How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

If you have an inquisitive mind and are always seeking to create a better you, then you want to learn how to improve problem solving skills.

Good for you, this is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. Continue toward constant improvements and there will nary ever be a problem you cannot solve by yourself.

There is a better method to learning a more dependable way to solve problems, and I would like to demonstrate it to you here. This method will work regard less of the type you may encounter.


how to improve problem solving skills requires picking a great WordPress theme

For the sake of this lesson, I would like to use the example of learning learn how to improve problem solving skills by taking on an often perplexing one for newbies: choosing how to pick the best WordPress Theme for your niche from over 10,000 available themes.

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how to improve problem solving skills is an acquired skill

How to Improve Problem Solving Skills: Choosing a WordPress Theme

In my quest for building my optimized new niche website, I’ve been spending a great deal of time investigating several new WordPress themes both FREE and PAID.

After all, I do not want to repeat the same theme I used to build my interior design website four months ago. Besides, my new niche site requires a completely different functionality.

Recently I’ve been reading posts about disagreements existing between several so-called web design experts concerning which WordPress themes and plugins to use, and YES although I must admit I’ve been humored by it all, without investing an appropriate amount of time to conduct your own self-investigation to discover what is “under the hood” such opinions will mean very little.

Sometimes you need to look under the hood to learnhow to improve problem solving skills

Naturally we all have our own personal preferences and are not always going to see eye-to-eye; disagreements are inevitable and come with the territory. No matter how knowledgeable we deem the “experts” to be, they are not always right. They are human.

We need a more reliable method of Word Press theme selection, by learning and problem-solving. Therefore FIRST we must do ONE thing.

how to improve problem solving skills can be a rubix cube

Learn how to improve problem solving skills.

Learn how to trouble-shoot these important issues yourself. Use Uncle Google, social media, and every tool at your disposal to learn a new theme, plug-in, skill, language, program, etc. from the ground up.

10 Surefire ways how to improve problem solving skills

10 Sure-Fire Ways How to Improve Problem Solving Skills: Select a Theme and Solve Related Issues

I will use selecting WordPress themes and solving issues as an example of how to improve problem solving skills, but this can be applied to any problem set you are confronted with.

Here are 10 Sure-fire ways to achieve this end:

  • Read articles related to the theme and/or topic in question to obtain solutions
  • Ask other WordPress outside experts how they solved the problem
  • Email the developers of the themes and plugins with questions, it’s in their interest to help you
  • Watch the most popular You Tube videos on the subject
  • Live chat on site hosting platforms and find out what they recommend
  • Create a Siterubix test site, try the theme out. If you fail, no loss, keep trying until something works
  • Get invited onto related social media groups and ask those experts
  • Pick up the latest “WordPress for Dummies” book, and reference the issue
  • Keep questioning until you have irrefutably solved the problem by completing the task
  • Recheck your work. Always retest

This is only a partial list. The list goes on and on

Yeah it’s all hard work, but there is no substitute for clocking in the hours. And when you achieve the final outstanding result, you will inherently understand how to replicate it over and over again.

Dont depend on the experts

Don’t Depend on the Experts

The experts are just like us, they often are well-intentioned but they are not infallible.

While it is wonderful to get the help we need from other more knowledgeable experts, don’t depend on them as their help is not always readily available – and often even when it is, there can be clear defined disagreement amongst various “experts” and even as experienced marketers we end up being confused even more than ever.

Worse, there are instances where the advice given by an “expert” plain doesn’t work.

This just happened to me this week when I contacted the developers of a popular, well-reviewed mobile plugin when they claimed to have provided me the proper CSS code to a solution to my problem.

Well, I entered the code properly without any errors and it plain-out failed. I re-contacted the source and explained to them the solution didn’t work. No response from them since.

What I’ve seen in other forums based on the answers in comments and posts that there are far too many members who are willing to accept the advice of a well-established veteran “expert” as gospel without proper testing on the basis of their reputation or their ranking.

No matter how reputable the source, don’t accept their solution until you’ve tested it out first-hand yourself and can truly confirm it works. Only then can you give that expert an impartial review.

Always question, always experiment.

how to improve problem solving skills requires self-reliance

Self-Reliance through Open Exchange is the Key

A few years ago, as a totally “wet behind the ears” newbie to WordPress I was able to “learn the ropes” all by myself through accessing many different sources - and the result is I designed a beautiful 25 page website that is optimized and loaded lightning fast both on mobile and desktop.

Now I plan to repeat this entire process all over once for the sake of this lesson; again for a different niche website, and with a new theme requiring different functionality.

The wonderful thing is since I have gone through this entire process before and had taken copious notes of my experiments, I already can see that repeating this entire process all over again will been SO much easier the 2nd time.

And I am sure it will get even easier the 3rd time. If and when I need to go there.

Self-reliance through open exchange has been the key for me.

Conclusion on how to improve problem solving skills

Conclusion:  How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Yes, I’ve received helpful advice from very knowledgeable WordPress experts within the different online communities, and I am very grateful for that help.

However, the help from these different online communities and experts in WP have been supplemental rather than primary compared to what I’ve learned from my own research.

discern the forest from the trees

Ladies and Gents, this proves you can be totally self-reliant, learn all the best ways to build your own WordPress site by researching and using the best FREE and paid themes and the right plugins that work for YOU.

This is the ultimate way of how to improve problem solving skills.

If I can do this, you can too

If I can do this certainly anyone can.

Thanks for reading friends, and feel free to leave a comment below.

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