Trello Reviews 2019: Great for Organization

Trello Reviews 2019: Great for Organization

Trello Reviews will be great for organization in 2019.

That’s a prediction and I will stand firmly on it.

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Check back with me here at the end of the year, and we shall compare notes using Trello!.


Has anyone here been using Trello?

Trello is a great organizational tool for any type of business.

It works like Google docs, where you create and edit a shareable document called a “board”, except Trello also works like a social media platform where you can communicate with your team members by adding comments and replies to each “board.”

Those comments and replies in Trello end up as email notifications.

Reviews for boards

I personally prefer it over Google docs, as it is both an organizational tool, and it works like social media where you can communicate with an unlimited number of team members.

You can also add cool background photos to each board, and share a variety of media on Trello.

A great communication tool

We are currently using Trello as our main communication platform between all of our team members for one of our crowdfunding campaigns.

Trello is a variety of work and personal

Trello has a variety of work and personal uses including real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, gaming, law office case management, and many more!

Editorial Calendar

Here’s my detailed review of Trello.

Then I will explain how Trello Works.

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Trello:  My Review Summary

Product Name: Trello

Founder:  Atlassian

Product Type:  Organizational Tool

What Is It:  An organization and  collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. These boards can then be shared interactively to control the workflow project management team members. 

Made By: Altassian

Price: FREE version (for this review)

Upgrade: You can upgrade to Trello Business Class for $9.99 per month.

Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee

Per Trello (Business Class):  "Make Trello your team’s mission control for any project, and take boards to the next level with unlimited access to Power-Ups like:

  • Custom Fields
  • List Limits
  • Card Repeater
  • Calendar & Map Views
  • Voting
  • 100+ App Integrations with your top work tools

Best For: Business teams to organize and collaborate their workflow

Summary: Simply a great organizational and collaborative tool. New start ups will not need tje Business Class version, stay with the FREE version at least in the begininng. 

Rating: 86 out of 100

Recommended: Yes (Free Version)

Board Basics

Trello Reviews: Board Basics

There are only 4 key components on a Trello board. However, the possibilities are endless.

Trello Boards

1. Trello Boards - You keep track of information on a Trello board inside a Project.

A Trello board is a unique place to organize your various tasks and collaborate with your family, friends, and colleagues. It really doesn’t matter whether you are planning a website or a vacation, Trello is a great tool for doing this!


2. Trello Lists – By using Trello Lists, you can keep cards (C) organized in their various stages of progress.

This can simply be a place to keep track of all your ideas and information, or best it can be used to create a workflow from start to finish where cards can be moved across lists. Trello boards have no limit to the number of lists you can create, and they can be arranged however desired.

Here is a simple example if a basic but highly effective list setup for a board:

To Do List: 

To Do, Doing, and Done (where cards all start in the “To Do” list and make their way to the “Done” list)

However please remember this: If you have very unique needs, Trello is entirely customizable, so you can name your lists anything you like! Whether it’s a basic schedule, a sales chart, a monthly calendar, or a project management Gantt Chart, the thing that matters the most is establishing a workflow for the way your team works.


3. Trello Cards - The Trello Card is the fundamental unit of a board.

Use Trello Cards whenever Cards you want to represent your tasks and ideas. A card can be something that needs to get done at a future time; for instance, say you need to remind yourself to write a blog post, or something else needs to be remembered, like your company mission statement or special event coming soon.

All you will need to do is click “Add a card…” at the bottom of every list. This action will create a new card, and also will give the card you created a name like “Pick up the dirty laundry” or “Create a You Tube video.”

All Trello Cards can be customized to contain a wide variety of useful information when clicking on them. You can also drag ‘n drop cards across lists to show how progress is going.

Remember: There is no limit to the quantity of cards you can add to a Trello board.


4. Trello Menu – The Trello Menu is on the right side of your Trello board. Your Trello Menu is the Mission Control Center of your board.

You can clearly see all of the activity that has taken place on a board in the menu’s activity feed. The menu is also a place where you manage members settings, control settings, filter cards settings, and where you can enable Power-Ups. Take an ample amount of time to check out and study everything setting the menu has to offer.

