Everything is Figureoutable in Life

Everything is Figureoutable in Life

Remember Ladies and Gent, no matter how difficult the shifting terrain and conditions may become, everything is figureoutable in life.

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I cannot take credit for this phrase “everything is figureoutable”, but I can certainly relate to it.


Success Life Coach Marie Forleo came up with this phrase and wrote the great book. She mentioned this is one of her recent podcasts.

Immediately I became captivated by her podcast, and this phrase purely rang true to me.

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everything is figureoutable, we are amazing and resourceful

Everything is Figureoutable: We are Amazing and Resourceful

We are amazing resourceful creatures, and in a pinch there is nothing we cannot figure out.

Open up the hood, check all the parts. Read the manual several times if you have to everyday this week, then put some elbow grease into it and the solutions will eventually come to you.

You will be surprised. Usually if we are willing to put our “skin in the game”, the solutions will come even more quickly.

Look under the hood

Don’t know how to find the best affiliate programs in your niche?

Research on Google, or go to one of the affiliate networks such as Clickbank or Rakuten. Ask others “in the know.” Through trial and error, you will figure it out.

Trying to figure out how to decipher all of your stats in Google Analytics?

Go on your Google Analytics account and cross-reference data.  You will figure it out.

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Want to learn how to create a successful Shopify store?

Just open one, and start doing it. You will figure it out.

These are all things I have done on my own.

And this is how I’ve always run and currently is still how I get things done.

everything is figureoutable when you do the training and take action

First Do the Training, Then Take Action

Of course, I will always highly recommend you should first cover any great training on such topics as entrepreneurship,  affiliate marketing, and content marketing, you can find in all its many different forms:  

  • the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)
  • the Affiliate Bootcamp (AB)
  • Jay’s weekly video training
  • SAC Challenge videos by Kyle
  • Member posted training

Also find other related information and training on the topic to fill in your knowledge gaps.

Ask a ton of questions directly to some of the awesome members in social media groups and other forums. You will get some excellent answers to help you fill-in those gaps.

And remember, the grey search bar on top of every search page is your friend: Use It!

Don’t just take the training, run through it once, move on and forget it.

Take action ASAP.

Take action asap

Review the training countless times if you have to. Then let your own creativity fill in the blanks as you constantly apply the training.

Personally, when I start applying and ‘figuring out” solutions to something that’s completely new to me, I usually go back to review the training over and over as a supplemental tool.

However, without practical hands-on experience for the task at hand all will only be theory. Often theory that is meaningless without the practical application.

So definitely start doing something today.

My everything is figureoutable experience

My Everything is Figureoutable Experience

I would like to end this post with a true story.

I remember back in January 2011, I entered into this national singing contest that I initially had zero interest in doing. It was only due to my friends “egging me on constantly” that I ever entered into the contest.

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Every week, there was a new round. First in smaller local venues, then moving to larger ones. It started with 50-60 singers competing.

Judges were present at every round, and singers were eliminated. The Top 6 moved on.

Somehow even though I started out with zero interest in competing, every week I would sing a song that I had chosen and kept advancing in the Top 6. This went on weekly for 6-7 rounds.

everything is figureoutable when its showtime

By the 5th Round, we were first told that winners of the local Regional competition (or the Final 4) would compete in the 8th Round at a large local venue in NYC for a chance to sing on National television on ABC.

Wow!  All of a sudden I was psyched.

At this final regional competition, there would be competitors from other regions vying for their chance to appear on that National television show.

After beginning my journey with zero interest, all of a sudden I was pumped!

Well, I made it to the 8th round or the “Big Show” at Pulse NYC on May 21, 2011. Unfortunately, the timing could not be worse. I entered the “Big Show” with a bad cold, and was not singing at my best.

Still I thought I nailed a commanding performance. And the audience loved it.

Broken heart from focal hand dystonia

But heartbreak would soon follow.

Despite my confidence in my performance, I was not chosen by the NYC Regional judges to appear on that National television show. The final 3 (out of 40 something competitors) were chosen and they were going.

It was the end of the road.  After a long great run.

I lost.

But I still wouldn’t give up.

When everything is figureoutable, you cannot be denied

Now that I made it so far, I would not be denied.

My survival instinct immediately kicked in.

Within 2 days, I recorded a video of myself singing my best song and sent it directly to the contest organizers and the National TV show.

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I wrote a very endearing yet factual letter pleading my case why I deserved to be on the National television show. It was obvious from my video recorded performance the Regional was bad timing, as I had a bad cold.

Others supported me, where one wrote a testimonial of how I worked so hard, and even entered contests in New Jersey.

Karaoke Battle Judges

On June 20, 2011 I received an email that I was selected as a “wildcard” to appear on the National television show.

That’s how I landed a spot on “Karaoke Battle USA” on ABC-TV.

Karaoke Battle USA

An interview on “ABC Nightline” would soon follow.  

Success!  In the end, all of my efforts were rewarded.

everything is figureoutable will bring you to success

What’s the lesson here?

You see, even when there appears to be no hope….

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

Everything is figureoutable.

I hope you will find your solutions and figure out your way to Success!

About the Author

KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!

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  • thrive says:

    Thanks Kaju, this is a great post!
    I learned so many things, can I ask a few questions as a newbie instagrammer?
    I have only recently taken an interest in Instagram as a blogger. But I must admit I really don’t know the best approach. Can I ask a few questions:
    1. I agree that social media – whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other – has become the de facto way to increase engagement. With engagement, how do you get the people who like your images (easy for people to ‘like’ and get lots) to your blog traffic?
    2. Should a blogger use a instagram business account or personal account and why?
    3. When I get more advanced, what do you recommend – Stories Or going more serious with IG Live or IGTV?
    4. Also what do you personally do on instagram to drive traffic to your blog(s)?
    Thanks John

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