Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2019?

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2019?

Is blogging still profitable in 2019?

The greater question is:  Are blogs really dying?

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Is it really still worth it to be “spin our wheels” spending hours upon hours writing great content, when viewer’s attention spans are shrinking to infinitesimal levels?


Is blogging still profitable in 2019

This is not a new question but it recently has come up again.

Someone recently said you can’t build a business today with text and images and expect to win.

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Is Blogging Still Profitable: The Facts in 2019

Is Blogging Still Profitable: The Facts in 2019

Attention spans continue to shrink. The same strategies that worked before no longer work because blogs are dying.

They say we need captivating ads. And mediums that provide more instant gratification. It’s the only way to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into customers.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

They mentioned that trying to grow a business today without this skill of ad writing and effective creation is like trying to run a race with heavily weighted concrete shoes on.

concrete shoes

You will be left in the dust.

Even standing out on YouTube is getting increasingly much more difficult. Like never before.

Ageism in blogging

Ageism in Blogging

Is there ageism in blogging? Perhaps blogging has become generational.

For example twenty-somethings prefer the short quickness of Instagram and Snapchat but someone in their 40s through 70s prefers a longer form blog post.

 What worked even a year ago no longer may work. There's too much noise out there. Even writing product reviews (that used to be a big thing) won’t work as much anymore.
Is blogging still profitable if its dying

Is Blogging Dying? Do We Need a Better Strategy?

They say this is why we need a different strategy that works in 2019, not 2016. We need a sure-fire way to capture our audience’s ever-waning attention and convert them into customers starting right now.

Readers not only have shorter attention-spans, they have become more discerning.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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There's high growth in video on YouTube and the spoken word via Podcasts. It’s very similar content to a blog post but executed in a different way.

Devoid of low quality pictures on Instagram, wobbly shots on YouTube, and a plethora of decent sounding and high quality and well-written podcasts captivating our attention, how can captivating well-written blogs even compete?

Which is why even the pundits say inevitably that bloggers cannot last the test of time.

Is blogging still profitable when we blog alone

Can We Live By Blogging Alone?

Do you really feel that blogging is something that can dramatically alter your success? Or do you feel that learning how to implement effective ads creation is something that could be a turning point for your business?

If we are only blogging are we giving ourselves every advantage we can?

Forget about optimizing, if we are only blogging by writing great content are we even monetizing efficiently? Or are we shortchanging our success?

Can we live by blogging alone?

Should we not be investing dollars doing more ads?

can blogging survive

Can Blogging Survive?

The survivability of blogging has been put into question for many years now. There have been various doomsday scenarios predicted by the pundits.

Will 2019 finally spell the death knell for all bloggers who are seeking profits? In other words, is blogging really dying, or is there still a chance for us writers who produce great relevant and engaging content?

Today’s blogs and bloggers do not resemble yesteryear’s blogs in any way shape of form. However, ever since the first blog was created in the early 90’s, blogging continues to retain its honorary status as one of the pivotal pieces of any content marketing strategy.

Competition in the blogosphere is much greater than ever.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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There are now hundreds of millions of blogs out there through platforms such as WordPress, Reddit, Tumbler, Squarespace, and Wix covering all sorts of interests and professions.  

These FREE platforms have made blogging accessible to the masses, allowing for the emergence of hundreds of millions of blogs,

So you may wonder where does the fear that blogging is dying come from?

Blogging detractors are very quick to point out that other digital content such as video content has attracted larger audiences and thus has pushed blogging to the background.

A search in Google Trends reveals a significant drop in searches for terms like “blog” and “blogging” in recent years. I would say that the reality here is that blogging is evolving rather than dying.

However, this does not completely speak to the question “Is Blogging Still profitable”.

The Future

What is the Future of Blogging?

Much of the banter about the impending doom over blogging may certainly discourage those who have only recently started their blogging journey in 2019. I’m here to assure you that good blogging is not headed for the chopping block very soon.

Although when checking Google search terms such as “blog” or “blogging” has seen a decline in recent years, this trend is mostly only because the term has already become such a well-known and widespread.

Searches like “what is a blog” or “where did blogging start” have become superfluous, hence a steady decline in searches. However, newer more relevant terms have taken their place.

Consider that searches for other terms such as “how to start a blog”, “free WordPress blogs”, or “blogging for money tips” have definitely seen an increase.

.Therefore if blogging is simply evolving, what’s differences should we be aware of, and how should we keep up with the changes?

Is blogging still profitable? Roll with the changes

Is Blogging Still Profitable?  Roll With The Changes

As with all industries, there will always be new trends in the blogging industry, some of which will gradually disappear, while others will remain and even flourish. .

If we want to really know “Is blogging still profitable, we’d better roll with the changes.

You will need to see which trends you can leverage to increase your readership and customer base. As a blogger, you must do your diligent research consistently and thread carefully.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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Never implement any major changes until you are thoroughly convinced that such blogging trends are here for the long haul and that they will continue to work for you. Big brands even fail at this, so you, nor any industry or brand is untouchable.

To avoid shooting yourself in the foot, do your research on and adjust your blogging strategy to work for your readers.

Always use real-time performance measurement tools like Google Analytics, SEM Rush, and Jaaxy to measure your traffic, and to gauge how your readers are consuming content so you can adjust your content marketing strategy on the fly.

Is blogging still profitable? Yes!

Is Blogging Still Profitable? YES!

Blogging is not dying its evolving.

Therefore, is blogging still profitable in 2019 if we learn to adapt to our current environment?


want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

Masses of people still love (and will always) love to read great blogs provided they are useful, relevant, and engaging.

In fact, the trend is that longer blog posts are getting greater engagement.

Despite videos and social media, writing a blog will always be a viable way to communicate with you audience.

If you can write great content and attract engagement, you will be able to leverage passive income profit streams from:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling e-books
  • Launching Online Courses
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Direct Ads
  • Branded Campaigns

Do you agree with me here?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Will blogging eventually (if not sooner) become obsolete?

Blogging is not dead

And even if not so, is blogging still profitable?

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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