Trello is on time

It sure sounds really simple, doesn’t it?

So let’s get started where I will show you how to create your 1st Trello Board.

However, before you do this, you might want to first think of a project or a goal you want to work on.

Trello Reviews to create your first board

Trello Reviews: Create Your First Trello Board

Trello Boards are where great work happens. This is the place where your information is shared and your projects get organized.

These Boards give everyone a crystal clear and shared perspective on what work is getting done and what still needs to get done.

Boards are made up of lists and cards. Lists most often represent a workflow or process. Cards most often represent tasks, and they move across these lists to completion.

Let’s now create our 1st Trello Board, it’s really easy! Let's break it down:

  • Create A Trello Board
    1. From the team’s Trello Boards tab, in the Trello header directly to the left of your name click “Create new board” or click the plus button (+), and select “Create Board.”
    2. Name the Trello Board with a relevant name to whatever project you are working on.
    3. (Don’t forget: It can be anything from organizing an event to managing a blog, to tracking sales leads or planning that much needed trip away on vacation.)

  • Add Trello Lists
    1. Click "Add a list". This will add your first list to your board, such as a "To Do." List
    2. Trello List names can be as easy as steps like “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” or as detailed as needed for the work you are doing.
    3. Don’t forget to add as many lists to your board as you feel you need.
  • Add Trello Cards
    1. You should add Trello Cards for each task that needs to be completed by clicking “Add A Card” in the first list. The best advice is to keep your Trello card and list titles short and simple to make it easier to later scan and see the status of each card on the board.
    2. Click on Trello Cards to add more information and for everyone to gain a sharper understanding of what still needs to get done, such as:

Due dates





My Tip of the Day: Trello makes exporting easy. Simply add Trello Cards to a board in bulk from a list or spreadsheet by copying the list and pasting it into a new Trello card. Trello will automatically update by turning each line-separated item into a new Trello Card, and you can get rid of those old tools forever!

Trello Reviews to invite new members

Trello Reviews: Invite New Members

You can easily invite members to your board so that they can be assigned to tasks and collaborate on your board.

Simply click “Invite” in the board’s menu and select the members of your team to add to your board, or invite members by their email address or name.

You can get an easy-to-share invite link to your Trello board at the bottom of the Invite menu.

By simply dropping the special link in a chat room or email, anyone with the link will be able to join your board and start collaborating.

Trello Privacy

Trello Board Privacy & Visibility

  1. There are three privacy settings on Trello Boards: Private, Team Visible, and Public:

Who can see it?

Great for...


People you invite

for HR boards with sensitive information

Team Visible

Members of your team

for collaborating with colleagues



for product roadmaps or volunteer groups

  1. You can change the visibility of a board by clicking the current visibility status to the right of a board’s name.
  2. Team Boards make it easier for everyone you work and collaborate together. For boards that have no business being a Team Board, click the team name, then "Change Team," and set the board’s team to None.
Trello Conclusion 2019

Conclusion 2019:  Give Trello a Try

Give Trello a try….and see if you like it!

Here is the link.

You can try Trello for FREE here.

Thank You for reading our Trello Reviews 2019.

Please feel free to make comments below.

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  • Monica Bouteiller says:


    I’ve been using Google Docs for years, but lately, I was wondering if there was something better. I was just in the middle of researching Trello…

    If I can communicate with other people and add comments and replies, that would definitely help in my line of work.

    The Trello Cards is another feature I can definitely use, I would use it as my to-do list.

    $10 a month for the Business Plan is pretty decent too. Which plan are you using?

    Thanks, I’m going to give the free one a try.

    • Kaju says:

      Give a try Monica. I use the FREE plan which is good enough for me, but for $10 per month you get te Premium plan and a great “bang for your buck”! Thanks for sharing:)

  • Cheryl Brown says:

    Thanks so much for this as I had forgotten all about it. I did set it up and then forgot all about using it. I will now go back and use this properly. I remember you saying about it when you first came across it. It looked so good.

    • Kaju says:

      Trello is a great organizational tool and easy to setup and use. Definitely use it, I am sure you will like it Cheryl!

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