Novel Writing Ideas That Work

Novel Writing Ideas That Work

Here is how to create novel writing ideas that work.

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There is a brainstorming technique that many simply do not employ. Use this brainstorming technique correctly, and you will arrive at a subset of novel writing ideas that work that will soon lead you to your one enchanted idea.


One that makes people so captivated, inspired, and fascinated about your business that it will create a buzz where they will start sharing your novel idea en masse!

novel writing ideas start in the brain

An idea so good that everyone who notices it will say to themselves, 

“Hey, why didn’t I think of that!”

But there is only one way to arrive to this state….

Record all of your ideas, even the bad ones!

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novel writing ideas require distraction

Totally Disassociate Yourself

Let me first give you some food for thought.

One must be relaxed to come up with novel writing ideas that work.

Have you ever tried so hard to consciously come up with an idea that you ended up experiencing writer’s block? I am sure you have, I certainly have, and we ALL have.

don't be over determined

Regardless of what we do when we are in this over determined state, our imagination will be stagnated.

Contrary to what most people believe, we come up with our best ideas when we have been disassociated and distracted from everything we are doing.

novel writing ideas will make you feel like a king

In other words, try less and produce more.

That may be why we often come up with our best ideas in the shower. Or when we are grocery shopping. For this reason, I carry my smartphone around everywhere with me, and when a “lightbulb flash over my head” by coming up with an unexpected idea I immediately write it down in my notepad.

meditate your way to novel writing ideas

Meditate Your Way to Writing Ideas

Meditation is also a wonderful practice to embark upon. It is a great idea generator. Although I originally started doing meditation for my own health reasons, I soon discovered that a fringe benefit of meditating was that it helped me come up with novel writing ideas that worked.

Like the idea for writing this post – on how to generate GREAT ideas!

Hence, another reason I began meditating.

brainstorm novel writing ideas

Brainstorm 99 Ideas to Create Ideas

Let me tell you something, and I want you to remember this.

Write this down in a journal, or on your laptop for later reference lest you forget this MOST important point.

You have to write down 99 ideas to come up with at least one or a few one novel writing ideas that work– so do not leave one single idea left unturned!

 The next step will be on how you will execute them.
Keep writing

After writing down your 99 ideas (including the bad ones), start to highlight the ideas you really like. These are the ones that get you excited, the ones you wake up still thinking about, and the ones you can already imagine being a part of your business.

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If you are having a problem coming up with magical ideas, this may be a problem with your brainstorming technique. This happens to many people when they first begin, especially when thinking of their ideas as open-ended works of beautification.

8 Step Outline to Create Novel Writing Ideas

My 8 Step Outline for Creating Writing Ideas That Work

Here’s my 8 Step Outline for Creating Novel Writing Ideas that work:

1. Make sure you write down ALL of your ideas

This is the most important thing. Remember, it takes 99 ideas to come up with one or two good ones. If you don’t write them ALL down, you will forget them. And the one time you forget to write one down, may be the most important idea.

Write it all down

2. Learn to be comfortable accepting your bad ideas

Even if you don’t find one single good idea, continue to write down the bad ones. Perhaps one of those bad ideas will serve as inspiration for a new GREAT idea!

Disassociate yourself

3. Disassociate yourself completely by taking your mind off it

Get out of your normal headspace. Allow your subconscious to get creative and lead to a breakthrough. Have a glass of wine (or a beer), it can help! Let the “logical” part of your brain shut off. This will allow your creative juices to flow and do all the hard work for you.

pay attention to your feelings

4. Pay attention to how you are feeling

If you don’t pay attention to the emotional component of brainstorming and creating content, your brainstorm will suffer. For example, when brainstorming on your own, look for ideas tap into your automatic emotions, the ones that make you laugh, smile, cry, or even elicit anger. If you aren’t sure, try your idea on a friend, and notice their immediate reaction.

Have Fun

5. Make sure you have FUN with it

This extends off the previous point. If you place too much pressure on yourself during your brainstorm session, it’s not going to be fun, and you will fail to come up with great ideas.

don't get caught in meaningless minutiae

6. Don’t get stuck on meaningless minutiae

Don’t waste time spending hours debating meaningless things like “What color scheme should my website be?” or “What font should I use?”  Focus on what really matters, the “Big” stuff first, such as how your message is communicated through your content. You can fully “flesh out” the smaller stuff later.

Brainstorm with the right people

7. Brainstorm with the right people

If you are brainstorming with a group of people, surround yourself with the RIGHT people that understand what you are trying to accomplish and can help you attain your goals. Ideally, brainstorm with people that have a deep understanding of your target audience, or ARE your target audience.

don't let your ego get in the way

8. Don’t let your ego get in the way of ideas

When brainstorming in a group, don’t always assume your ideas are visionary. Don’t be that person who can’t accept criticism or feedback on his/her ideas. You don’t want to be this type of person. It makes the session unpleasant for everyone. In other words, check your ego at the door!


Conclusion: Creating Novel Ideas That Work

The final step will be in your execution, but I will save that for another blog post.

Thank You for reading my post on how to create novel writing ideas that work. I meant for this to be a short post, but it ran over 1000 words!  (See how easy it is create novel writing ideas!)

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Once the ideas started flowing, they couldn’t stop!

Please leave any comments you would like below.

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