What is an Inspirational Leader?

What is an Inspirational Leader?

Exactly what is an inspirational leader? There are many of us out there who currently run companies and manage employees who all want to know what it takes to be a great leader.

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Given the high rates of employee dissatisfaction in the workplace, it is no surprise that as CEO’s, directors, human resource personnel , and middle managers that we are all trying to discover that “Holy Grail” of attaining greater effective leadership.


Growing to become an inspiring leader is essential. In this article, I will give you my 10 best ways that will make great employees want to work for you. And stay with you.

What is an inspirational leader?

Look forward to my list of the 14 Great Ways to Be an Inspiring Leader.

Your company culture is critical to your long-term success.

That’s what makes your employees and members want to become part of the club!

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Knowing what is an inspirational leader requires to be accessible to your employees

What Is an Inspirational Leader: Be Accessible to Your Employees

Great leaders who make themselves accessible and can communicate well drive your company culture.

They are honest and open to their staff and their employees, provide an open dialogue with regards to ideas, and information exchanges, and they are great listeners. Above all, they provide a work environment that makes their staff and employees feel safe and secure.

Such inspiring leaders drive their teams only leading by example.

After all, where would YOUR employees like to work?

How would your employees like to be treated?

One of my dear colleagues in my wonderful online community of 1.5 million worldwide members who happens have worked in human resources for many years made a terrific on-point comment in our Mastermind Group that I thought would be important to share with you.

Be a great leader

Here is what she said about being a great leader by motivating your employees through respect and by encouraging them being proactive within the group:  

I have worked in HR for years, and the most fundamental things that I see missing from leaders are:

- saying a genuine thank you to people
- respecting people's knowledge and expertise, and what they personally bring to the table
- creating an environment where people can be their authentic selves (not having to self-edit at work)
- giving everyone the ability to fully participate and be heard
- respect for people from all walks of life
- commitment to their growth and development

When I see the above things in place, I see happy and high performing teams, together with loyalty. These are the environments where people thrive and are happy to go over and above.

In my opinion, these are the things that make or break whether employees want to stay by your side. For me personally, I couldn't care less about drinks at the bar on a Friday, or outings. I want to be home with my family. If I don't have a boss who respects me, I don't want to spend another minute with them outside of work!!

I have to write policies and guidance for people all the time in my line of work, and what it boils down to is "don't be a d**k". When this happens, good things follow! It's so easy!!

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing what's important to others.- Anonymous

Focus on fun activities with your employees

Another one of our excellent Master Mind Group participators who works in the Customer Service area, commented that she would love to see a different option posed, stressing that it would be a healthy and wise choice for both the bosses and employees to partake in a greater amount of FUN extra-curricular activity outside of the workplace:

I think that the one everyone forgets is to praise your employees when they have done well and have used their own initiative to make something better and easier for people to do. I know that a lot of people are so quick to have a “go “at their employees when someone has complained.

Now if you are having a happy hour that runs from 5pm till 8 pm then I will happily come and work for you, especially as you are in New York!  Xxx – Anonymous

Both of the points of view of our professional leaders - our wonderful Master Mind participators - particularly “strike the nail right on the head” in answering our burning question “What is an Inspirational Leader”.

Knowing what is an inspirational leader knows how to create team unity

First we have our highly experienced HR Professional’s wonderful essential viewpoint which is -

  • Respect Your Employees Knowledge and Expertise, while Creating an Environment of Authenticity and Participation

Second, we have our effervescent and vibrant Customer Service Professional’s equally excellent viewpoint which is –

  • Keep the Work Environment Fun by Interacting and Giving People 'Stuff', i.e., cash, nights out, bonuses, etc.”

Well, I would like to propose to you with great confidence that BOTH are essential to creating what is an inspirational leader, Ladies and Gents.

So for greater clarity of each of these fundamental viewpoints, to benefit our readers let me now go into a deeper detailed analysis.

Respecting your Tribe

Respecting Your Tribe by Creating an Authentic Environment of Participation

When you treat your “tribe” of employees with the respect they truly deserve, and create an authentic environment of mutual interaction, your employees will love you, respect you, and look forward to coming to work every day.

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Now take the next step and create an even greater number of ways for your employees to participate in a collaborative change with the company leaders.

By implementing a system of greater employee interactive exchange with the CEOs, directors, human resource personnel, and middle managers of the company you have now crafted not only an incredible and self-empowering workplace milieu where everyone feels they are “important” to the company, you have built automated power plant “loop” of productivity.

Genuinely Thank your employees

Always say “Thank You” genuinely to your employees when they deservedly did a good job. Respect people's knowledge and expertise and what they personally bring to the table.

Above all, as a great leader create a workplace environment where people truly feel they can be their “authentic selves.”

By remaining truly authentic to your project or cause, you are creating an environment where your employees will thrive and be happy to work for you and go above and beyond.

This is the true definition of what is an inspirational leader.

Keep the Work Environment Fun

Keeping the Work Environment Fun

A work environment with FUN, flexibility, an attitude of acceptance, and supportive supervisors make people look forward to coming to work every day. Yet in the daily structured workplace, with boat loads of work and tight project deadlines, stress is an inevitable component of the work environment.

So take a moment and learn to figure out what things are stressing out your employees.

In general, create a more social culture with your tribe in the workplace. Brainstorm various things you can do immediately that can help alleviate the stress and implement them.

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Get involved on a more personal level with your “tribe”. You don’t need to go overboard with this, but try to instill a greater social aspect to your work. Create fun challenges for your employees and supplemental educational forums.

It can’t be all work and no play all the time, because “All Work and No Play Makes Jack and Jill a Dull Boy and Girl”!

Plan for company 5-8 pm Happy Hours on a Friday, schedule periodical company outings and team building events, i.e., soft ball games, movie nights, etc., Merit Challenges such as “Top Performer of the Month”, and even weekly motivational talks that provide continual business education such as TED Talks.  

These are only a few different examples, but if you brainstorm you can come up with many more Great Ones!

what is an inspirational leader is defined by my 14 Ways to Keep Your Tribe

What is An Inspirational Leader: My 14 Ways to Keep Your Tribe

Here are my 14 Ways that will make “Great Tribe” want to work and Stay with you:

  • Always say a genuine “Thank You” to your Tribe
  • Respect your Tribe’s knowledge and expertise, and what they personally bring to the table
  • Create an environment where people can be their authentic selves (not having to self-edit at work)
  • Give everyone in your Tribe the ability to fully participate and be equally heard
  • Say NO to micro-managing your employees
  • Set up profit sharing for your employees
Do Ted Talks
  • TED Talksi.e., motivational weekly talks providing continual business education
  • Bi-Weekly Employee Day Outings with other employees
  • Merit Challenges i.e. Top Performer of the Month, Points for prizes, etc.
  • Team Building events i.e., Golf, Bowling Night, Pool, Movies, etc.
  • Recognition bonuses for meeting quarterly goals
  • Company Fantasy Sports. Winner wins cash
  • Company Outings, i.e., Softball games, fishing trips
  • Company Happy Hour at the local bar 5-8 pm

Note:  I used the terms “Tribe”, “People” and “Employees” interchangeably – they all mean the same. What is important is that they are ALL the people that work for you.

Knowing what is an inspirational leader is knowledge that defines you to lead the way

Can you think of some other examples that would apply here to relieve employee stress and boost overall job satisfaction in the workplace?

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Get Creative. We would love to hear your ideas.

Please leave your comments below.

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