Speed Up Page Loading for Your Website

Speed Up Page Loading for Your Website

Do you want to speed up page loading for your website, so your site can go from 39 to 99 on the speedometer in less than 2 seconds?

But I’m now here to tell you I have found the answer. My Site Speeds are Blazing! 


Well Ladies and Gents, it has been quite some time.  Ah yes, how times have changed.

Not long ago there was a time when I was struggling to find an answer with my site speed, but I remained dogged about trying different experiments every single day until I managed to get one to work.  

An answer many have told me they have been long awaiting for.

I apologize for my inactivity even though I have been very busy and extremely preoccupied conducting my experiment on Site Speed based on my own exhaustive research.

Doing something I should have been doing much earlier during my involvement and development.

 Riding my bike,  learning WordPress, and building websites that run Super Fast!

Speed up page loading for your website to make your websites run superfast!

Are you ready to go from 39 to 99?

Get in the car, fasten your seat belt, and get ready to blast off!

I am now going to show you how to speed up page loading for your website.

Speed up page loading for your website with a stopwatch

Now I’m very excited to tell you it’s never too late.

I’ve been in the process of reestablishing a business I owned and successfully ran for 12 years involving commercial and residential interior design. A business I once loved doing.

Why I stopped doing it is quite complicated and really not important.

But what I am about to share with you is.

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I Built a Super Fast Website

I Built a Super-Fast Website!

Once upon a time not so long ago, this newbie on-a-budget “wet behind the ears” in WordPress novice decided to restart his once successful interior design business and realized he would first need to build a GREAT website to showcase his PAD - Past Awesome Design work.

Presentation is everything in an interior design site: your images sell your work. The designer needs to show superlative, crisp, and aesthetically pleasing images AND write great content. Content is king with an interior design business your images always come FIRST.

The main challenge would be to upload 211+ beautiful high resolution images to showcase my best designs, and to include a blog with lightning fast page loads.

This new interior design site would be a formidable challenge for even savvy web designers and internet-preneurs, let alone a technologically-challenged neophyte like myself. Not only would I have to sift through over 1200+ images I owned to find the best of the best to showcase, I would have to build the site to offer a superior user experience to my viewers.

A site of superlative speed.

At first I procrastinated terribly, even though I knew what had to get done. Procrastination only led me to post and comment more in online forums. Nothing was happening as no action was being taken.

Then one day I slapped myself in the face, and woke myself up!

Slapped in the Face!

Seriously though...

Over the next few months, I went back to school covering some of the various training (where I picked up some good basic information), and read several excellent posts from knowledgeable members in WordPress while exchanging information with some very helpful people in open-exchange communities.

But above all I began using Uncle Google constantly to conduct my own research on site optimization and speed. I wouldn’t stop until I cracked the code.

Then one day when thought I was ready, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get right to work.

Here is what I discovered.

The Arduous road to speed up page loading for your website

The Arduous Road to Lightning Fast Site Speed

After building an interior design site that looked GREAT requiring 24+ pages and over 211+ images, I was quickly deflated and immediately “fell off the cliff” one day when I tested my mobile page speed.

This was the awful deflating result:

Poor performance

Furthermore even more depressing were my Google Page Speed Insights for all 24+ pages of my site:

Google Page Insights, poor performance

However after conducting my own exhaustive research on site optimization and speed, and implementing ALL the necessary changes, my results were astounding.

Check out My New Google Page Speed Insights for 24+ pages after the changes:

Better Performance
Great performance for speed!

Speed up page loading for your website, what an amazing difference!

Speed Up Page Loading for your Website: What an Amazing Difference!

What an Amazing difference this has been!

As you can see after I made my changes, my Site Speeds were blazing!

Yet this is all still a work in progress for me.

As you know by some of my recent posts, I continue to ask questions and am getting answers from broad-based research concerning Page Speed and optimization from various knowledgeable sources,

This is leading me to uncovering novel ways to further improve my optimization and site speed for mobile and desktop. Hence, I am constantly experimenting with new tricks.

For now though, from what I have learned through this arduous learning process so far, I can certainly teach you how my speed went from 39 to 99.

Speed up page loading for your website, can you drive 39 to 99?

Speed Up Page Loading for your Website: Can You Drive 39 to 99?

Friends, they say the devil is in the details.

That's not your acceleration on the autobahn or any other normal fast highway. This photo will represent Page Speeds for your website!

Well, I decided that I should share this method that I discovered and give back something to my wonderful community of my readers.

So without further ado my loyal readers, here is your reward.

Watch my training for "Speed up page loading for your website"

Click on the link below and it will take you to my comprehensive step-by-step training on my turbo charge site speed method “How to Make My Site Load Faster”.


It’s truly amazing how a tinkerer like me was able to enhance the user experience by bringing a brand-spanking new interior design site’s pages from a turtle-crawling speed of 39 to lightning fast speeds of 99!

Go over to my training, and I hope you will soon be reaching break-neck speeds!

It has been my honor to share with you how to speed up page loading for your website.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment below.

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