The Art of the Great Comeback

The Art of the Great Comeback

Here is the art of the Great Comeback

When a losing squad’s ultimate team spirit pulled them to a Final 26-16 victory!

Like a tsunami, winning our first ABC 9 Ball Championship!


Kaju Tsunami, ABC 9 Ball Champions!!

What a sweet sound!  It was truly an amazing week!!

In 11 Seasons, we’d come close (making the Semi-Finals once), but this is the 1st Time we ever took the GOLD!!

Look at our winnings…..

The Great Comeback brought us $4K in winnings.

That’s a SWEET $4K in cash on that table!!

The Great Comeback began at Amsterdam Billiards

For those unfamiliar to the sport of billiards, this is a Big Deal. Amsterdam Billiard Club (“ABC”) is a venue known, visited by, and holds competitions to the Top Pool Players all over the World.

Their ABC Team 9 Ball League is one of the most competitive and highly respected amateur pool leagues in the country. Out of 40 teams, only one team will take the Gold.

And finally last night….that was us!!

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The Great Comeback

Comments from My Awesome Community

Here were a few of the comments from my awesome internet community of 1.5 million members when they heard of the great comeback Tsunami victory:

Wooow Kaju! This year is your year! It can't be otherwise!
You show me the way of success. What I mean is that you know how to work hard while
having fun. I think that's how we can succeed without pressure and go very far.
Congratulation for this billiard feat, because it's not an easy sport! – Anonymous

Awesome, Congrats. That is some nice winnings there.
I am just going to wait on your 9 ball niche site now. You certainly have some credibility in this space that you could leverage! – Anonymous

Congrats, Kaju! So proud of you and your team.
Have you guys encountered any big gun pro players along the way? Now, please tell me how many hours do you spend on practicing pool, besides all other rolls as an entrepreneur, a writer, a site project manager. It's just incredible for what you have accomplished 🙂
- Anonymous

The House was jam Packed

The House Was Jam Packed

It was a jam-packed house last night!

Last night, we were introduced by the League Director during the Opening Ceremonies, and he told the crowd…

“Instead of the Amateurs watching the Top Pros, tonight the Top Pros are going to watch the Amateurs!!”

Of the several Top Pro Players representing a “Who’s Who” in the Pro Billiard world, here were only three of them who were present watching us last night:

Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) –Known as “The Hitman” he is a 28-time World Champion, winning in many different category events around the world.

Mika Immonen (Finland) - Known as “The Iceman” Mika is a 22-time World Champion, winning in many different category events around the world.

Tony Robles (USA) - Known as “Silent Assassin” Tony is a BCA World 9-Ball Champion.

As you can see, they all have such foreboding nicknames!

How did the Great Comeback happen?

How Did The Great Comeback Season Happen?

People have asked me how did the great comeback season happen.

All I can say is that when you are down near the bottom of the standings with half the season remaining, you just try to take it one match at a time, without thinking too far ahead in the future.

Each team’s overall weekly match is comprised of 4 individual matches, where the number of most total rack wins determines the winning team. Then when you trying to win, you break it down to one match at time, then one rack at a time, then making one ball at a time, and last executing one safety at a time.

You never think beyond taking these actions.  

That’s how we accomplished it all. This was quite the great comeback season for us, considering that up until Week 15 of the regular season (the last match), our chances of making the playoffs were highly doubtful.

In fact, slim to nil. At one time not long ago, we were in 8th place (out of 10).

Kaju Tsunami Championship team.

Only the top 4 teams of every Division (out of 10) advance to the Playoffs. Since there were 4 Divisions this season, the playoffs started off with 16 teams, and whoever loses one match is eliminated.

Even if a team makes it, the reality is once playoffs begin, they need to beat the “Best of the Best” over a 5 match span. And there are Pro Players who play amongst different teams.

However, once in the playoff Rounds, WE “rolled” over the competition like a true Giant “Tsunami” wave – winning 4 straight matches (getting a “Bye” in Round 3) while outscoring our opponents in racks 99-62.

On the night of the Final, we played one of the most feared opponents in the league, and they were all tremendous shooters. Their top player this season had a record of 15-2.

Yet our Final Championship match score win ended with us winning in racks 26-16.

It was truly the art of a great comeback.

Cultivate The Great Comeback

How to Cultivate the Great Comeback

 “Kaju Tsunami” orchestration of the great comeback Team 9-Ball Championship victory in the Final last night is so highly exemplary of their Ultimate Team Spirit – it shows we always work hard as a team and:

  • Never Give up
  • Keep Fighting Until the Job is Done
  • Demonstrate a Great Team Camaraderie
  • Work Together and help each other get over challenges
  • Never Make any Excuses
  • Hang Tough under the Pressure of the Moment
  • Refuse to get “Star-struck” or intimidated by the Pros (WA naysayer “Gurus”)
  • Know how to WIN to Become Champions

Whether you enjoy or even understand the game of billiards is not so important, I hope this post has sent an inspiring and important message to you.

Like a “Kaju Tsunami”, we ROLL!

Kaju Tsunami League Champions

Remember the art of a great comeback lives inside all of us.

We just need to reach down real deep and find that will to succeed under any conditions, then ultimately embrace it.

And when a group of people working together do this, this is what grates the ultimate team spirit.

Hoping you will find yours, please leave us a comment below.

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