Meet Kaju Your AirBnB Experience Host

Meet Kaju Your AirBnB Experience Host!

Hi Ladies and Gents!  Thank You for joining me on “Karaoke Pub Crawl”, a most unique 3-hour Tour of the Big Apple created by Yours Truly, your very own AirBnB Experience Host Kaju.

As my guests, you will experience some “hidden gems” through the lens of a rarely seen NYC Karaoke scene.


Not only will this be a fascinating cultural experience, Get Ready for a Slammin’ Good Time!

Whether you are just visiting the Big Apple for the first time or are a long-time New Yorker, I guarantee you this will be a Truly One-of-a-Kind New York experience!

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Karaoke Pub Crawl:  My Review Summary

Tour Name:  Karaoke Pub Crawl

Founder:  Kaju Roberto

Type:  Interactive Entertaiment, Karaoke Walking Tour

What Is It:  An Interactive Cultural Guided Tour of the Best Kept Secret Hidden Gem Karaoke Spots in New York City by the Founder - a true New Yorker, pro musician, and local Karaoke Celebrity.

Created by:  Kaju Roberto, your Host and the Founder

Platform:  AirBnB Experiences

Price: $65 per person

Duration of Tour:  3 Hours 

Scheduled Dates/ Times: TBD. Check with AirBnB Experiences. 


  • One Complimentary Drink per Guest. We recommend the House Special sake, but each guest can choose any drink up to a $12 limit. 
  • One Complimentary Song Ticket per Guest for those who want to sing karaoke in front of a Live Audience.

Best For:  Anyone who Loves to Sing, and to experience true New York City culture

Summary: This is a true one-of-a-kind New York City Interactive Experience. Whether you love to sing, or only want to experience the karaoke street culture of NYC through off the beaten path places, Get Ready for a Slammin' Good Time!

Rating: 90 out of 100

Recommended: Yes

AirBnB Experience Host Kaju performing at Pulse

About Your AirBnB Experience Host

I am a true New Yorker, pro musician, and local Karaoke Celebrity and Regional Winner who appeared on ABC-TV’s “Karaoke Battle USA” and was interviewed on “ABC Nightline.”

And I know all the BEST Karaoke spots in NYC, as I have been singing (and crashing) all of them for over a decade!

How do you think I landed a spot on “Karaoke Battle USA”?

Karaoke Battle USA on ABC-TV, where Kaju was a performer

Not only am I a local karaoke celebrity and regional winner who has appeared on ABC-TV, I am a true authority on karaoke pub crawling – I once won 23 FREE Drinks and broke the machine (and the local K-Bar!).

Before becoming an affiliate marketer as a side hustle, my career had always been in live music. For 20+ years, I was a band leader and guitarist performing at over 1500 events. I’ve traveled the world and visited many different countries, and everywhere I’ve gone from Tibet, to Singapore, to Bora Bora, to China, to Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, and to Italy I have made it my business to perform onstage with some of the best local musicians.

Performing music and entertaining has always been my passion throughout my life. Oddly I’ve always considered myself a guitarist and NOT a singer, until that night I won 23 Free Drinks at the local K-Bar!

Now I live to show others the truly “hidden gems” of New York City urban culture – so join me on this karaoke pub crawl!

Where the AirBnB Experience Host will take you

Where Your AirBnB Experience Host Will Take You

Ever wanted to Take a Guided Tour of the Best Karaoke Hotspots in New York City?

Or to sing in front of a live audience? Or maybe you always wanted to but somehow convinced yourself you couldn’t get up the nerve?

Every week we will “crawl” 2-3 different Great karaoke pubs in New York City.

Our Guests from the group can choose to participate in the live performance by singing a song at one of the venues.

We will film Live FOOTAGE during each crawl, and will select clips at our own discretion to be featured every week on our Hot New You Tube series by the same name "Karaoke Pub Crawl.”

