Meet the Future of Hologram Technology

Meet the Future of Hologram Technology

Meet the future of Hologram Technology.

Science fiction television say of it no more!

We are off to the holodeck to see the future.


The future of Hologram Technology is here.

For the future is right here today.

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What are 3D Holograms?

What are 3D Holograms?

3D Holograms are photographic recordings of three-dimensional scenes. Differing from a camera, which captures only one single view through a small aperture focused by a lens, 3D holograms capture an entire light field which allows them to recreate the actual 3D scene.

Past shimmery 2D projections produced by the entertainment industry, such as the now famous pre-recorded 1995 “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion of Tupac rapping with Snoop Dog, are often confused with 3D holograms.  But they are not.

Hermes Carre Club

The Hermes Carre’ Club Exhibition

Recently we visited the new pop-up hosted by Hermes Carre' Club, the company known for making colorful fashionable scarves, and witnessed some amazing new holographic brilliance.

No doubt, this FREE and colorful event was the rage in Meatpacking over the weekend, as this pop-up only lasted over a three day period.

By the way, pop up clothing stores and pop up store design are both great niches if anyone wants to explore further into them.

A scrolling fabric printer at Hermes

There were all sorts of Fun and FREE eye-candy and activities to see and participate in, such as the scrolling fabric printer, and upstairs an awesome FREE coffee bar where adjacent it, a performer entertained the thirsty crowd from a neon light stage.

And the colorful neon karaoke booth.

Karaoke Booth at Hermes Carre Club exhibition

These were the cool holographic portraits that were displayed during the Hermes event.

The idea of optical holography provides a revolutionary method for recording and displaying the 3D amplitude and phase of an optical wave coming from an object of interest. Without the use of 3D glasses

the future of Hologram Technology vs, the current cool holographic portraits

Yet even the cool holographic portraits from the Hermes compare nothing to some of the most advanced work on the cutting-edge of holography that is being produced today.

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Meet the future of Hologram Technology

The Newest Holograms: Meet the Future of Hologram Technology

What we have already seen as demonstrated in the Hermes Carre' Club exhibition is quite impressive.

The newest cutting edge holograms, which are 3D images produced by optical waves on a screen and in more advance forms can float in mid-air as previously popularized and thought to only exist in Science Fiction, are now HERE - and they are simply amazing!

Light Field Display Holograms

3D Holograms in amusement parks

Holograms of this type you may have already seen at the big amusement parks. The old way to produce them was to have a round mirror projected 3D image from the right angle.

Now researchers have created these holograms using advancements in LCD screens to create new holographic machines, machines which now send 32 views of a particular scene simultaneously towards a designated direction. They are becoming more advanced by the day.

The process described creates a “field of light” of a scene that occupies the same physical volume that the real object would have taken up. A depth-sensing camera working in tandem allows a user to interact with the hologram just like they might with a real object or touchscreen.

Digital Holographic Tabletop

the future of Hologram Technology is digital holographic desktop

For those who are fans of the Marvel film series “The Avengers”, Tony Stark’s world of holographic tables is still decades ahead of our current technology. However, recently a team from South Korea made an important contribution in that realm.

This South Korea team created the world’s first hologram capable of being viewed simultaneously in 360 degrees. The team used a high-speed rotating mirror display, and a series of multi-colored, high powered lasers that could be built into a tabletop.

Table Holograms

the future of Hologram Technology is table holograms

There are very cool table holograms available right now that are not true 3D holograms like the Digital Holographic Tabletop previously mentioned.

One such is the Euclideon Hologram Table, which is an immersive, multi-user system that coordinates atoms of light with an astounding algorithm that can handle 1 Terabyte of graphics data. The end result is the creation of stunning visuals.

The second such similar table hologram product is the Hololamp, which is the first glasses-free hologram table. The Hololamp creates a flat surface projection that can be manually manipulated by a motion tracking scanning camera. It is very user-friendly, but is not as impressive looking as the Euclideon Hologram Table.

3D Volumetric Technology

the future of Hologram Technology is 3D Volumetric Technology

Volumetric holograms are the most impressive looking current holographic technology. This new technology uses an ultra-high-speed digital light engine and a highly-optimized volume rendering engine to project over half a billion points of light into a volumetric space every second. One such volumetric hologram is as seen above the Voxon 3D Volumetric Display.

There are thousands of cross-sections of a digital image that are synchronously projected onto a specially designed high-speed reciprocating screen. Photons of light that hit the screen are diffused and form a physical cross-sectional image at precisely the right place in physical space.

Without using 3D glasses, through this incredible process our eyes are tricked into blending those layers together into 1 single, 3D image.

Fairy Light

the future of Hologram Technology is Fairy Light focused femtosecond lasers

Here is one of the most exciting developments in holographic technology ever. Digital Nature Group researchers have found a way to create three-dimensional, interactive holograms comprised of tiny points of light plasma called voxels.

It is now possible to create 3D images with resolutions up to 200,000 dots per second. The miracle of this process lies is in using femtosecond lasers (a femtosecond is a quadrillionth of a second, and the lasers transmit bursts that last 30 to 270 femtoseconds).

However the most exciting breakthrough is that these holograms are actually tangible—they holograms that can be FELT when touched! Since the plasma bursts are so fast, you will not get burned if you touch them.

But what exactly does this highly tangible modern miracle of modern science—light bursting to life in brilliant images—actually feel like? According to the team’s principal investigator Yoichi Ochiai, it feels like sandpaper.

There is still a great deal of work to be done with focused femtosecond lasers. But Fairy Light is a real world case of science fiction turning into reality!

Conclusion for the future of Hologram Technology

Conclusion: The Future of Hologram Technology

We ended our FUN Sunday excursion to the Hermes pop-up event with our personal favorite - the Special Photo Op GIF Booth, where a high tech camera took a special action shot of us, and turned it into a .gif.

This was all a pretty cool 2-hour event and nice getaway all for FREE!

Providing a glimpse to the future

It provided us all but a glimpse into the future of hologram technology.  However, the latest creations are only a fragment of the holographic technology on the horizon.

There will be exciting times ahead as we head off to the holodeck!

Off to the Holodeck!

What do you think is the future of hologram technology?

Please feel free to offer your insights below.

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