Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas

I am going to use Pinterest home decorating ideas to demonstrate how amazing a business tool Pinterest actually is. 


Woww, what have I been missing!!

Since I created my first Pinterest account earlier this week, I’ve been absolutely intrigued by this social media platform.


Pinterest home decorating ideas with 4 Seasons Design Interiors

So this morning I woke up and covered a wonderful Pinterest training by Melyssa Griffin, a Pinterest expert who built here email list in 2 months from zero to over 8.000 subscribers, and in one year from 2,000 to 30,000 subscribers!

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Pinterest is a search engine

Pinterest is a Search Engine

Not only is Pinterest an amazing business tool, Pinterest is a search engine.

Actually, Pinterest is so much more a search engine than it is a social media platform. Keywords are its main driver, not hashtags.

  • Pinterest is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website
  • Use Pinterest like a search engine to attract the right audience
  • Growing your traffic can be done in months if you use Pinterest strategically

Let’s face the facts.

The majority of us are people who learn visually. It’s much easier to scan visual search results instead of a list of text links. As a result, naturally we connect faster.

For instance let’s take these real statistics:

  • Articles with images get 94% more total views.
  • 60% are more likely to contact a business when an image shows up in a search.
  • 67% say the quality of a product image is “very important” in purchasing a product.

Here’s another reason why we should be focusing on Pinterest.

We should be optimizing our content in a visual way, as this is the way the majority of us absorb and remember new information. So why are we spending so much time attempting to optimize on Google?

Pinterest home decorating ideas

The statistics I have listed above all lead down the path in one direction: if we want to get greater traffic and engagement back to our website, we must establish a clear visual connection with our potential buying customers

Pinterest is the best social media site to optimize and share visual content. Even though this post is titled “Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas”, no longer is Pinterest only a social site for DIY decorating ideas and arts and craft projects.

It has now become a highly targeted search engine to help anyone grow a business or blog.

Pinterest home decorating ideas constitutes a big family

Pinterest currently has an estimated 110 million active monthly users. With Pinterest growing exponentially abroad, the numbers are only getting higher.

When visitors come to Pinterest, they are searching for a product with a strong intent to buy. While doing a search on Pinterest, nearly 70% of all Pinterest users have bought an item or shopped and discovered a product that they would want to buy in the near future.

There are no other social sites that can claim this.

This is the main reason why Pinterest is a search engine.

Prepping for my Social Media Workshop

Prepping for My Special Appearance at a Social Media Gurus Workshop

Well, I am getting ready for Pinterest and Instagram guru Felicia Lin’s big social media workshop seminar at the Science Industry and Business Library NYC at 10:00am on Tuesday.

Felicia told me my new Pinterest account is going to be the “guinea pig” presentation example for the entire classroom!  

Pinterest seminar at SIBL

I have already volunteered to be the cameraman, go-for boy, coffee runner, and video tripod adjuster just as an excuse to get my front row seat to witness what I believe will be a very special closed classroom social media learning adventure!

My intention will be to use this unique opportunity to get everyone at Felicia’s seminar to participate in Pinterest home decorating ideas for my own “Take the Pinterest Challenge”!

Can’t wait!

I am really excited!

Pinterest home decorating ideas to Take the Pinterest Challenge!

Take the "Pinterest" Challenge

Let's have some Fun here!

Let’s Take the Pinterest Challenge!

With the Big Social Media Seminar presentation by Felicia Lin at SIBL NYC taking place only in a few short hours, I wanted to ask everyone's opinion and get an overall consensus on what your thoughts are about these 5 variant "pins" I am about to show you from my Pinterest account board.

Take a look at the following pins.

5 Reasons to Start Your Renovation today

Here are 5 variations of my main Pin "5 Reasons to Start Your Renovation Today" from my Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas board that will encompass only part of Felicia Lin's "guinea pig" presentation from my Pinterest account which will be included in my seminar workshop tomorrow morning.

Of the following 5 variations, in your opinion which single variation for “Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas” would have the most potential impact to drive traffic to a website?