Video Filming of the Tour

No worries though. If you absolutely don’t want to be seen on camera, just let us know and we won’t film you.

Those lucky ones who do sing might be chosen to be featured on our next show. That could be you!

What we will do on the Karaoke Tour

From AirBnB Experience Host: Here Is What We Will Do

There is a certain wanderlust aspect to this truly one-of-a-kind experience, even for those who are just coming along for “the ride” as a spectator.

On any given week, we may be visiting karaoke spots in three of the 5 Boroughs of New York City: although our focus will be primarily Manhattan, there will be some weeks we will be traveling to hidden spots in Queens and Brooklyn.

In the interest of time once we get to our destination, we will “crawl” 2-3 spots during the tour in close walking proximity to each other.

Singing on Stage

As we travel from one spot to the next, I will run down a brief history of NYC karaoke, and discuss how it was exported to NYC from Japan and has evolved over the years.

Not only will this be pure singing entertainment, for those who really want to experience a hidden New York City charm seldom seen and to get a true taste of some off the beaten path neighborhoods, on certain weeks we will be taking the NYC subway or other public transportation to some outer borough karaoke destinations.

Every week at least 48 hours in advance I will post the area in NYC that we will be visiting on our “crawl”. But the karaoke destinations will remain a surprise!

Our Meeting Location

Our Meeting Location

Our meeting location will be a central location in Manhattan that will be easily accessible to everyone. Here we will also collect tickets. This meeting location will be posted on AirBnB Experience website, and you will receive a confirmation email upon your ticket purchase.

There will only be a 15-minute grace period; so it is your responsibility to be there on time.

AirBnB Experience Host will tke you to experience the full gamut of pubs and karaoke venues

No doubt you will experience the full “gamut” of karaoke pubs, from the modern with state of the art equipment, to the hidden gems, to trendy spots, to the ones in K-Town, to the ones in some outer borough ethnic neighborhoods, and even karaoke in some occasional “dive bars” with of their own special charms.

All will have their own unique characteristics, but we will only select ones that are safe and offer a true quality experience.

What the AirBnB Experience Host will provide

Here Is What I Will Provide

  • One Complimentary Drink per Guest. We recommend the House Special sake, but each guest can choose any drink up to a $12 limit. 
  • One Complimentary Song Ticket per Guest for those who want to sing karaoke in front of a Live Audience. 

Food and all other drinks are available (not included in the ticket price)

What You are Expected to Bring

Here Is What You Should Bring

Here is the list of items that I highly recommend that you bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes, as we may walk up to 10 blocks ( 1/2 mile) at times between destinations.
  • Although there is no dress code, please dress appropriately for all weather conditions i.e., bring an umbrella for rain, cool clothing for summer, and layers for cold / damp weather.
  • Bring cash and/ or credit card for food, drinks, and gratuities for bartenders.
  • You must bring valid ID as the minimum age requirement is 18 years
AirBnB Experience Host, Final Notes to Remember

In Closing, Some Final Notes

Each tour will last 3 Hours. The final start time, schedule, and place is still TBD.

At the start of each tour, we will definitely meet at an ideal public place that provides shelter. Here we will also collect tickets.

There will only be a 15-minute grace period from the start time to arrive. After this short period we must leave; so it is everyone's responsibility to be there on time.

For all other information, please check the AirBnB Experiences website for New York City under “Karaoke Pub Crawl.”

Thank You Ladies and Gents.

Your friendly AirBnB Experience Host looks forward to meeting you!

About the Author

KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!

  • Cheryl Brown says:

    Can I say, I really do wish I lived in NYC. All these great things that happen are great and always sound so inviting. I love the idea of this, even though I can’t sing and would never get up, I do enjoy watching other people singing and I normally just sing along in the back ground.

    This is a great thing to do and I hope that lots of people take up the advantage of being able to participate in such a great idea. I know that when I come back to NYC at some point I will definitely be interested to join you on a Karaoke Pub Crawl.

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