Save Your Best Website Comment for Later

Save Your Best Website Comment for Later

Knowing I’d better save my best website comment for later is one thing.


Actually first acknowledging this problem, then following my own advice consistently by doing it is another. There was a time when it became a real addiction for me to answer comments immediately from my followers on every website and online forum.

Ever since I joined my great online community of over 1.5 million members, all has changed. Try out my community for Free, and you can receive 1-on-1 coaching from me and others in the community.


THIS is a BIG bad habit for me, and a habit once stopping that grated against every fiber in my being.

If you truly love sweets like me, it’s like wanting that Big Double Chocolate Chip Cookie now - but knowing you can’t have it!

saving my best website comment is like not taking that cookie

Those who truly know me, know that I always make it my business to answer every comment.

Heck, I LOVE answering comments on my blogs, other member’s posts, in PM’s, and over online forums.

And answering comments immediately in real-time as they pour into my notifications box.

saving my best website comment is like the cookie jar being locked

Well, this is a sad day Ladies and Gents, because that Cookie Jar is now locked!

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save my best website comment, my 2019 Golden Rule 4

Save Your Best Website Comment for Later: My 2019 Golden Rule #2

Therefore with undying bitter sweetness, here is My 2019 Golden Rule #2:

Thou Shall Not answer any Comments in Groups and online forums on any given day (unless it’s an emergency) until all of my personal online business planned for the day is completed.

In other words, answering comments can wait. This has been a big productivity killer for all of us at times in the past.

Better save my best website comment for later.

The detrimental effect to save my best website comment

The Detrimental Effect of NOT Saving Your Best Website Comment for Later

Anyone who knows me knows that in the past, I always made it my business to answer EVERY comment on WA from blog posts, PM’s, etc., ASAP as soon as I would see that comment appear in real-time in my email notifications.

This often would necessitate breaking away from my business-at-hand.

I really enjoyed doing this, as it provided a temporary break from the work I was doing.

Or so it seemed.

Confusion over answering comments

My mentor Jerry wrote an article recently about how he always used to answer comments immediately as they came into his notifications box, but recently due to his increased workload he had to stop this practice.

I must say I now have to agree with Jerry.

As tempting as it may be to answer any comments immediately, when you are very busy dealing with an increased workload and in the middle of important focused work for your business, this is a highly inefficient way to work.

I have found you can lose ½ an hour, an hour, and occasionally even more time.

Losing your time like pink sands of the hourglass

What is most damaging is that immediately answering comments creates a distraction, and it is a momentum killer.

You may try to convince yourself that the distraction is only temporary, but in reality most of the time you are just fooling yourself; because such answering of comments too often easily lead you away on a tangent.

save my best website comment for later

The most detrimental effect of all is that without realizing it, immediately answering comments will almost always cause you to lose that same degree of your previous focus.

Featured Comments in the Group

Save Your Best Website Comment for Later: Featured Comments from our Group

Here are some of the best comments we received about this topic from our awesome internet community of over 1.5 million worldwide members:

Thanks for this eye-opening post! I have the same habit to answer asap to all comments I will receive. I will need to work on that and focus on my work. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 – Anonymous

This is an awesome post for us new members as well. There is so much information on here that I find myself wanting to take it all in. This takes time though and that time unfortunately has come from applying myself in the training and delayed me in getting everything up and running. I've determined that I needed to shift my focus and get through my self-determined and set schedule of training before I can reward myself with all of the flavours (yes, I'm Canadian, lol)  of the site.

But it's very reassuring to know that people such as yourself, Jerry and all of the others, who likewise will need to take time to focus on their own sites will also continue to be committed to coming back and aiding us newbies with ours. – Anonymous

I hear you, you have to set your priorities straight otherwise you can quickly get lost.
Your online business has to come first and when you on your site nothing else should matter. 🙂 – Anonymous

My Golden Rule 2

I need to copy and paste this and put my name at the bottom. I too, have got too caught up in socializing and responding asap. So everyone, just add my name to the bottom of this post also. Thanks for saying what so many of us needed to hear and say ourselves. Love all of you, but I make my money at the end of the year. And now I have a new site that compliments my niche and that baby needs some nurturing. – Anonymous

Great tip that we could all benefit from if we want to increase our efficiency. – Anonymous

You are absolutely right. There comes a time, I think, in all of our online lives when we don't have enough time to do everything. It would probably be better for me if I did most of my post writing in the morning when I was really fresh. Instead, I do it in the afternoon. Will try changing and see if it works. - Anonymous

I've just written a short blog post which was inspired by your first blog post on the subject of golden rules! Going back to your post Kaju, I couldn't agree with you more and I know 100% what you're saying. There have been times when I have been writing a blog post and I don't finish it in one go, I know that when I start to write again, it is like starting from scratch as I have lost my thread and train of thought! This is extremely bad for productivity!

It's also the same thing about replying to comments, it's great, I love replying, I love trying to help people, but it's not always productive, unfortunately!

I'm going to move on to part three of your golden rules Kaju, have a great weekend.- Anonymous

Oh you are damn right, Kaju. Pardon me. Like what Jerry has shared.
I can understand as I also fell into the same ‘hole’. Spending hours after the midnight and turned in very early (am) Lol. It can be quite an interruption and distractions if you are on something else, say writing an article or building the website.
I’ve to learn to allocate a specific time to reply to messages and dedicate time slot on the business portion.
Thank you for sharing and advice, to remind me on time management and focus on priorities.- Anonymous

Great decision. Think about your success and focus on goals that will
really change your life. We will be patient and we will be happy to learn that you have
achieved your goals Great journey to your success!! – Anonymous

You are spot on. Thank you for bringing this to our attention as we build our business. We will follow your lead and thank you for not, not answering .lol – Anonymous

Super blog post and well-understood by many! ...
Yes, Ambassador K., a good number of us here have awoken and a better balance is needed in the juggle of activities in the air! Priorities! ... along with time management ... it's a process ....
All the best for a big, big successful 2019, cheerio – Anonymous

Despite saving my best website comment, I will never stop answering comments of others

I Will Never Stop Answering Comments, Or Helping Others

My Dear Friends, Tribesmen and Tribeswomen, this doesn’t mean I will EVER stop answering your comments.

Quite the contrary, I will still answer EVERY comment, and always help anyone who needs my assistance.

I am always here to serve

And I will never stop interacting with the great communities I continue to stay active in.

But for now this will have to wait until the end of the day or late at night, or whenever I finish any important work for my business that needs to be done.

Unless it is an absolute emergency.

But rest assured, every comment will be answered.

save my best website comment, and save valuable time

Get a Jump Straight Out of the Gate

Once again, there comes a time when we all need to make very important decisions. Hard decisions but rather necessary ones.

Decisions that can change our entire year.

Ones that can alter the arc of an online business’s momentum straight out of the start gate.

Jump straight out of the gate

Saving my best website comment for later will continue to be my modus operandi from here on out.

The immediate gratification from enjoying that delicious chocolate chip cookie NOW will have to be put on hold.

However, in delaying the process those sweets just got sweeter!

For the end of the Year.

Here’s to working more efficiently for the remainder of 2019!

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