What Is Business Process Consulting?

What Is Business Process Consulting?

What is business process consulting and why do we as business owners and entrepreneurs need it?

Business processes in place especially for new fledgling companies constantly need to be reevaluated and optimized.

As new business owners we often cannot discern the “forest from the trees” and we need an objective fresh set of eyes.


Business process consulting seeks to research and analyze the inefficiencies of current processes and systems a business has in place.

Once these flawed processes are identified, business process consulting seeks to make recommendations toward sequentially eliminating those flawed processes and practices with an eye to improving the overall efficiency of how the business runs.

What is Business Process Consulting addresses flawed business processes

A business process consultant is an unbiased external 3rd party professional that offers a business a fresh set of eyes to improve the way the business operates.

They are most often hired only on an as-needed basis.

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Focus on the process not the outcome

Focuses on Processes not Outcomes in “What is Business Process Consulting”  

Life is lived in the present, not the future, and happiness is a process, not a place.

Far too many fall into the trap of rating themselves and their performances solely on their outcomes. I must confess I used to be one of them.

This is flawed thinking and is a major challenge we as business owners must all overcome.

This concept equally holds true in our personal lives.

Happiness and satisfaction in one’s work is often very illusory.

What we think should make us happy will leads to our inevitable discontentment over and over again.

It’s time to change our thinking to bring greater contentment and happiness into our daily lives.

This is the very reason we need business process consulting.

Asking what is Business Process Consulting creates improvements

Knowing “What is Business Process Consulting” Creates Improvements  

Since business process consulting strives to identify more efficient ways to help a company run its processes, in doing so it is always seeking ways to eliminate those inefficiencies so work can flow more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Bottlenecks where work piles up in one area
  • Resources that are used inefficiently
  • Time that is used inefficiently
  • Processes that are redundant and can be eliminated
  • Processes that can be automated
  • Identifying incidences of errors that call for redoing parts of the process
  • Revealing physical layouts that increase time in completing the task
  • Identifying areas where there is poor internal communication
  • Identifying areas where a lack of accountability affect productivity

The business process consultant will report to upper management making his/her recommendations for improvement.

In most cases, a trial run will be setup to test before implementing the new process.

We judge ourselves on outcomes

We Judge Ourselves on Outcomes

Think about it. We constantly are judging ourselves and assigning our value to the world based on our outcomes.

We judge ourselves based on the place in the world we occupy, how many referrals we are getting, the commissions we earn monthly, how much traffic we are driving to our websites, how high we are ranking in the SERPs, did we win our pool match, etc. and so on and so on.

By default we tend to be results-focused, forward-looking, and goal-pursuing. Why?

Because we’re hard wired to be discontent with the present while striving for a better future.

Success can be measured

This is certainly understandable.

Results are much easier to measure and evaluate than processes. Since we know others judge us based on results, we tend to care way too much what others think.

However, the fact is if we focus our attention and effort less on the results we’re hoping for and more on the processes and techniques we plan to use, we will learn faster, become more successful, and be far happier with our outcomes.

Asking What is Business Process Consulting can lead to a path of greater happiness

A Path to Greater Happiness

In the long run things rarely turn out the way we expect them to.

If your happiness is strictly predicated by your success, and if your success is strictly predicated on a specific outcome, you are setting yourself up for a great likelihood of frustration and disappointment.

Instead let go of the need for any particular outcome, and you will increase your chances for success and contentment.

It’s fine to set goals and desire a certain outcome; just don’t make your happiness contingent on it. Stem your happiness from knowing that you gave every attempt your best effort.

This is truly a path to greater happiness.

And ironically more consistent successes.

John Wooden

John Wooden Teaches Us What is Business Process Consulting

Here is a great lesson in valuing processes over outcomes that we can learn from one of our most successful sports coaches.

The greatest and most winning college basketball coach in history, John Wooden never told his players they had to win. Not once.

What he told his players everyday was to be the best they can be. And the rest would take care of itself. Everyday.

