How Do You Become an Ambassador?

How Do You Become an Ambassador?

Many of my students always ask me “How Do You Become an Ambassador?”

This is such a great question.  

In my wonderful online community where we teach online marketing skills, out of a pool of 1.5 million worldwide members, as of today I have been one of the Top Ambassadors for 611 Days and counting.  


Let me say I don’t say this in a boastful way, only to demonstrate that I am qualified to speak on this subject.

And I will also tell you, I haven’t held the title of Ambassador but once, but I have held it twice.   

Currently I hold the record for the most consecutive days in the #4 Position which was 163 days in 2018.

Held #4 rank Ambassador for a record 163 consecutive days

For everyone’s information, the #4 position is the top available ambassador spot, as the top 3 positions all are not attainable, as they are reserved for the two co-founders, and the Head Trainer.

So you can say that I know a thing or two from first-hand experience about “how do you become an ambassador” and what it ultimately takes to be a true authentic Ambassador.

The best and most simple way that I can answer them is that in order to become an Ambassador you must by nature want to help people.

Here is something that I find to be a very beautiful thing.

Ambassadors come in many different flavors, within my awesome internet community, and everywhere around the world.

Ambassadors comes in all flavors

Diversity is such a beautiful thing.

Let me now explain in much greater detail about my own personal journey which should answer all questions of “How Do You Become an Ambassador”.

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How Do You Become an Ambassador requires that you know what is an Ambassador

What Is an Ambassador?

What Is an Ambassador?

According to Google and Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the latest official definition of “Ambassador” is:

  • “An accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.
    Example: "The French ambassador to Portugal"
  • A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.
    Example: "He is a good ambassador for the industry"

Other Synonyms include:

  • Campaigner, representative, promoter, champion, supporter, backer, booster
    Example: “A great Ambassador for the sport.”

Now does that mean you necessarily agree with each Ambassador’s “style”?

Absolutely not.

Does that mean every Ambassador is equal to other ambassador’s and even other non-ambassador’s skill sets?


My Great Community of 25 Ambassadors

My Great Community’s 25 Ambassadors

In my Amazing internet community of 1.5 million worldwide members, only the Top 25 have earned the title of Ambassadors. We are the Teachers, the Helpers, and the most prolific Content Creators within the community.

All 25 Ambassadors here within my great internet community are unique and bring their own distinctive skill set to the table here at Wealthy Affiliate. Here are some examples of unique skill sets:

  • Some have great computer skills and online expertise, such as Word Press, website design, Google analytics, plug-ins, etc. they share
  • Some are GREAT writers, who share provocative and entertaining stories that teach lessons and enlighten their readers
  • Some ask better questions that provoke the right answers
  • Some are great social media experimenters who show us results
  • Some provide great online training
  • Some write intriguing quotes that make you ponder
  • Some provide lessons in life through memes and gif’s
  • Some are great internet marketers
  • Some have a great knowledge of SEO
  • Some have gained great affiliate marketing prowess
  • Some are social media experts who can teach you how to better engage and increase your audience
  • Some have great organizational skills compiling comprehensive lists
  • Some have facilitated group discussion toward finding answers through contemplation and introspection

Look at the entire Top 25 list and ask yourself what is the unique skill set of each ambassador. Can you identify it?

I know I can.

How Do You Become an Ambassador includes different leadership styles

There is ONE common thread that ALL Ambassadors share, and it conforms to all the definitions laid out above, and most significantly based on the Founders genius “pay-it-forward” organizational culture in my internet community.

We all have a penchant to HELP OTHERS in the community, and we actually do it better than others.

How Do You Become an Ambassador means you have mastered the art of being a servant

Being an ambassador, means you have MASTERED the art of being a servant, which can be encapsulated in a simple quote I made awhile back when another awesome community member asked me to define what greatness is.

Here is what I told him:

“To be great, you need to set out what you need to do, and help others by doing it.”

This is the essence of being an Ambassador.

If you were there, now or in the past, you definitely have earned it.

The fact that you made it to “Ambassador” deservedly places YOU in this same elite category. Even one seasoned veteran in my internet community made it to Ambassador 8 separate times. Now that is a TRUE accomplishment.

Once an Ambassador, always an Ambassador.

My personal journey

How Do You Become an Ambassador: My Personal Journey

Personally it has been a very rewarding journey being part of the Glorious Top 25 not once but Twice.

Since reaching Ambassadorship for the 2nd time, I have become even more active because I feel an even GREATER responsibility to uphold the expectations others hold upon me in helping them.

I have always been blessed with the gift of being an excellent writer who could write about interesting and informative topics in many mediums.

  • A writer who always cared about his audience.
  • A writer with the mind of a detective and the eloquence of a poet.

However, I realized that with greater rank comes a greater responsibility.

My Return from Oblivion

My Return from the Edge of Oblivion

Once upon a time, I was ranked # 6 Ambassador for the greater part of my four months. At that time in early 2017, I was the fastest to become an Ambassador in the history of the community.

During the early Fall of that year, I decided to travel abroad for a 3 month period. During my intrepid travels, I lost entire access to communicate or even receive PM’s with the community platform for a 5-month period.

Back from my slumber in the low 500's to the Top Ambassador

As a result of my travels due this prolonged non-activity, my ranking steadily declined from a High of #6 to the low 500’s.

However, once I returned from my travels in late February 2018, there is a reason that I not only regained my ambassador status, but quickly ascended from a low ranking of 500+ to a new personal all-time high of Rank 4.

Quickly ascended to the #4 Ambassador and remained flying high

Once I attained the Top # 4 Ambassador spot in May 2018, I then held that spot for a record 163 consecutive days.

How did I become an Ambassador, not once but TWICE?

Knowing How Do You Become an Ambassador brought me to a return to Top Ambassadorship

My Return to Top Ambassadorship

When I decided to return after my self-imposed 3 month hiatus, I once again used my talents unconditionally to help others achieve success through encouragement and education within the community.

Once again, I began to write consistently GREAT quality content, which included varied posts, TRAININGS in WordPress, Site Speed, and The Mind of Success.

This is something I am most proud of.

THANKS TO THE FEEDBACK FROM MY WONDERFUL INTERNET COMMUNITY, I continue to hit the Highest Marks of Ambassadorship based on the tremendous response and from all of your endearing comments I have received from the community in posts and in PM’s.

How Do You Become an Ambassador is a labor of love and appreciation

All of your GREAT responses which I continue to receive from the comments within the posts and Trainings I create on an ongoing basis.

One awesome member here at WA once offered me the highest of compliments:

”Well deserved my friend, even if only for the great questions you ask and the discussions you foster as a result.”

That was truly amazing and humbling.

We all can become ambassadors

We All Can Become Ambassadors

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all my LOYAL SUPPORTERS who continue to show me LOVE and APPRECIATION every day.

YOU are the MOTIVATION that elevates me to GREATER HEIGHTS and inspires me EVERY DAY to write GREATER articles, ask BETTER questions, and to give back MORE to this wonderful community.

We ALL can become Ambassadors within our own communities.

All we need to do is to make a huge difference. Day in and day out.

Just always remember this.

Help others without condition.

Share your best kept secrets.


Ambassadors require Great Communities

Let’s continue to place greater emphasis on what our Great Communities all teach us: to learn how to be successful in our chosen niches while teaching others how to achieve success while doing so.

For this is the true essence that speaks to the question of how do you become an Ambassador

Thank you for your Great Patronage My Dear Friends.

Keep honoring and helping your brothers and Sisters to achieve their own success, and continue to share unconditionally within your own communities, and you too can become a Top Ambassador.

As always all of your comments are welcome.

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