Walking On the Moon: What Is Virtual Reality Fitness?

Walking On the Moon: What Is Virtual Reality Fitness?

On this day which is the 50th anniversary commemorating the incredible Apollo 11 lunar landing, I thought I would give you a taste of what walking on the moon feels like, and show you what is virtual reality fitness.

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Recently I took a bit of a break to visit the great Samsung 843 Store in the Meatpacking District at the end of the Highline in NYC.


Let me tell you, this was not my intent.

walking on the moon at Samsung superstore

Walking in only to fix my smartphone, this unanticipated move ended up sucking me into walking on the moon through Samsung’s Virtual Reality Experience.

My experience is all part of my review of the amazing Samsung 843 store.

This experience was so powerful, it truly made me question “What is virtual reality fitness?”

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Samsung 843:  My Review Summary

Product Name:  Samsung Group, a multi-national conglomerate company

Founder:  Lee Byung-chul

Product Type:  Virtual Reality Rides

What Is It:  A Superstore in NYC which features different virtual reality attractions 

Made By: Samsung Group

Price: FREE.

Upgrade: None


  • "Walking on the Moon" Virtual Reality Ski Experience
  • "Bode Miller" Virtual Reality Ski Experience
  • "Wild Wave" Surfing Virtual Reality Ski Experience
  • "Rollercoaster" Simulation Virtual Reality Ski Experience

Best For:  Anyone!

Summary: Samsung 843 is a superstore in NYC that has 4 amazing FREE virtual reality rides. Anyone can sign up and experience this thrill on a first-come first-serve basis.

Rating:  88 out of 100

Recommended: Yes 

walking on the moon makes you feel like a kid at an amusement park

Like a Kid in an Amusement Park

The weather here in NYC was gorgeous today with low humidity in the low 80s, so I was out during the afternoon taking a leisurely stroll while basking in the sun on the Highline, when I noticed the Samsung store below in my peripheral vision.

Samsung superstore in Meatpacking

This Samsung flagship store is located not far from my neighborhood in Chelsea below the Highline on Washington Street next to the New Whitney Museum right in the heart of Meatpacking. The Highline is an elevated city park running 1.75 miles 30 feet above street level.

The Highline

I’ve been meaning to stop in this store for several weeks to fix the camera inside my phone but I always seemed to forget, since my Android has been taking blurry photos lately.

walking on the moon is one of 4 virtual reality attractions

4 Virtual Reality Attractions

Even though I’ve walked by this store many times, I never realized that this store had 4 Virtual Reality fitness attractions – a Bode Miller Slalom Ski, a Wild Wave Surfing, a Rollercoaster simulator, and BEST of all a Lunar Moon Landing virtual reality attraction where you can are dressed up as an astronaut and simulate Walking on the Moon!

The best thing of all is that all are FREE to the public!

The Ski Simulator

So once I walked inside this Amazing Hi-Tech store, I forgot to fix my phone! I became so distracted like a little kid in an amusement park

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Then as soon as the virtual reality operator walked over to me and goaded me saying “Care to take a virtual reality tour sir, its FREE!” I was done.

Standing next to the Bode Miller VR ride

Soon I was standing in line waiting to get on the Bode Miller Slalom Ski VR “Ride”!

walking on the moonon the bode miller VR course are 2 great virtual reality experiences

Bode Miller Virtual Reality Slalom Course

The Bode Miller Slalom Ski VR “Ride” simulating the Vermont 2006 Olympic Gold Medal winner’s slalom run at the Olympics defines what is virtual reality fitness.  And it was so much FUN.

Let me tell you, Bode had lots of daredevil in him! Gliding and twisting down the mountain at speeds of upwards of 70 mph while making hairpin turns around tall flag posts along the steep course, the VR simulator really got your blood pumping and made you feel like you were flying down the course!

Heliski VR experience

The other really cool thing was the interspersed heli-skiing simulation, where you are dropped with your skis by helicopter on top of a snow-covered peak in deep white powder, and then you must navigate down the steep and dangerous white terrain through an obstacle course of alpine trees and massive moguls while avoiding an avalanche!

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While on the simulator, the flying sensation was extremely thrilling, exhilarating, and tense-driven all at the same time. And the tension within your body while you are “riding the ski simulator” caused deep contractions of all your muscles both in your upper and lower body while flying down at extreme speeds down the variable terrain.

The Bode Miller Slalom Ski Virtual Reality Ride Simulator truly lived up to the great potential of what is virtual reality fitness.

