Rejuvenate with Therapeutic Massage

Rejuvenate with Therapeutic Massage

When you are going through a day of deep stress, you need to rejuvenate with therapeutic massage.


The relaxation and health benefits from even 1 hour of therapeutic massage are quite profound.

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As most of you may know, last night was extremely emotional for me.

Going back to the 9/11 site in the dead of night, I almost completely broke down.

Today I woke up feeling sluggish and imbalanced, like I needed a complete mental reboot.

As a result, you might have noticed I was not here all day.

I only got back to my computer about 2 hours ago to catch up on comments.

rejuvenate with therapeutic massage

But this morning I said to myself, “You’d better take care of yourself and rejuvenate with therapeutic massage after last night's emotional roller coaster.”

This plus two FREE tickets to an amazing event turned out to be just the remedy I needed.

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What is Therapeutic Massage?

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage means that its main objective is to stimulate health and wellness in the mind and body.

The second meaning of therapeutic massage is that the client and therapist both share a common goal to achieve changes within the body that is structural, and this is accomplished generally through a consistent and regular series of massages.

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However for this article, we are only focusing on the first meaning.

The history of therapeutic massage began in the 1880s. Here was a time when masseuses and masseurs worked within the boundaries of conventional medicine of the time as doctors’ assistants, for both hospitals and within private practices.

These masseuses and masseurs were highly skilled in the soft tissue manipulations which were known as known as effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement. These maneuverings were the characteristic moves of Swedish massage originally developed by the European medical doctor Johann Mezger.

rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, the Benefits

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

There are many great mental and physical benefits to be gained from therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage reduces trait anxiety and depression, it can also reduce blood pressure (albeit temporarily), it can slow your heart rate, and reduce your anxiety. Therapeutic massage can also relieve any pain and discomfort in your body.

There is additional supporting data from testing which has shown that therapeutic massage creates an immediate increase in expedited recovery periods for muscle performance.

There are theories which prove that therapeutic massage enhances skeletal muscle regrowth. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, therapeutic massage can stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin, preventing fibrosis or scar tissue, and increasing the flow of lymph, which improves the quality of your sleep.  

Taiwanese Waves Concert

Taiwanese Waves Concert

Today I remembered I received a FREE pass for two to a great outdoor concert in Central Park called “Taiwanese Waves” and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Plus the weather was absolutely gorgeous to be outdoors, around 81 degrees and sunny with a beautiful refreshing breeze, the perfect day for an outdoor concert.

A Beautiful day at the concert

We first booked an hour for an ultra-relaxing and rejuvenating therapeutic massage at the day spa.

Oh, that was absolutely rejuvenating and amazing!

rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, the massage room

Next off to the concert we’d go!

The performers were 3 Great bands and performers from Taiwan. This was also such a culturally enlightening experience! The opening group “Sheng-Xiang & Band” played great blues mixed with traditional Taiwanese rock, they were a 6-piece band with very interesting instrumentation including a French horn, and live videos behind them.

Taiwanese Wave video

Next was my favorite band of the day “Elephant Gym” a three-piece progressive acid jazz/ rock band led by a brother and sister duo who were both absolutely amazing musicians. They were the 2nd band to perform.

Elephant Gym, a great band

They reminded me of a cross between the Canadian-band Rush and early Weather report, except the bass player was a petite Taiwanese female who played amazing fluid Jaco-esque lines while her older brother slashed beautiful jazz chords and rapid-fire triads over an ever-expanding aural landscape.

Meanwhile, a Taiwanese dancer in traditional headdress appeared periodically and brought a unique brand of martial arts and free-style dance to their music!

Elephant Gym in action

Their young drummer provided the effusive energy with a driving back beat while interspersing poly-rhythmic components into their amazing music!

The night was closed out by the headliner “Soft-Lapa”, a Taiwanese hip-hop trio of 2 rappers and a mad DJ. They were clearly the most well-known and popular band among the millennials. Their sound was mainly old school hip-hop with jazz background tracks adding modern rap over it.

Soft-Lipa Rapper

I must say although I was never a big rap fan, several of their tunes were quite infectious and they had ME and the millennial crowd jammin’ and panorama-in’ to some chill jazz beats which led to an end of the night encore.

I’m SO glad we stayed until the end of the show.

rejuvenate with therapeutic massage to end a lovely day

Rejuvenate with Therapeutic Massage: A Lovely End to a Day

We ended our “lovely day away” after beginning it by declaring to rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, a Taiwanese Wave Concert, and by very fittingly dining out to a delicious local Taiwanese meal.

The main course was a special savory and spicy beef noodle soup, each with a side of pork belly rice. And we washed that meal down with some smooth Brooklyn sake.

After a rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, a delicious Taiwanese beef noodle soup

The night capper was that we ended the night by visiting our favorite summer desert parlor where we indulged in a dark chocolate sorbet with hazelnut gelato, topped with a hazelnut-chocolate macaroon!

After a rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, an amazing desert!

A perfect way to rejuvenate and retool oneself after a trying day. A self-pampering FUN day for our souls we ALL should partake in every now and then.


Next time you are stressed, start your day the right way. Rejuvenate with therapeutic massage, then partake in your favorite activity (such as going to your favorite concert or a film as we did), and end the evening with a scrumptious meal and a delicious desert!

Thanks for reading my friends, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as did I.

Please feel free to comment below.

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