How To Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

How To Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people is truly a gift.

Ladies and Gents, you are in a very privileged position, being an online entrepreneur.

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You will often take it for granted and sometimes even forget, that simply by being a member of the worldwide affiliate marketing community, you have chosen to show the world how to surround yourself with like-minded people.


Successful entrepreneurs. Great teachers.

Creative geniuses.

Who you surround yourself with really matters.

People who have achieved the success, who have been to the top of the mountain, people who have fallen off the mountain and will soon be back on top of the mountain, and others who aspire to climb that mountain by working hard through learning and earning.

You are truly part of a special group.

If you did not know how to surround yourself with like-minded people,

Then there are many of those you personally know, who are NOT part of this group.

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Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people does not always included family and friends

Our Family and Friends

Wonderful people as they are, some of our family and friends aren’t doing what we are doing. Nothing close to it.

If we are lucky, we have some friends and family members that we know who are enterprising, open-minded and willing to listen, and would love to leverage a great opportunity such as becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Family around laptops

We can spot those immediately. And if we are timely (and wise) and send our message out clearly and in a compelling way, those may become our referrals.

For others, they don’t get it.

Never will.

Nor do we need to impose our will on them.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people requires love

To them, work isn’t something you’re supposed to love. It’s just a way to earn money to keep the water and electricity running. And to be fair, taking on an online business ownership position for some of our friends and family just may not be possible.

They have no idea the great earning potential an online business can bring and the freedoms they are missing by not working for themselves.

For others, their idea of “freedom” is going to happy hour at 6 and avoiding any thoughts about work on weekends.

  • They don’t know what it’s like to run an online business
  • They don’t know what it’s like to create passive streams of income
  • They don’t know what it’s like to never worry about bills
  • They don’t know what it’s like to wake up excited to work on their passion
Cut out the toxicity

How to Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People: Cut Out the Toxicity

As much as I hate to say it, some of your friends and family may even be jealous of you. They will project their personal failure onto you, instead of accepting responsibility for their own choices.

Often, they will tell you what you’re doing is a waste of time. And even if you provide proof, they will act as if it didn’t exist.

Being a non-cynical person, I truly would like to believe such friends and family members are in the vast minority.

Because they are the ones who are truly as toxic as this, they will rub off on you like a poison. And if they are truly against your life’s aspirations – and even worse are acting surreptitiously – you need to cut them loose.

Cut bad relationships

Sadly you may need to make the decision of breaking that relationship or disassociating yourself from them completely.

However, more likely than not, they will already have disassociated themselves from you. Jealous ones can’t bear seeing others who are succeeding at what they love and living their dreams.

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Thankfully I’d like to believe for most, we still love them just the way they are. Whether they ever “come around” or not. And they love us.

Continue to sharing good times and laughs and enjoying their company at family and friend gatherings. Or going out to the occasional sporting event or concert. Just don’t constantly bring up what you do around them, or keep them within your closest circle of confidants.

We are a special breed

Knowing How to Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People make you part of a Special Breed.

That’s why we are different Ladies and Gents.

We are a special breed.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people is being part of Wealthy Affiliate

Join Wealthy Affiliate by Surrounding Yourself with 1.5 Million Like-Minded People

We as Wealthy Affiliate premium members are a very special group of like-minded people.

People who are on the cusp of achieving their dreams.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded is Wealthy Affiliate

We know how to make money online, and we know how to make money by pursuing a niche of your passion and dreams.

The amazing training here at Wealthy Affiliate can teach anyone (and I mean anyone) as it has taught us how to make money online.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people in a classroom

As Wealthy Affiliate members, we are also a part of a wonderful helpful community of 1.5 Million members worldwide located in 195 different countries.

Members who have gone through the rigorous training of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course (OEC) and through the Affiliate Bootcamp.

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Circle of close confidants

Our “closest circle of confidants” are right here at WA.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded is to realize you are privileged

Let’s Never Forget How Privileged We Are

We share our gifts, and sharing our knowledge and wisdom truly makes ALL of us better.

We are cut from a different cloth.

And above all, you know how to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Knowing how to surround yourself with like-minded people makes a great weekend

Hope you have a great weekend, feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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P.S. - Let me say the inspiration of this content came from a business associate named Kong, and I would like to Thank Him for that!


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