Check My Website Ranking

Check My Website Ranking

For the past 3 months I’ve been saying I would check my website ranking for my young website. However until today have not done so.

Folks, I suppose by now you’ve heard me say this ad nauseum. At first I said I would check them when I reached between 50-60 posts. I didn’t want to obsess over my rankings. I simply wanted to focus only on my writing without being distracted by them.


So by the time I reached my 60th post, I completely forgot about checking them.

More like intentionally but “unintentionally” called it off.

So I kept writing….and writing some more.

check my website ranking after my 80th post? No!

Then when I completed my 80th post, to be honest I suppose I purely “chickened out”.

I used that one as an excuse and once again put my head down and kept writing…and then I would write even more.

Well Ladies and Gents, the time had finally come. I also knew checking Site Rankings was part of the SAC Challenge assignment, and it had to get done.

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Finally, I checked ALL of my 113 post rankings for my young website ALL AT ONCE one-by-one today – it only has taken me until my 113th post!

Better late than never I suppose.

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check my website ranking, the Results

Check My Website Ranking: The Results

Here are my results according to Site Rank (Jaaxy) for the past 30 days.

Tell me if you think this is good news, I’m really not so sure:

  • 28 out of my 113 posts published are all currently ranked on Page 1 of Bing and Yahoo - or 25% of all of my published posts.
  • My Top 3 Posts are currently Ranked Number 1 of Page 1 on Bing and Yahoo.
  • 15 of my posts are currently ranked in the Top 4 spots of Page 1 on Bing and Yahoo.
  • 23 of my posts are currently ranked in the Top 7 of Page 1 on Bing and Yahoo.

Organic traffic and conversions are steadily increasing.

However, here is the not so good news.

Number 1 Page 1 in Bing and Yahoo

My Google rankings so far are not up to par. I’m still waiting to get ranked on Page 1 for those low comp keywords I’ve been using. I don’t quite know why, it’s a bit discouraging but I will be checking my analytics and will be working steadily to improve that for sure.

check my website ranking, comments from my wonderful community

Check My Website Ranking: Comments from My Awesome Community

Here are of the comments I received from my wonderful helpful community of 1.5 million worldwide members regarding my Bing and Yahoo rankings, and current lack of Google rankings:

You say this is a young website? I think that is 85% of the problem. Remember, Google doesn’t trust new sites - plus - if you add to much content too quickly Google may put your site in the dreaded “sandbox”, kinda like a timeout area.
The new algorithm will take some getting use to. We have no other choice but to play the game since Google makes the rules. Thank you for sharing, Kaju. – Anonymous

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Hi Kaju, I think you are doing great. After all, Bing and Yahoo make up about 30% of all searches, from what I've read and heard. That is a lot of traffic, and free traffic at that. The fact that you are also getting conversions should be very encouraging for you. Keep up the good work. – Anonymous

Congratulations ! It seemed your most recent posts worked so well that you landed on page one of Google and Bing. That is a milestone! Persistence is always the key and will pay off. It did to you. Personally for me, if I can avoid doing 100 posts for a specific niche just so that I will land on page 1 of the search engines, I will review your recent 25% posts and see what you did differently compared to prior posts. How did you present the idea to prospective customers? Like what Kyle has been preaching, the customers have to trust what you are presenting or introducing or selling, so I am thinking of the tone of words maybe. The use of words that have substance to them. To me over 100 posts is a lot of work. To me, I will review my previous posts and compare to the new ones. I am sure there is something differently that will stand out to you that you did and finally ended on page 1 of Google and Bing. Just a thought! – Anonymous

Top of the range, Kaju,. Good move putting off checking. Your analytical mind would of sent you bananas if the results didn't pan out. You are doing great, best wishes. – Anonymous

I believe that the way you were going about this was the smart way, otherwise you could end up getting distracted from the way you write.I read a post about some movie actors who never watched their performances thinking that it may change  how they perceive things which are already working! Have a great week my friend! – Anonymous

I think that's pretty good going Kaju, not checking your stats until your 113th post! Despite my previous comment, I don't know if I could have held out quite so long!

My wife was asking me the other day if my new website had made any money, I said that I didn't know as I hadn't checked! She found this hard to understand, so I explained that we have to focus on content not stats et cetera! I feel we have to be so careful when we are working on our online business as distractions are all around us and we can quickly lose our drive if we do not focus properly. I believe your blog post proves this in a very true way Kaju!

Wishing you continued success, your efforts are an inspiration to us all.- Anonymous

check my website ranking

Thanks for the update! I am in exactly the same spot. I have 102 posts in my SAC Challenge site with several KWs ranking high in Bing and Yahoo. But almost nothing in the top 10 pages of Google. I guess we keep on posting and eventually we should start getting some Google love! Keep it up and good like sir! – Anonymous

Just keep going Kaju. I wish you all the best with your rankings and I am sure it will eventually get Google's attention:)) – Anonymous

Congratulations - I think you are doing great.
Maybe go to Google and check the posts for your niche and find out what is different about them.
Then try to incorporate into your posts. I am sure you have thought of this, but just my 2 cents. – Anonymous

Wow, you're now miles ahead of me as I got stuck. My business offline is getting in the way of me working in my online business. I have to find a way to have more time with my blog. – Anonymous

That is great Kaju. I can't imagine a "new" site with 113 posts!
I have noticed my posts don't rank well on Google now either. I wonder if this is the start of the Google changes to penalize small sites?

I do much better on Bing and Yahoo now.
Hopefully the general public starts to learn of Google's censorship and starts using other search engines! – Anonymous

Mine are reflective of yours to be honest. I rank for Bing and Yahoo but not Google... but I’ve not got as many posts as you, my site is very young and I thought that was the reason. But maybe its more than that? And I’ve run out of scans until September 15.. Better look at why that is... – Anonymous

Excellent Work! Google are you listening?
Rank this WA Blog Post on Bing, Yahoo, and Google, too!
Post a snip of it with Pinterest and all other Social Media friends!
Your future looks brighter every day! Congratulations on those Rankings! They're a tribute to all those hours writing!
God Bless and Good Luck! – Anonymous

The Jets and Giants are sucking wind but your remarkable posting intensity is breathing some serious life into your rankings. At this rate, you will be nipping at Little Mama's heels in becoming an absolute posting powerhouse.
Great job my friend. – Anonymous

Congratulations Kaju.
Sometimes it takes time to understand the upcoming star.........Forgive the poor Google!!
Keep on writing as that’s what it matters. – Anonymous

check my website ranking, my conclusion

Ranking Results: My Conclusion

However, overall I believe the Bing and Yahoo results are still more encouraging than expected!

So I will keep writing, and this time I will not be so averse to regularly check my rankings.

I’ve already started to keep detail records of my rankings, and this will definitely continue.

How do you think I'm doing?

Please feel free to leave your comments here below.

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