What Causes Fear of Failure

What Causes Fear of Failure  (and how to overcome it)?

What causes fear of failure?

And what is the best way how to overcome it?

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

The first thing we must do is acknowledge that we are afraid to fail.


How often have we been afraid to go into the deep water where the sharks may be lurking?

How many times have we passed up the riskier shot that could win us game in lieu of the safer pass off to a team mate?

Have you ever had a strange unexplained fear of being watched by creepy clowns? 

What causes fear of failure? Clowns

Well, this also applies to starting an online business.

We know we are ready and capable to launch our business today, but we still make every excuse in the book to push the start date back.

What causes fear of failure? Insecurity

These are all the tell-tale signs of someone who is expecting to fail.

Acknowledge and understand you have the problem first, only then can you move on toward effectively correcting it.

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What causes fear of failure, 9 Negative Thoughts

What Causes Fear of Failure? 9 Negative Thoughts

Here are 9 negative thoughts commands in your brain for what causes fear of failure:

  • I am uncertain I can generate an online income
  • I don’t know what my new clients will expect of me
  • I am not sure I can meet the initial expenses for operating costs
  • I am not sure my new clients will listen to my advice
  • I am not sure I can operate alone and carry the weight of my decisions
  • I don’t know if I can meet demanding deadlines
  • I am not sure I can handle the daily stress of running my own business
  • I am uncertain I can keep my emotions in check
  • I am not sure this idea will take off

There will definitely be times when the fear of failure stemming from these negative thoughts will feel like it’s burning a hole through the back of your head.

Overcoming Thoughts

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Overcoming negative thoughts is a normal part of the entrepreneurial learning curve. After all, choosing entrepreneurship means you are choosing risk and acknowledging the chance that failure is a strong and definite possibility.

The pressure can be overwhelming, and until you can learn how to manage and contain the resulting anxiety, you need to prepare for an avalanche of gut-wrenching feelings that will immerse you in the early stages.

Overthinking your Plan

What Causes Fear of Failure: Overthinking Your Plan

Overthinking your plan is certainly what causes fear of failure.

Now I am not saying that you should not be making well-researched and informed decisions about your business by setting up a plan.  No way.

What I am saying is that once you spent an ample amount of time and have done all the solid hard work, there comes a time we should no longer overthink it.

This is now the time you must begin to taking consistent and massive actions on your plan

That’s why overthinking your business plan is what causes fear of failure.

Being an Entrepreneur

What Causes Fear of Failure: Being an Entrepreneur

Choosing to be an entrepreneur by itself also is what causes fear of failure.

Hey, I do get it.  I am still even going through it. .

You don’t ever want to work for a boss again in a traditional 9-5 job.

Living laptop lifestyle

In fact, you thirst for the freedom being a successful entrepreneur gives you. You love the idea that you can work while you travel anywhere around the world.

You have always had a dream of living the laptop lifestyle.

Bora Bora

And you know you can make any amount of money you desire if you put the work into it.

Congratulations!  You made a great decision in becoming an entrepreneur.

But never kid yourself into believing choosing entrepreneurship is a walk in the park. You can’t ignore it, nauseated sickness withstanding.

You need to be of the right mindset to succeed.

And you need to keep that mindset consistent.

But how do you do it?

Launch your business today

Launch Your Business Today

So here are 2 secrets of how to overcome your fear of failure.

It’s very simple yet it can be so hard.

Launch your business today. Don’t think too much about it.

Go LIVE as soon as you can so that you can learn more as soon as you can. Don't wait until your ‘baby’ looks really just right —put it out in front of people’s eyes, get it in people’s hands and LAUNCH.

That way you can learn from those customers quickly, get feedback and iterate.

Learn from your cutomers

Remember: there’s never a perfect time to launch. So just get your stuff out there. This is by far the fastest way to success.

Here’s why.

There is a true saying that goes something like this: our fears fester most through the planning stages. We tend to overthink everything until we are actually “in the game.”

I know this holds true for me.

Implement processes

But once we are IN that zone by having “skin in the game”, we are focused more on implementing those processes to successful outcomes.

Less time for fears, more time for focused actions.

Now I am not saying to not have your “house in order” before launching your business, definitely do so. Make sure you’ve completed the training, and have all the necessary parts in place.

But once this is done to completion, do not over analyze everything or question its state of readiness, you are set to go!

Do not push back the launch date.

Launching your business by taking consistent actions does not leave you time to overthink it.

That’s why launching your business is essential to overcoming those negative thought process which leads to fear of failure.

What causes fear of failure is not making lifestyle changes

Make Small Lifestyle Changes

Even making the smallest lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and be a contributing factor to your success.

Lifestyle changes lead to healthy living. Manage your emotions. Improve your nutrition. Stay hydrated.

Deep breathing

Learn deep breathing techniques, then exhale slowly with every breath. Do this as many times as needed. Read my articles on qigong and meditation. Find your right balance and your stress will be managed.

All of these lifestyle changes will set you up for the right mindset to succeed.

What causes fear of failure? The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Remember there’s never a perfect time to launch. The time is now.

So finish that one website, waste no time writing great niche-related keyword-rich content, and start posting there.

No matter how imperfect your first articles may feel to you. Just get your stuff out there.

Soon you will start getting real feedback from your viewers, and your business will improve the fastest way possible. By tweaking constantly and learning as you go.

Blast Off!

And this process in motion, is the best negative thoughts killer!

I hope this article has enlightened you as to what causes fear of failure, and how you can take control of it by launching your new business today.

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  • Mitch Crim says:

    Hey, Kaju.

    A very nice description of what can be expected when a business is first launched. I totally agree with the whole process. The conclusion, however, is where we differ.

    It’s been my experience that most people will not do the work necessary to see positive outcomes. Yet positive outcomes are assured as long as certain steps are taken. These are, of course, following the prescribed learning process, working on projects daily, and reaching out for help when things are not working.

    It is my opinion that most business fail right on the verge of success. The reason they won’t follow directions that have proven success track records is they fear success. Success is an unknown realm for virtually all who dream of it. It is also a barrier to those approaching it.

    I’m learning that success is a process and takes many forms. I’m honing the part of the process that will bode well when I begin working on my web sites again. Learning what I can do and what will make my business work is my success right now. Monetary will, without a doubt, follow.

    Thanks for allowing me to check out your site. There’s a lot here and a lot to absorb. As a sponge, I welcome everything that is happening right now.

    All the best,


    • Kaju says:

      You have provided some keen insights Mitch, Thank You for this highly thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis of why people will succeed and fail. I do agree with you that many people fear success, particularly when they are near it, and have to invest a good sum of money or raise capital. his is often a great barrier of entry.

      We are very fortunate to be in the affiliate marketing business where if we write engaging content, we can launch a business with virtually a small to zero dollar investment. Good luck with your honing and I am sure you will succeed once you begin working on your websites again.

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