The Great Bubble Tea Machine

The Great Bubble Tea Machine

What happens when a Great Bubble Tea Machine becomes an Instagram Hit?

YES you might’ve guessed it – with our great bubble tea machine, we unleash a new niche!

Recently my partner and I were invited as special guests to the Lab B Bubble Tea Exhibition located in SoHo.What a colorful and SUPER FUN event this was!


Please read this article to the end, as I have some INCREDIBLE SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS to share with everyone here.

More of the business end of things later.

Bubble Tea Machine Mascot

But FIRST since such another lovely weekend has come upon us, let’s start with some pure one-of-a-kind bubble tea fun!

The Fantastical World of Bubble Tea

This immersive bubble tea-themed exhibition was an Instagram-worthy event!

Bubble Tea Machine was an Instagram Hit

With its unique “Art Experience” featuring 5 bubble tea tasting stations, a “gigantic” bubble tea balloon, a bubble tea lab, a bubble tea ball pool, an augmented reality photo booth, and other assorted bubble tea paraphernalia, Lab B was a bubble tea-lovers paradise!

The long-lines to sample this most popular drink were crazy!!

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The essence of Bubble Tea

The Essence of Bubble Tea

For those unfamiliar with this most delicious Taiwanese culinary export popularized as a tapioca sweet concoction desert drink, bubble tea comes in many flavors, the most popular flavor being the black bubble milk tea, which is actually black tea milky sweet with tapioca balls the size of peas inside the tea which are called "bubbles" that give the tea added sweetness.

Here, let me give you a brief education in the history of bubble tea with the following infographic – there I did it!

history of bubble tea

After standing on various lines trying different flavored bubble teas from different vendors, we were then allowed to try our hand at making our own custom sweet bubble tea concoction.

Inside some of these flavored bubble teas were special super-charged tapioca balls called bursting boba balls that when consumed explode inside your mouth with delicious sweetness!

bursting boba balls

But this is only where the FUN really begins….

Great Bubble Tea Machine,

Inside the Bubble Tea Pool

Here we are inside the bubble tea ball pool, and I was quite shocked when a total stranger took hold of my partner’s phone camera and decided to take this picture of us.

Someone didn’t like my sour face, and when I had my back turned pushed me down inside the pool - and suddenly I was covered in tapioca balls and gasping for air!

Gasping for air inside the boba pool!

Enough of this!

Off we go now, to the bubble tea laboratory like the mad scientists we are to make our own custom bubble-tea concoctions!

Bubble tea laboratory

Check out this fancy lab equipment we used.

Fancy lab equipment

Certainly worthy of any “Nutty Professor”!

The Nutty Professor

Hey, who’s this guy?

Our official "Coco" bubble tea ALIEN mascot!

Bubble Tea Machine Alien Mascot

BTW, don't you LOVE my NEW cute and cuddly “Formosa” Bear"!

Bubble Tea Machine Formosa Bear

And let's not forget our “gigantic” bubble tea balloon!

(folding this up and taking this home wasn't easy!)

Bubble Tea Machine Inflatable

At last, this LIMITED EDITION card makes it official.....

My Lab Card

I don't care - just GIVE ME MY BUBBLE TEA now!!!

(while waiting in line for my delicious custom bubble tea concoction)

Comments from our Community Drinkers

The Great Bubble Tea Machine: Comments from Our Wonderful Community Drinkers

People love the great bubble tea machine. There were some very passionate comments, I can even tell by the harsh criticism, peeps take their bubble tea seriously. And it’s such a super FUN niche.

Here were some comments from our Community of Bubble Tea Enthusiasts:

Kaju WOW! What a journey! Incredible visual trek through something that is beyond my imagination! That displayed all learning types Visual auditory kinesthetic! – Anonymous

This is very interesting... as a matter of fact, I have tried Bubble Tea and it is very uummmm delicious indeed! Of course, I'm a tapioca fan too. Yikes! So much for my diet, more bootcamp workouts required! That is a wonderful niche. – Anonymous

We need to put the two of you in a jar to keep on a shelf so that if ever we feel down, we open it up and out you both pop with your bubbles....full of glee and smiling. Could you be any cuter? What a fun day this looked like. Never lose that joie de vivre you have, Kaju. It is infectious. Congratulations on the Instagram Instant success, too! What a doll! – Anonymous

I believe this fad got started in Japan like so many things! – Anonymous

Taiwan actually. - Anonymous

If you do enter this niche, make sure you get the names of the tapioca balls right. They’re not bubbles, they’re pearls. The mandarin word for bubble tea is “zhenzu nai cha” - pearl milk tea. Bubble tea can refer to any frothy tea really. There are other types of tea in Taiwan called “pao mo cha” which literally translates as bubble tea, but somewhere over the years people translated it wrong and generally zhenzu nai cha gets called bubble tea in English, even though it was originally, and still should be called Pearl Tea. Either way, the tapioca balls are still called pearls 😉

So if you want a controversial topic for your first blog post, there you go.- Anonymous

(On that last comment – OUCH!!)

Bubble Tea Machine, a Hot Niche!

A Hot Niche, I Knew It!

Somehow I just knew it - that bubble tea would be a HOT niche to write about, and that this NEW topic would be screaming great keywords!

So after the event when I arrived back home, I went directly to Jaaxy my almighty keyword research tool, and did my usual diligent keyword research on what I thought would be some great bubble tea phrases to use for future blog posts.

Shocked in the Bubble tea pool

Low and behold, here were some GREAT ones that I found:

Milk Bubble Tea

100   17   133    94   Great!

Bubble Milk Tea

256   44   88   93   Great!

Bubble Tea Café

82   14   88   93   Great!

Bursting Bobba Balls

64   11   40   96   Great!

Absolutely amazing!

I want to be a new Ambassador for Bubble tea, I LOVE it so much!

Bubble Tea Machine Million Dollar Shot

The Million-Dollar Shot

Wow! I’m so excited I need to go off and write about bubble tea now!

One last thing before I go.

I couldn’t leave you without posting this “Million Dollar Shot.”


This is the Million Dollar Shot from Bubble Tea Event

It is one of my partner and it happened quite unexpectedly while inside the Great Bubble Tea Pool, and it became an instant Instagram hit!

Immediately this brought her many instant Instagram likes and new instant Instagram followers!

There it is. And check this out!

Instant Instagram Likes

100   17   133   94    Great!

Instant Instagram Followers

256    44    88    93    Great!

See what I mean,

Great keyword ideas never stop!

I will be discussing these INCREDIBLE RESULTS in greater detail from the "Million Dollar Shot" in my next blog post.

flavors of bubble tea

Stay tuned!

Once you are part of the Great Bubble Tea Machine Instagram World, you will never want to return to the world of reality.

Thanks for exploring this wonderful and exciting New World by taking this fantastical bubble tea journey with me my dear friends, your new Ambassador of All that is Bubble Tea!

Please feel free to leave any whimsical comments below!

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