Here are some great John Wooden quotes that apply:

“If there’s anything you could point out where I was a little different, it was the fact that I never mentioned winning.”- J. Wooden

“You can lose when you outscore somebody in a game. And you can win when you’re outscored.”- J. Wooden

“Just do the best you can. No one can do more than that.”- J. Wooden

“Never try to be better than someone else. Learn from others, and try to be the best you can be. Success is the by-product of that preparation.”- J. Wooden

John Wooden was all about processes, not outcomes. The outcomes were simply the byproducts of the processes he employed.

8 Steps to Focus on Processes

8 Steps to Take to Focus on Processes

Focusing on processes can be a very “difficult process” for anyone hard-wired on results, but with consistent practice this new mindset can be achieved to a point where we can thrive.

Here are 8 Steps to take to focus on processes over outcomes

  • Focus on the process with diligence and effortful study, then let the outcome take care of itself.
  • Bring awareness to your performance, either during or immediately after it, so you can learn to identify when bad results follow good processes, and vice-versa.
  • Don’t pursue the rewards directly, trust that they will come.
  • Rate yourself based on the effort, not the outcome.
  • Determine what your best effort would look like, and then unleash it.
  • Stop worrying about what others will think of your performance.
  • Don’t only try to win today, try to become a winner.
  • Be happier when your best effort results in defeat than when a weak effort results in victory.
Asking What is Business Process Consulting is a team effort

Just as in our own personal lives, focusing on constantly improving the most important processes in our businesses will produce greater efficiencies in our business.

Improving such efficiencies help us to deeply engage directly with our customers in the present.

Such engagement will only lead to knowing our customer’s needs better, resulting in a better customer experience, better customer-vendor relationships, more cost-effective driven solutions, greater company profitability, and greater company successes.

Defining What is Business Process Consulting requires cooperation

Conclusion: What is Business Process Consulting? 

So now you know what is business process consulting.

The more we as business owners and entrepreneurs focus on process over outcome, the more successful our businesses will become.

Furthermore, there’s no greater measure for success than attractiveness and confidence.

So next time you ask "What is Business Process Consulting", know that you have initiated your first step toward creating a more successful business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and for being highly engaged in the process.

As usual, all of your questions and comments will be most appreciated.

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  • Lynn says:

    This makes a lot of sense. Making sure your process is correct and fine-tuned will lead to better results and business process consulting can shine a light on things we either don’t know or didn’t think of.

    • Kaju says:

      Yes this is surely the case, we can uncover inefficiencies in our processes that lead to constant improvements Lynn, Particularly if we have the right business process consultant:)

  • Nicole says:

    very interesting info. i’m a marketer though, who makes some affiliate income….not sure this is something i really need.

    • Kaju says:

      One day maybe you will Nicole, if you do you know where to find it!
      Thanks and continued success in your affiliate marketing:)


  • Dawn says:

    This stuff sort of gives me a headache. How are you supposed to know if you really need this kind of thing or not? I’m looking into trying to make some money online, but not if it’s this complicated……

  • Kaju,

    I absolutely loved this post, in a sense is somewhat related to your other post about being an entrepreneur in which you had reminded us about potential missed opportunities if we just wait and plan for the elusive “perfect timing or conditions” to launch, whereas in the post at hand we focus more on process than on the outcome.

    Once one gets to read your blog posts, not only will he/she be better informed and experience personal growth but will also find your website as the well written, sourced and trusted hub for so many product reviews, online marketing strategies and programs.


    • Kaju says:

      Thank You so much for the wonderful compliments Gabriel. You are right, in many ways it is similar to my “entrepreneur” post, except the former focused on the pitfalls of vanity while the latter focuses on the great advantages of processes. That would be a dream to be able to attract a wide diversity of well-educated and informed readers to this well written, sourced and trusted hub.

      Let’s hope that one day this website will be recognized for its content, the same way you have honored it with your beautiful choice of words. Blessings!

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