Top 21 Secret Sauce Recipes for Online Marketing

Top 21 Secret Sauce Recipes for Online Marketing

Here are my Top 21 secret sauce recipes for learning how to succeed in online marketing.

I thought I would write this short impromptu post of My Top 21 List and beyond.


However, the truth of the matter is there really isn’t much of any secret sauce.

Top 21 secret sauce recipes, are they really secret?

Just Make Great Use of ALL the Good Traits you already possess. It definitely works when you learn to harness its provocative power.

If you genuinely enjoy helping others like I do, which is the cornerstone of achieving success here at WA and in all walks of life, then it’s likely already in your blood.

Thank You my friends for all that you have given me, and for inspiring me to learn from you.

Thank you for inspiring me to share my thoughts through writing every day.

As long as your intentions are sincere, you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Above all, be true to yourself.

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What;s inside the vault?

What’s Inside the Vault?

Now I I give you my Top 21 Secret Sauce Recipes for learning to succeed in online marketing.

Open this treasure trove, and you will learn to achieve greatest successes:

1. Enjoy helping others to succeed

2. Be genuinely interested in others

3. Give more than you receive

4. Write engaging content.

5. Do Great research.

6. Don’t leave comments unanswered.

7. Ask the right questions.

8. Inspire provocative discussions

9. Provide compelling answers that provoke more questions

10. Be open to a different point of view

11. Be generous by offering your services for free

12. Work on your stuff

13. Unplug yourself every day

14. Learn from the best.

15. Never stop learning

16 Share your secrets

17. Don’t spam

18. Make efficient use of your time

19. Always play by the rules

20. Don’t overthink, just take action.

21. And above all, have fun!

Top 21 secret sauce recipes, its all in the secret sauce

Top 21 Secret Sauce Recipes: Comments from Our Wonderful Worldwide Community

Here were some of the best comments we received from some of the 1.5 million members of our worldwide internet marketing community regarding the Top 21 Secret Recipes for learning online marketing success:

A good list. I believe everyone should have a hierarchy of values to live by. Everyones list is different, but should be written down. Your top 3, 15,20, 21 are in my list. – Anonymous

#5- It shouldn't. You should write in your own words and pull together different pieces of research to make it unique. Occasionally (like once every 20 blog posts lol), I directly take content (with permission) and incorporate it into a blog post and it hasn't caused issues yet..- Anonymous

Thank you for an excellent blog post again, I hear you 100%!

Incidentally, I noticed that one of your comments says, "Don't leave comments unanswered". I don't like to leave comments unanswered on this platform or anywhere else, come to that! THIS is the best way not to miss a comment here or anywhere! – Anonymous

Top 21 secret sauce recipes

21 Keys to a successful life. Thanks, Kaju.
Gonna have to print and post on my 'fridge so my kids can see this each day! – Anonymous

I love this post Kaju! So positive and uplifting. Like a breath of fresh air. Thank you! – Anonymous

Following those 21 things will make it very easy to succeed at anything and everything!!! – Anonymous


So, research is something that I may not be doing enough of, which could seriously be holding me back. Is having knowledge different from research, or is it the same? I just answered it. It's different. Thanks, Kaju.- Anonymous

What a great comprehensive list. Words of wisdom to live by - thank you! - Anonymous

That is a great post and you are absolutely right we need to follow those steps every day. - Anonymous

Great list, my friend, but I would add one more thing which is big with you: ability to get over things...:) – Anonymous

Those are all great Kaju and the last is one that is my favorite. 🙂 – Anonymous

1, 2, 3 and 21 are definitely my ones, especially 3. #20 is something that I am not guilty of doing but I do know some who always are guilty of it.You know I always give more than I receive lol. – Anoynmous

Great list ,Kaju. Especially #18 & #21. Thank you for the post.- Anonymous

Hey Kaju, You certainly have the above traits for sure. Me... well, here are mine...

#1 Enjoy helping others to succeed
#2 Be genuinely interested in others
#3 Give more than you receive

Me... ummmm...

#10 Be open to a different point of view
#18 Make efficient use of your time
#20 Don’t overthink, just take action. – Anonymous

I definitely need to work on #18 make efficient use of my time, and # 20 take action without overthinking.
Problem is, when I saw #21 asking me to have fun, and the beer, I forgot everything mentioned above. 🙂
Bottoms up, Kaju.- Anonymous

Great list, Kaju! #18 and #20 seem to be the most challenging for me. Wish me the best, my friend! – Anonymous

Ahh... #20 is one that I have to challenge myself with regularly.
Analysis of Paralysis

I remember reading a statement that procrastination stems from fear. I never heard that statement made before, but the more I thought of it, the more it made sense. Great list, Kaju! – Anonymous

Awww yes, Kaju, you must be very proud of what you have accomplished. You are a role model, one of a kind!!
I have to work on No. 18 and No. 20, indeed. Thanks for sharing the secrets hidden in the vault!!! – Anonymous

That's a great 'secret sauce', Kaju. And, following rule #16, you are sharing it. Thank you. – Anonymous

I really like your list, Kaju. Some of the points are easy to follow and to achieve whilst others can be more tricky and might require some practice - e.g. writing engaging content or making efficient use of your time. But I completely agree: if you master all of that, you can achieve your wildest dreams! – Anonymous

Great post Kaju. Short but straight to the point!!! Tried and True – Anonymous

Good list, I will take advantage of this post.- Anonymous

Top 21 secret sauce recipes, Conclusion

Conclusion: Top 21 Secret Sauce Recipes

*Note: For now, there is ONE more item I would like to add to this List, THANKS to the keen and perceptive mind of one of our commenters. She added the following to our list:

Be resilient - learn how to bounce back from setbacks

Yes, it definitely feels good. I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far. However, there is so much more to be done.

**UPDATE: Click on the following link for my answer to #20, which according to your comments was the Biggest Stumbling block here. This is unbelievable!!

How Does The 5 Second Rule Work

I hope this article and the great comments from our community has enlightened you to the Top 21 secret sauce recipes for learning how to succeed in online marketing.

Cheers To Your Wildest Dreams and Great Future Success!

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