Here is something else to be aware of.

walking on the moon feels like the Bode Miller

The Virtual Reality simulator is such an unpredictable simulator, the VR staff makes you sign a liability waiver before they allow you to go on. I was told that this VR ride can be quite dangerous if you suffer from epilepsy or vertigo, and some

I’d spoken to return riders who say they have actually seen people fall off the simulator machines and hurt themselves during the event.

The Bode Miller course was quite challenging and realistic, but there are some further improvements I would suggest the tech designers and engineers should make to improve the user experience.

4 Ways to Improve your VR Experience

4 Ways to Improve Your VR Ski Experience

Here are 4 Ways to Improve your VR Ski Experience:

  • Outfit the custom VR with special sensory boots so one can feel the force of inertia on your ski edges
  • Place the VR simulator in a refrigerated room with a temperature no higher than 15 degrees Fahrenheit to replicate the sense of cold you feel when on top of the mountain.
  • Add a powerful wind machine blowing in your face and into your body to simulate the headwind you will encounter when flying down the mountain.
  • Outfit the rig with custom fragrance spray enhancers on a timer to simulate the smell of alpine trees and a fresh outdoor scent to stimulate the olfactory senses.
In a wind tunnel

If they can add the above 4 enhancements to the user experience, Samsung will definitely be taking Virtual reality fitness to the next level.

Walking on the Moon

Walking on the Moon

The main attraction walking on the Moon lunar virtual reality experience at Samsung was anything but a “virtual walk in the park” at the beginning. Yet the feeling was supposed to be simply amazing.

I was told that once you were strapped in this marquee simulator you knew exactly the meaning of “what is virtual reality fitness”.

walking on the moon can be problematic

However, there were several unanticipated problems for me from the onset.

Do you want to know what was very strange about my first lunar walking experience of what is virtual reality fitness?

I have done many thrill-seeking activities that were actually REAL events such as skydiving from a plane, avid snowboarding, but never experienced any such nausea or severe headache.

This only happened after 3 minutes.

The first few minutes started out quite okay. Never expected though that after 3 minutes I would begin to experience nausea and a severe headache, to the point where I ALMOST aborted the mission

walking on the moon my mistakes

Walking on the Moon: My Mistakes

My Number One HUGE mistake was that I ate a heavy meal right before the moon walk.

When I first arrived to Samsung to reserve my spot at 12:45pm, the operator told me to come back at 2:15pm. It was during the time between 12:45pm and 2:15pm that I went out to have lunch.

Eating before walking on the moon was a mistake

However, since this walking on the moon was only virtual, this is something I could not anticipate,

Even before suiting me up, I mentioned I ate a heavy meal, and the operators mentioned “….it shouldn’t be a problem.”

What the Samsung operators should have done was to be more aware of everyone meeting these minimum pre-conditions and then should have given participators fair warning about this.

Well, afterward they agreed with me, that for now on, they will be warning new participators not to eat for at least 2 hours prior.

Jumsuit harness was too tight

Second, the jumpsuit harness was too tight. The operators strapped me in so tight to the point it may have been cutting off some of my oxygen, or at least prohibiting my comfort. However, before beginning the moonwalk and going virtual, this issue was corrected as the straps were slightly loosened.

Visor was blurry

Thirdly, and this is relatively minor compared to the first two, my virtual reality visor was blurred. I kept adjusting the wheel on top of it, but the clarity never was quite optimum. Still, I did get the clarity to where it became somewhat acceptable, but it was never quite “right.”

walking on the moon success

Walking on the Moon: I Would Come Back the Next Day

Unlike after 3 minutes of my first go-round, this time there would be no experience of nausea or any severe headache. There would be no unanticipated problems from the onset.

There was an indescribable feeling on weightlessness and a pervasive feeling of “calm” as I ambled along the lunar surface in a step-by-step “mini-float”.

Although the actual simulation lasted only 8 minutes, it felt like an out of body experience. As I was hopping along the lunar surface on the simulator, I managed this only slightly shifting my balance

No doubt, unlike my first lunar attempt the prior day, it was Simply Amazing!

Walking on the moon forever has defined for me the true meaning of “What is virtual reality fitness”.

walking on the moon was better than being a kid in an amusement park

Indeed my friends, I'm had so much FUN I was just like a Kid in an Amusement Park!

One day I definitely hope to remember to get my smartphone fixed!

Please feel to leave any comments below.

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