Yellow Background with Black Text

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas: Yellow Background w/ Black Text

The Yellow background with Black text provides a sharp contract that immediately draws the attention of the eye. It is bright and calls out to you, and the black text over the Yellow background is highly readable even from a distance.

Black with Yellow Text

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas: Black Background w/ Yellow Text

The Black background with yellow text is my personal favorite.

The Yellow on black pops out at you in an instant. The stark black background to the bright yellow is such a strong contrast, I need to reach out and grab it. It is simply calling out to me, this yellow text over a stark black background. I can read this text from virtually anywhere.

Green with Blue Text

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas: Green Background w/ Blue Text

This might just be my least favorite. The black text with the Blue number highlights over this medium light green just isn’t calling to me.

However, I can certainly see how some may prefer this one, the color is quite feminine and if one prefers green is soothing on the eyes.

Yellow with Blue Text

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas: Yellow Background w/ Blue Text

I kinda like this one too. It is very calming to me, with the light blue number text over the bright yellow.

I can easily read the black main text over the yellow background, and it is simply much more soothing than the green background.

White with back text.

Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas: White Background w/ Blue Text

Here is a classic combination that I predict many people will select. It’s a white background with highly readable black main text.

The only alteration is the blue numerical text in the bold font, which pops out quite nicely.

Case studies have proven that the most identifiable and most readable color combination is classic black text over a white background. Let’s see what the jury will decide at Felicia’s special Pinterest and Instagram seminar tomorrow.

Pinterest home decorating ideas. follow the results tomorrow

Conclusion: The Results Will Follow Tomorrow

Please post your answers in the comment section below.

Your answers will be compared to what we gather from the seminar.

The answers for “Pinterest Home Decorating Ideas” will be posted after the seminar on my next post here at My Affiliate, which will based on a majority consensus from ALL the seminar attendees.

Pinterest home decorating ideas results will be on the next post

Note that the seminar attendees are all current small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your input and you will see the results tomorrow on the next post!

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  • Fran Kelso says:

    I’m so glad you are discussing Pinterest. I really like the platform; need to get busy and get some work done on my site. I’ve finally learned to make “rich pins” and want to get a bunch more done soon. Life has been getting in the way.

    I like the white background with black and blue printing. It’s good to see all the examples as you have done them. It gives a good idea of what to expect from the various colors. I believe I like the yellow and black one second-best.

    Will be looking forward to your comments on the seminar.

    • Kaju says:

      Good for you that you are using Pinterest Fran:) It’s great. Look out for my next post here where I will be revealing the RESULTS of the “Take the Pinterest Challenge!” It will be interesting comparing the TOP overall selections with your selection of the white background with black and blue printing!

  • Kelyee says:

    I like the black background with yellow writing much more than the rest. It’s funny how my favorite color is blue but when it’s on yellow it’s not calling to me at all.

    I have a question though. I have a Pinterest account from when it first started and I had about over 20k visits a month.

    After I signed up with a platform and the experts said to follow people in your niche.

    I did that and now a year later it’s down to only 1k visitors a month. That’s so depressing. Do you know what I did wrong?

    I followed a lot of people in my niche and now it’s… All my visitors are gone.

    • Kaju says:

      Look out for my next post here where I will be revealing the RESULTS of the “Take the Pinterest Challenge!” It will be interesting comparing the TOP overall selections with your selection of the black background with yellow writing! I’m not exactly sure why that happened, I’m sorry. That is depressing, it proves you cannot believe everything the experts recommend. Let’s see what others say, and I will look further into this.

  • Mitch Crim says:

    I hadn’t realized how powerful Pinterest was. I’ve had a Pinterest account for several years and did nothing more than look at the pictures. I will definitely take a closer look at it. If it helps my business, great!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kaju says:

      Fantastic Mitch, sometimes it only takes an article to get your “wheels turning” in a different direction. I wish you phenomenal future business success using the great search engine Pinterest to its maximum capacity!

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