Our Gift of Wisdom and Knowledge

Our Gift of Wisdom and Knowledge

Together we stand tall as we constantly share in our gift of wisdom and knowledge.

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Our wonderful contingent of wisdom and knowledge seekers are simply the best!

It is an honor to join and be a part of our ever-growing community.


But this is only a pit stop along the way.

There is a tree that needs attending to.

For every day, we are adding to our Tree of Knowledge.

A Tree of Knowledge is a metaphor for our gift of wisdom and knowledge

What is the Tree of Knowledge you may ask?

That’s a great question.

Let’s get back to that one shortly.

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open engagement is the key

Open Engagement is the Key

It’s all about open engagement and sharing your ideas genuinely and openly with the community.

An open and interactive exchange of ideas in a most honest way only grows the cache of knowledge that we can draw from. This creates the kind of collaborative synergy between group members and teams that can raise lost cities from the bottom of the sea.

Honest and open exchange

Honest and open exchange creates new knowledge.  

Empirical knowledge creates a deeper wisdom

Together gaining both new knowledge and deeper wisdom bring us  luck. 

Me and the Clown

And a bit of luck never hurt! I am keeping the “Ronald McDonald and me” profile photo for now. I know that Ronald continues to “have my back” by bringing me luck!

gift of wisdom and knowledge is a new discovery together

A New Journey of Discovery Together

In the last six months we have been on a journey of discovery together. We have attempted to tackle very interesting and complex questions.

There has been great engagement in the process, and in that engagement we have discovered that we are always better when we exchange ideas openly.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

In that process, we have discovered that great open engagement leads to increased knowledge in short order, new important knowledge that can applied to our businesses.

Your sincere support and interest has encouraged me to ask burning questions that I needed answers for, and in turn collectively we have come up with GREAT answers and BIG solutions to the DEEP questions.

Big Solutions to Deeper Questions

Together, we are now better prepared to navigate the turbulent waters of content writing, private label rights, social media engagement, online marketing, and even new challenges.

And it works both ways.

You have brought to light new questions and possibilities to ME that I never would have even considered asking. Or answers I never would have thought were available.

This in turn has led us to contemplate new possibilities toward our mutual success we never thought we could conceive.

Never Hold Back

Our gift of wisdom and knowledge, never hold back

Our Gift of Knowledge and Wisdom: Never Hold Back

I have no idea what I’m going to be doing next other than continuing to contribute new questions and ideas in order to help our beautiful community.

All I know is the more I help others, the more I feel good.

And I’ve also noticed, the more I help others to succeed in a genuine way, the more they want to help me genuinely succeed.

Never hold back

If you haven’t yet jumped aboard this train, what is stopping you?

As I said before, anyone can do what I am doing. You really just have to love helping people.

You just need to get your best ideas “out there” in a real and honest way.

Never hold back.

gift of wisdom and knowledge and quotes from our community

Our Gift of Wisdom and Knowledge:  Wonderful Quotes from our Community

Recently we asked out terrific online marketing community to share their feelings on the subject of our wisdom and knowledge. Here is what they had to say:

You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, TEACH him how to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. Our wonderful members like you are teaching us how to "fish" so we can eat for a lifetime. Mahalo, bruddah! – Anonymous

Thank you Kaju, I read and learn, I nurture and tend.
The tree has given me roots to draw from in my aspiration and best efforts. A lifeline of encouragement toward producing in reality what exists as unwritten in my head.

I look forward to the years to come as I mature in skill and depth as writer, entrepreneur and all-around good guy. May the rain continue to fall friendly on our beloved group which is our family. – Anonymous

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

This is a fitting topic today as I read my emails announcing blog posts. I dedicate at least 2 hours a day to reading blog posts for ideas on what to write about on my own and to keep engaged with the community through my comments.

I am only a leaf on a branch but I want to stay connected and not die off. I want the life force of the tree to stay firmly rooted in my branch. As a newcomer it is imperative to plug into the family as soon as possible to receive encouragement and feedback on my accomplishments.

One of my goals this year is to work towards being an Ambassador like yourself in addition to working on my website through the assigned lessons. It takes careful planning to get everything done in a workday but I have daily mini goals to welcome newcomers and support and engage with marketers.

By always staying in the middle I have the benefits of both sides of the coin in our Tree of Knowledge. - Anonymous

Thank you for this engaging post, Kaju, I really like your tree metaphor. To me, this tree of knowledge feels like a robust mature oak tree with strong roots and many strong branches which will easily withstand the worst weather. And like a tree that lives in a symbiotic relationship with other organisms, we all have symbiotic relationships here within our family by giving help and receiving help and by exchanging ideas. We just need to allow ourselves to be part of it. - Anonymous

The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge

Now let’s get back to our original image. This is a metaphor that bears completing…..

Imagine that our wonderful community is a tree with many diverging branches. On those branches there are many leaves.

Each branch represents a new cache of knowledge, and the many leaves of those many branches represents each member in our ever-expanding community.

Inside this tree there is a constant ebb and flow of energy. This energy represents information. It is the information that provides us the knowledge we share through active engagement.

Every day we add to that Tree of Knowledge.

Energy flows through the tree of knowledge

Energy flows between all the branches and nourishes those leaves, and the leaves in turn send back energy nourishing the entire tree.

I will continue to ALWAYS do my best to support YOU, and share ALL of my knowledge and information with you as we learn and grow together on this journey.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

Experience Wealthy Affiliate

By providing each other interactive engagement our Tree of Knowledge will continue to grow.

Like the tree, we are all on a journey of learning and advancement, and our reach is growing every day.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your continued support and encouragement. And Godspeed to the many, many great accomplishments we will share ahead.

Our gift of wisdom and knowledge is an open book

As the song has been written “Stay with Me” on this journey, TOGETHER we will continue to conquer the steep learning curve of online marketing success.

This is the kind of success that produces interactive learning. A success that as a byproduct that will bring us ALL great and gratifying personal and financial rewards. 

And TOGETHER we will continue to grow our reach and enrich ourselves by nourishing our Tree of Knowledge.

While continuing to share our gift of wisdom and knowledge with our wonderful ever-growing family.

No doubt, a path to newfound wisdom and growth that is evergreen. 

Cheers to Our Growth.

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KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!