Write Blog Post Make Money

Write Blog Post Make Money

Can we oversimplify by stating to ourselves “write blog post make money” and the money will eventually come? Even by flooding content?

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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I've noticed that there are many writers who are "flooding" content onto their websites.
What do I mean by flooding content?


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write blog post make money can be stopped by flooding content

Flooding Content

I mean when someone posts 20 reviews. blog posts, or any combination of both on their website all in one single day.

Now I am not going to reveal the identity of any person. I believe everyone must follow their own posting strategy. This is an inquiry to a curiosity that I have taken notice to which has intrigued me as I have been viewing several independent sites in the MMO niche.

write blog post make money if you publish 20 blog posts in one day?

20 Different Posts Published in One Day

Recently, one member of my group published 20 unique reviews on their MMO website all in one day.

They also posted an average of 6 reviews or blog posts per day over an extended period over the past 4 months.

Apparently, their website only was first completed in late January 2019.

Now I am not at all insinuating this is not original content (or duplicate content), but it definitely appears to be a large amount of accumulated content that was written and stored away (like in Word Files) over a much longer period over time, possibly for many weeks,or even months.

Is it possible to write 20 posts in one day?

Is It Possible to Write This Amount in One Day?

Is it possible? Or would it be simply impossible for one person to write and create this much content in one day plus they have also created videos within much of that content?

Completing 2-3 unique high quality posts of 2000-3000 words would be the maximum a blogger could write in one day, even for someone who is prolific

If they were doing it right.

Remember there is also quite a bit of research involved for each unique post. That is keyword research, search engine research, and other research.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

Even if all the research was done beforehand, there is writing the actual content, posting images, optimizing images, posting videos, SEO, etc, etc.

Here Are My Questions:

  • What if any is the advantage in employing this "20 posts in one day" content publishing strategy?
  • Who came up with this publishing strategy? Is there a major known influencer out there who is touting this strategy?
  • Is this even an acceptable practice?
  • Wouldn't the Search Engines penalize you for "flooding" this much content (20 posts in one day) onto them all in one day?
  • Is this a good strategy, period?
What my intuition tells me about write blog post make money

Write Blog Post Make Money: What My Intuition Tells Me

Even if this does not violate any rules in the Search Engines (primarily Google, Yahoo, and BIng), my intuition is telling me this is not a good practice.

I believe if someone is accumulating lots of content they have created over a long period of time, then that content should be posted on a daily basis on their website and stretched out over a much longer period of time.

I don't believe that flooding your website with pre-created content - that is by publishing more than 2 unique posts or reviews per day - on your website is a good SEO strategy.

Here is a wonderful university that you can try for FREE that will teach you these strong SEO strategies. 

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

 But I could be wrong.

What do you think? 

Regardless of how much content you “flood” on your website, will you always be able to simply say that you can write blog post make money?

Comments from my community on creating content

The Results Revealed by Comments from Our Community

Here were the results from x of our wonderful internet marketers when they were asked. The answers were quite informative as well as revealing:

Interesting question. I can't see how someone could write that much "original" content themselves unless it was tucked away already written or outside writers contributed that much content all at once. It is also possible this person could have had all this content on another website, closed shop on that site, created a new site and re-branded themselves using their original content from the previous site?

Since I have never done that level of posting before I can't say how Google would respond. I do know social media, especially Facebook, would suspend your posting privileges if you tried to post that much original content all at once. (I saw it happen to a friend who posted a small handful of articles and they were all pointing back to content on her own website!)

It would seem that slow steady posting would be the recommended way to go. It would make the search engines and social media outlets happy. It would also show your visitors you are committed to bringing them regular reviews and information on a steady reliable basis. I know I would personally be leery if a site suddenly appeared overnight with a host of information ready to go. Could you trust It or might it appear to be a scamming site even? –

write blog post make money has been proven

I can, and have written 10,000 words a day in a single article. I am a slow typist. I can see how it would be very possible to do 20,000 words a day for a good typist. But if I add a guest post or 3 every day, I can easily see 30k to 40,000 words daily.

Why would this be bad? There is no reason to assume the search engines would not like it. The search engine checks your post when it's scanned to see if you have plagiarized. Why would it care how many articles you posted as long as they are all original? It's a machine, it doesn't care.

Then there is, of course, the all-too-common human failing, thinking that "If I can't do it, how can they?"
We are all guilty of this on occasion, so in this instance, we can just let it go and try and learn from it, especially since the person in question has now made it clear how she did this. – Anonymous

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

 It has been proven in many studies that it really doesn't matter if you post one a day or 100.
I have had times where I outsourced the writing of an ENTIRE WEBSITE. I'm talking 30 to 50 posts and POSTED THEM ALL THE SAME DAY.

Google no longer cares as much about the frequency in which we post onto our sites. The frequency and schedule that is preached in the training here is more for YOU AND I to stay consistent posting and getting better.

If i posted 2 articles a week for a year, at the end of the year, i will have 104 articles... that is GREAT. But if i have all 104 articles ready to go, I'm posting the vast majority of them right then and there or scheduling about half of them. That way I can just check the website in about 6 months to see where the traffic is. – Anonymous

I'm think this person has hired a writer or writers to do the work.
Then of course its a simple task to publish them all aziz after adding images and videos.
The more I think about it the more certain I am they hired people Kaju.

As for this practice frowned upon by the search engines.
I don't think so as the main ones do like to see quality content and if those articles are satisfying a need in the eyes of the search engines then good luck to them.

Of course they will have to keep it up and that might be a problem or expensive if they are paying people to write.- Anonymous

Can you write blog post make money? Now it's your turn

Write Blog Post Make Money? Now It's Your Turn

Do you think it’s as simple as write blog post make money?

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

Will flooding content on your website help you or hurt you?

Please feel free to leave your comments below, below, take up the entire page if you like!I'd like to hear some opinions here.

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