Why Keto Diet is Dangerous

Why Keto Diet is Dangerous

Here is one reason why keto diet is dangerous.

I have been on this diet, and it has some great benefits. However….

Friends, beware!


Particularly if you are blogging in the dieting niche. There are some trendy diets out there like the keto that are extremely dangerous especially for those who have a specific medical history .

This was not the post I was supposed to write tonight. I was planning to write a different post, but after hearing this true and tragic story tonight I thought this was a very important post to write.

A friend of mine in the medical field (who I will keep anonymous) told me a horrific story related to the reason why keto diet is dangerous, and I took this story as a foreboding warning.

why keto diet is dangerous

And what literally SCARED the be-jebbers out of me as I was once on this diet. The only saving grace is that I was strictly on the diet only for 2 months, then for several months I have not really been on the diet. And I've never taken dietary supplements.

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why keto diet is dangerous is a sad story

Why Keto Diet is Dangerous: A Sad Story

I will give you the gist of it, and not overcomplicate it with too many medical details.

My friend is a highly qualified and licensed EMT trainer who volunteers to take emergency calls in rural areas. She was called out with other EMT responders because they had received a call that a new mother had dropped to the floor, and was unresponsive. The mother was only 28 years old.

why keto diet is dangerous and milkd diabetes

During her recent pregnancy, the mother had only mild diabetes requiring diet control, which is common during pregnancies and usually not very serious.

She gave her emergency life-stabilizing drugs; however the young woman was not responding. When she drew her blood, the woman’s blood sugar was too high to measure accurately, and showed she was in ketoacidosis shock (a deadly complication of diabetics).

Anyone who is in ketoacidosis shock is in a dire life-threating situation, Ladies and Gents!

dietary pills

Her IV's fluids were changed to try and flush the acid levels down from her bloodstream. She was given insulin and then transported to the nearest Hospital. 

Not knowing why keto diet is dangerous will land you in the hospital

As of this morning, this 28-year old woman remains in critical condition and unresponsive. She appears to have permanent brain and kidney damage..

why keto diet is dangerous is a very sad story

Why Am I Telling You This Sad Story

This mother was following a website blogger about the currently trendy and controversially dangerous Keto diet. The 28-year old mother had all the Keto supplements in her bathroom cabinet when she was found. Her distraught husband on the scene further authenticated this.

These keto supplements helped pushed her further into diabetic shock.

The blogger she was following, had an affiliate link on their website to Amazon where these supplements were being sold. There was no warning on the site for diabetics, or about the drug’s inherent danger toward diabetics.

Mild postpartum diabetes causes tripping hazards

What happened to this mother, was she still had mild postpartum diabetes, that combined with her keto diet and supplements caused her to go into Ketoacidosis shock!

Indeed, the keto diet is dangerous when the you are a diabetic!

Complications of DKA

The doctors were over the top livid when they put the whole story together. They were literally cursing out website bloggers. Her husband showed my friend the 28-year old mother’s computer diet on the blogger’s site. He knew she was on the diet to lose her baby fat, but did not know all the facts about it.

Get on the scale

We will all pray for this unfortunate 28-year old mother who currently remains in critical condition, fighting for her life. The local community has already set up help for the father, but he has a long road to travel. Sadly, there is a strong possibility he will be raising a two-year-old and a 6-week old baby, all by himself.

Dirty supplements make a baby cry

Perhaps the site owner did not even know why keto diet is dangerous and how dangerous the dirty supplements they were selling was for diabetics. Well, they do now. My friend left them a comment they will not soon forget.

why keto diet is dangerous when using supplements

However, as of this morning, the site still had no warnings or disclaimers posted on it about the supplement’s danger to diabetics.

Better yet, if they truly care about the damage their irresponsible and dangerous blog had incurred, as an act of caring and contrition they will take down the website.

But I highly doubt it. They apparently do not want to acknowledge why keto diet is dangerous.

Calling out to Bloggers

Know Why Keto Is Dangerous: Calling Out To All Bloggers

I’m calling out URGENTLY to ALL you bloggers, particularly those who write articles in many of the dangerous dieting niches, and other healthy lifestyle niches.

This is yet another tragic example where a person will most likely die or worse, live out their lives in a total vegetative state. However, the warnings and precepts contained in this post hold true for ANY niche.

Sadly, this only further affirms the relevance and importance of the post I had written earlier this month.

If you haven’t read this important post yet, then I think you should read it.

Blog responsibly

I HOPE THIS POST serves as a dire warning to ALL of the consequences we may face every day as online affiliate marketers when we do not properly authenticate our blogging content, reviews, our privacy policies, our terms and conditions, and anything else we include on our site.

3 Keys to Safe Blogging

3 Key Principles for Safe Blogging

Here are 3 Key Principles we must implement to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of blog writing:

  • Bloggers need to understand what they are writing about. Period. If you don’t understand your product completely, you are not only wasting your time, but providing damaging information to your users.
  • Take the time to do better research. When you think you’ve done adequate research and know your product or service, you don’t know it well enough. Go back and do better research. Make sure you have learned and covered all the product’s nuances by including all the pros and cons about the product.
  • Be completely transparent in all of your content. Remember, we MUST always EDUCATE our readers on BOTH the good and especially BAD things about the product by including ALL important detailed warnings and disclaimers.

Call my examples extreme, and I will prove to you they are not.

These dangerous human errors and blatant mistruths are running rampant.

why keto diet is dangerous is always a hot topic

Thankfully, while I was on the keto diet I was not taking any additional dietary supplements to augment the diet. Are there (or were) other bloggers like me on this trendy keto diet?

I am almost certain there were. Like me, most did not realize why keto diet is dangerous.

But we are the lucky ones.

The tragic 28-year old woman was not.

We are lucky to know why keto diet is dangerous

Follow my prudent advice by applying the 3 steps I describe here.

Not only will you acting in the reader’s safety (and thus keeping both the reader and yourself from harm’s way), by including all of the above, the reader will respect you much so much more.

Be the authentic authority of keto

You will be an authentic authority.

I genuinely hope this message will hit home with you, folks.

I can't stop thinking about this tragedy.

Now that I know why keto diet is dangerous.

Thank You for listening, and I wish you luck out there.

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  • Mitch Crim says:

    Actually, I’m not sure what I’m commenting on, the Keto Diet blog, the Safe Blogging blog, or some other, unknown blog. Hopefully, it will work this time…

    • Kaju says:

      I believe you have already worked this all out by now for yourself Mitch, after seeing and relying to your other comments!

  • Stacy says:

    I really appreciate you communicating this information. I am in the health and fitness niche and have been involved in this industry for over 20 years. The blogging world can sometimes make my job difficult because they will push out information just to sell product without having the requisite experience. Their users become fans of their ideas not knowing that they are being unwittingly duped. I actually think that good things can come out of a keto diet done correctly and under the proper supervision. I do not believe that it should be a long-term strategy for the reasons mentioned above. Typically we transition clients from strict keto to a nutritional strategy of low carb/high fat especially in older folks who become incredibly carb sensitive as they age.

    • Kaju says:

      Thank You for your astute insights Stacy, they are well appreciated. The keto actually did good things for me while I was on it; I agree when done correctly under supervision it is a solid and effective choice, but I also agree it isn’t a long term strategy. I slowly “weened off” the diet into a more sensible low carb one.

      This article pertains most to those who have a history of diabetes as the 28 year-ols pregnant woman (really a double whammy)very , and how the keto diet can be dangerous under these conditions.

      Looking forward to reading more of your excellent articles on health and fitness.

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