8 Ways How To Post On a Facebook Group

8 Ways How to Post on a Facebook Group

In this article, I am going to demonstrate 8 ways how to post on a Facebook group.

But first, I want to emphasize something very important: don’t get banned from social media.

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I'm still locked out of Facebook my friends, but at least I was never banned.


This lockout (which you can read more about at the link below) was not due to any violations, only due to my own short-sightedness by not updating my Facebook account information after I changed my mobile contact number and the fact that I opted having a Two-Step verification security process in place.

This was the right thing to do at the time I opted in, but later it turned into an unnecessary nuisance when I failed in my tries to regain access.

The good news is I believe I can now gain back my old account at any time, but truth be told right now I am too busy with other important pressing projects to even care. When I'm ready - and that won’t be too long in the future -I will regain access.

Others have committed several times more egregious and ill-advised acts by getting themselves an outright ban from Facebook.

Know how to post on a Facebook group s you don't get banned

Getting banned from Facebook groups consistently can lead you to getting banned from Facebook forever. And this can lead to getting banned from other social media.

With social media such an important part of expanding our reach in our businesses, this is something we need to learn to avoid at all costs.

This is the singular reason it is most important to know how to post on a Facebook group.

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Don't Get Banned on Social Media

Don't Get Banned from Social Media!

Believe me, I've taken foolish chances in my life, but when you examine the data and really look at, really study the statistics - real world current statistics - it will become evident that you would be trying to tread an extremely slippery slope.

Like walking along the edge of a cliff with one arm tied behind your back with a blind fold on!

Don;t walk on the edge of a cliff blind-folded

And when we are spamming our promotion on Facebook groups (even if we are not intending to do so), we are walking along the edge of a cliff.

This why it is so important to know how to post on a Facebook group.

It’s like learning to navigate that sharp edged cliff blind-folded!

The Facts are Clear

The Facts are Clear

The most recent Facebook data shows that 1.13 billion Facebook users have been flagged by 1.3 million violations daily.

Facebook's head of policy management, Monika Bickert, confirmed the Facebook receives over a million reports of "violations" from its users every day. The number of flagged violations has been "steadily increasing" according to Bickert, and will likely continue to do so now that users can flag content from all devices

And the number of Facebook violators have been exponentially growing.

Right now Facebook is deleting about 66,000 posts a week because of hateful messages. They are employing about 3000 more people from 2017-2018 to assist in this endeavor. That's on top of the 4,500 people it currently has reviewing posts.

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While the number of fake accounts on Facebook's now 2 billion-plus member social network has been steadily increasing, the world's social networking giant isn't ignoring the problem.

Facebook acknowledges that fake accounts are "closely related to the creation and spread of spam," and detailed last week how it has been cracking down on abuse, including bots used to create fake accounts and paid likes.

Facebook is cracking down on fake accounts

Facebook also announced that it disrupted a major spam operation it had been fighting for half a year. According to Facebook, accounts located in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and a number of other operations located in Middle East countries were "made up of inauthentic likes and comments.”

The social media giant found that most of this activity was generated not through traditional mass account creation methods, but by more sophisticated means that try to mask the fact that the accounts are part of the same coordinated operation.

These operations used tricks to avoid detection, including redirecting their traffic through “proxies that disguised their location."

Facebook Fake profiles

Facebook now believes that the accounts created by these operations, even though still largely dormant, would later have been used to send mass spam to real users.

The social media giant has also been removing more than 2 to 3% of its total “likes” due to these major spam operations by purging inauthentic likes.

Don’t let that person be you.

Know how to post on a Facebook group requires you don't take the bait

How to Post on a Facebook Group:  Don't Take the Bait

You might be tempted to push the envelope to drive traffic to your websites, blog posts, and e-commerce stores. You may be tempted to "shot gun" post in many different Facebook groups per day. I strongly recommend that you don't.

Once again, learn how to post on a Facebook group.

Is it worth all the hard work and countless hours you've spent working on your sites and your blogs if you are shut out?

Alienating enough group admins to restrict you from a group eventually will lead to a warning by Facebook, and worse case a ban off Facebook forever. Indefinitely without any chance of ever returning.

The first time, you will be banned from the group only for 3 days if you are lucky. The second you will be banned for one week, and by the third time you may be banned for two weeks.

Any violation beyond this, you are rolling the dice with Facebook!

Even if you think you have your posting regimen under control, posting in greater than 5 different groups per day will lead to oversights, and inadvertent posting errors leading to violations that will get you banned from a group.

You shot gun posts at your own risk, and sooner than later you will be on the losing end of the bargain.

That’s why it is imperative that you MUST learn how to post on a Facebook group.

Without further ado, I am now going to show you how.

When you how to post on a Facebook group, slow and steady will win the race

How to Post on a Facebook Group: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Instead of "shot gun" posting on many different Facebook groups per day, tread very carefully.

First make sure you read every group's rules and guidelines and comprehend all of them thoroughly. Then make sure the group you are first approaching and commenting in is an open forum and related to your niche.

My 8 Ways how to post on a Facebook group

My 8 Ways How to Post on a Facebook Group

Here are then my 8 Ways How to Post on a Facebook Group:

  • 1. Join LESS Groups, but higher quality ones and make sure they are only Niche Relevant Groups
  • 2. Never post irrelevant material in the group. Make sure all your posts are directly or indirectly related to fulfilling a need of the group.
  • 3. Do not post in more than 3-5 groups per day, and be sure you are following the group rules and posting guidelines to the letter for every group.
  • 4. Make a copy in Word or notepad of each group's rules and posting guidelines and review each of them every day before joining a group discussion.
  • 5. Spend extra quality time after first joining by blending in with the group making comments, asking questions related to the group, and helping other group members.
  • 6. Don’t post in the group until several active group members and admin (s) have warmed up to you. And even then, suggest your post subtly as part of a comment or a question in a related group discussion.
  • 7. Better yet, do not attempt to post until you are viewed as an expert on a topic or "go to" member in the group.
  • 8. Even if you THINK you are following all the group rules and guidelines, do not exceed posting in more than 5 groups in a given day.

Reason: You cannot keep track of every group's rules and guideline if you are posting in too many groups. You are liable to misstep. And be banned from one or several groups.

Know how to post on a Facebook group the right way

There are many great benefits to be gained by posting your articles and website links in Facebook groups the right way and in accordance with every group's rules and regulations.

You can be viewed as an expert, thus driving lots of new traffic to your blogs and websites that will gain you conversions. However to be a most effective influencer, trust must first be earned within the group.

And in order to gain group trust, you will need to stay in the group.

Knowing how to post on a Facebook group is a longer but more effective game

For this reason, group posting in Facebook groups should always be viewed as a longer game strategy leading to many well-earned successes. When you accomplish group trust in this way - the right way - your success in these select groups will be all the more enduring.

And this is the RIGHT way how to post on a Facebook group.

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Learn the right way how to post on a Facebook group, and before long you will be a sought after authority.

Being that singular person who is the authority figure of a specific topic within the group will go a very long way to helping you gain well- earned real consistent traffic and money to count on for the long term.

Knowing how to post on a Facebook group will bring great rewards in the end

A worthy reward for your patience and diligent efforts.

Thank you for reading, folks.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to voice them.

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