at this late hour? This would have to be at the Halloween costume store. So at 4:00 pm I walked to Party City, except when I arrived the salesperson told me it wasn’t in stock.


Discouraged and feeling dejected, I left the store expecting I wouldn’t have a complete costume for the night. On a whim, I walked into a wig store across the avenue, and Hoilla!

To my great disbelief they had a REAL turban, and it was only $2.99! Success!

Gold Turban $2.99!

Meanwhile, my partner recalled an old Halloween costume she used a few years back when she marched in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. When I arrived back home before heading out to the party, she was already wearing this!

I Dream of Jeannie partner
Me and my partner

That’s when I realized in the process I found a GREAT unique niche!

Once again, you never know what kind of surprises everyday mundane exchanges will bring to inspire your true inner marketing genius!

When I finally changed into my complete costume, we were ready to ROCK!

That’s when I looked in the mirror after finally putting on my gold turban, and immediately realized I had fallen upon a GREAT Niche!

In the group at the Arabian Nights Party

Now I plugged this related long-tail keyword into the easiest and most reliable keyword tool online, and I received this most excellent result:

Arabian Nights Theme Party

Searches = 152 Traffic = 26 QSR = 86

Right before we left for the party, I confirmed my long-tail keywords suspicion inside the keyword tool. Gold!

After saving that keyword for later, we were off to the party and it turned out to be a very FUN one!

Despite the cool vibe and the rather delicious food, shortly after our arrival we realized how quickly “I Dream of Jeannie Costumes” and “Arabian Nights Theme Party” became the talk of the night!

While at the party, we even met two fabulous new friends - a lighting designer named Lisa, and her boyfriend who is a rocket scientist that works for NASA!

After returning home, U realized I had fallen upon a 2nd GREAT Niche!

It wasn’t until after returning from our special Arabian Nights special theme party that I discovered 2 more unexpected hot new niches. When I plugged them into my highly dependable keyword research tool, I received these awesome results:

I Dream of Jeannie Costumes

Searches = 136 Traffic = 24 QSR = 61

Fashion turban hats

Searches = 104 Traffic = 18 QSR = 31

Here are only a few of the associated affiliate marketing products that you can link your visitors offsite to purchase on Amazon or one of many affiliate marketing program purchasing sites such as CJ, Rakuten, or ClickBank from your blog or sales page:

  • I Dream of Jeannie Halloween costume
  • Fashionable turbans (Set of 5 in different colors)
  • Arabian Nights Theme Wall Art
  • Hookah vape kit
  • Middle Eastern leather ottoman
  • Taj Mahal jigsaw puzzle (3000 pieces)
unique niche business ideas lead to great related affiliate products where you can make money

I am sure if you research through CJ, Amazon and other affiliate networks you can find many more related affiliate marketing products people will want!

When you display any of these affiliate links on your website you can make a commission. All that needs to happen is when a viewer clicks on any affiliate links in your blog, this will send the viewer to that related product.

Whenever they (visitors) purchase the product through the affiliate program you signed up for by going offsite through one of your affiliate links, you will get a nice commission. Depending on the affiliate program and/or product, your commission can often fall anywhere from 6-25% of the purchase price.

And the great part is that you didn’t even need to sell anything!


In the end, the BEST part of such an unexpected grand and happy social occasion became predicated on so much more than enjoying a great night out and meeting new friends.

Wow, can there be even more great niches in my future?

Of course we can!

Unique niche business ideas: Fire Juggling and Limbo Dancing

Unique Niche Business Ideas:  Fire-Juggling and Limbo Dancing

Imagine listening to loud oud music from the middle-east while watching a red hot Japanese woman limbo fire dancing inside a tunnel!

All for FREE!

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a clandestine subterranean night art exhibit located inside a dormant tunnel located below a national park beach.

What a sound, what an experience! Here is where I discovered 3 hot new niches converging into a new hybrid art form - free form limbo fire dancing, fire juggling, and Turkish oud music.

Turkish Oud music

There I watched a young Japanese woman free form limbo dancing, an oud player performing middle-east Turkish music, and a bald man fire juggling all converging into one unique art form!

Unique niche business ideas: an Amazing Free Spectacle

An Amazing Free Spectacle

The fire juggling act was literally amazing and blazing HOT, with a male juggler swinging fire clubs and wood chucks, but the female limbo fire dancer wearing 10 rings of fire was red hot!

Female Limbo Fire dancer

Both were accompanied by a very talented oud player performing lively Turkish music from the middle-east. If anyone doesn’t know what an oud is, it is an 11- stringed middle-eastern musical instrument larger than a lute but smaller than an acoustic guitar.

Oud 11 string instrument

The sound was superbly ambient as the stringed droning sounds of the oud and percussion resonated with warmth throughout the spacious hollow chamber

In the process of being entertained, there I discovered 3 New Blazing Hot Niches as witnessed by their long-tail keywords right in front of my eyes for my business:

  • Free form limbo fire dance
  • Fire juggling limbo dance
  • Limbo fire dancer
  • Turkish Oud music
Fire juggling

Later I checked and found these were all great niches since all had a QSR<100 and were getting searches.

Here are only some associated affiliate marketing products that you can link your visitors off to purchase on Amazon or one of many affiliate marketing program purchasing sites such as CJ, Rakuten, or ClickBank from your blog or sales page:

  • Limbo dance pole set
  • Fire light self-igniting sticks
  • Magic Table (set of 25 magic tricks)
  • Oud stringed instrument

Once again, when you display any of these affiliate links on your website that sends the viewer to that related product, whenever they purchase the product through the affiliate program you signed up for, you will get a nice commission.

Depending on the affiliate program and/or product, your commission can often fall anywhere from 6-25% of the purchase price. And you didn’t even need to sell anything!

Unique niche business ideas: A Concluding Find

Unique Niche Business Ideas: A Concluding Find

As the night ended, I was able to discover a 4th new niche which was already painted on the wall like some Late Pleistocene age artifact.

  • Subterranean street art
Subterranean street art

It’s crazy to think how easily you can find amazing unique niche business ideas in your everyday travels!

All we need to do is view the world with an open mind, have camera ready and be prepared to take notes!

Thank you for joining me on this unexpected road to discovery, and please feel free to make any comments.

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