One Step Forward Two Steps Back: Healing Focal Hand Dystonia

One Step Forward Two Steps Back: Healing Focal Hand Dystonia

The past year it has been like one step forward two steps back dealing with my focal hand dystonia.

It's a long process of slow healing to get back to where I once was, and admittedly I still have a very long way to go.


However there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Ever so slowly taking baby steps, I am retraining my brain and my left hand to do what I used to do.

For the reason is I know there is always a way.

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What is Focal Hand Dystonia?

Focal hand dystonia is a debilitating neurological disease that affects mostly professional musicians and artists. It can affect all kinds of musicians namely: guitarists, pianists, horn players, woodwind players, drummers, etc. It usually affects all musicians that require repeated and intricate hand and lip movements.

This disease can also affect other professionals who require precise muscular control through highly practiced movements. Such repeated and usually rapid movements are conjectured to be a root cause of focal hand dystonia.

However, focal hand dystonia is strikingly most common in musicians and artists than any other group of professionals, including dentists, surgeons, and writers.

To read a deeper in-depth story about my personal battle with focal hand dystonia, click on the link below and go to my post.

one step forward two steps with weekly Dr. Lee treatments

My Weekly Treatment with Dr. Lee

Today I met once again with the eminent Dr. Lee for my weekly treatment, and with some of his deep tissue probing in my left arm, shoulder, and back I must admit he had me squealing in pain.

But after many weekly treatments, I am slowly feeling better and I have noticed that by applying Dr. Lee’s daily retraining regimen for my brain and hand-eye coordination, in-between treatments my daily home exercises have definitely been contributing weekly to slow improvements in my guitar playing.

My life the past several years has been extremely frustrating as it's like a crippled person learning to walk all over again. Well, perhaps not quite to the same degree.

one step forward two steps practicing the art of qigong

Note that the rehabilitation process Dr. Lee has prescribed which consists of a combination of qigong, deep tissue massage, rest, and meditation can take years to accomplish.

But in ever so small increments, my left hand is being rehabilitated.

Dr. Lee working on rehabilitating my left hand

Here are what some of my clients in the health and wellness space have said in their comments:

After years of helping hundreds of people heal and create a happy rewarding life. I have found that using qigong, meditation and top quality nutritional supplementation support effective and rapid healing on a cellular level. Transforming energy for the better and bringing about true healing and health. – Anonymous

Hey Kaju - I always say 1 step at a time. It is frustrating and hard, I have been there with my knee and will face it again with the other knee, but it is the only way to walk normally again. I am sure this is what you are feeling with your hand. You amaze me at how positive you are though, because sometimes I just want to scream angry words at the world.- Anonymous

Even with one step forward two steps, you will find a way

Our physical bodies get old, they deteriorate and eventually slow down and die. What a dark projection! BUT even as we advance in age and get wrinkled, there is one quality in ALL humans that get stronger, more determined, disciplined.

I call this my spirit. This is that part that takes us above all obstacles, makes us rise above all challenges physical, emotional and spiritual. This is the one that takes us beyond this existence and into the eternal. - Anonymous

You are right there is always a way where there is a persistent Will. Never quit just revise.
Although we sometimes abandon projects to create something more spectacular. Just don't give up on life. A friend once told me, "I will never be who I once was; I must embrace who I am becoming, with consistent effort". Wishing You Great progress on your journey.- Anonymous

With one step forward two steps, there is always a way to get to your destination

Well said Kaju. There are many ways but without the will none of them work. I applaud you for your determination to continue your physical therapy despite the discomfort. As they say, no pain, no gain. - Anonymous

This all takes incredible patience, an ironclad will, and consistent applied and focused practice EVERY DAY to achieve even miniscule results.

one step forward two steps. going backwards and forward

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Our Results are Non-Linear

Just like trying to succeed in our online businesses, those miniscule results are non-linear; some weeks we will make good progress and feel like rulers of the world, and other weeks we will inexplicably slip backwards a few steps.

Even several steps.

No doubt this is a very common occurrence and you should expect this.

You will get discouraged. You may even feel like quitting.

But don't. Never.

For quitting will permanently seal your fate of failure forever. Persevering will give you the chance to succeed.

And consistent, diligent, and applied perseverance by exercising the correct daily regimen in a focused manner will greatly hedge your odds toward success.

You can never quit

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: You Can Never Quit

So never quit my friends.

Those daily miniscule results over time - even with the inevitable temporary setbacks along the way - all will add up to a full cerebral recovery, and one day I strongly believe I will be back to playing at the level I once did.

It's a labyrinth when going on one step forward two steps back

And that's the same attitude I always carry over to every one of my projects and online business endeavors.

And so will you.

As difficult as the path to waging success will be to overcome, it is the only way.

Never give up, and keep climbing

And trust me, you will find a way.

Never let one step forward two steps back defeat your will and drive to persevere.

Remember, there is always a way.

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