No Dogs Left Behind Aims to Stop Dog Meat Trade

No Dogs Left Behind Aims to Stop Dog Meat Trade

No Dogs Left Behind aims to stop dog meat trade. They are a non-profit organization that is saving the lives of thousands of dogs

Although the dog meat trade has been rampant throughout countries in Asia for many years, No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) have streamlined their focus on fighting throughout China.

China is where the greatest number of dogs are being brutally slaughtered and eaten. The estimate of brutality in China alone has reached in excess of 20 million dogs per year.


During the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival (6/21-6/30) 10K-15K dogs will be butchered, eaten and skinned. To rescue more dogs NDLB will need to make room in their shelter in Beijing.

We have been chosen to run the No Dogs Left Behind crowdfunding campaign through IndieGogo. NDLB will need to raise $15,000 to relocate 10 dogs to U.S. with their loving adopted families.

No Dogs Left Behind Crowdfunding campaign

Since we are both animal lovers, we feel privileged to be chosen by No Dogs Left Behind to perform this crowdfunding task through IndieGogo, led by my partner Felicia Lin. This is our way of giving back, and in doing so this crowdfunding campaign provides us both a great psychological reward by helping these defenseless animals.

In order to keep fighting the good fight by igniting this crowdfunding campaign to reach our goal for such an important cause, it's all how we employ the same consistent strategies of taking action as we do with our online businesses.

 Like No Dogs Left Behind, our boots are on the ground everyday.

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No Dogs Left Behind Brief History

No Dogs Left Behind Brief History

No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) is an organization dedicated to ending the dog meat trade by shutting down slaughterhouses, exposing the butchers, educating the general public about the humane treatment of dogs and working with government officials throughout the world to put laws into place to stop the brutal and barbaric treatment of dogs by humans.

Much of the dog meat trade takes place in countries in Asia. NDLB believe that there are no borders in the fight to end the dog meat trade. They have chosen to focus on fighting to end the dog meat trade in China because that’s where the greatest number of dogs in the world are being brutalized. Every year about 20 million dogs are brutally slaughtered in China. It is a 365-days-a-year fight.

No Dogs Left Behind Before and After

Soon this fight will take on more urgency with the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival right around the corner. Every June, 10,000-15,000 dogs are butchered, eaten, and skinned to make fur trims. No Dogs Left Behind will be on high alert at this time in order to rescue more dogs.

The shocking thing is that the majority of these dogs being tortured and eaten were once someone’s house pet and were stolen from their homes or sold to the butchers by their owners.

No Dogs Left Behind find homes for rescued dogs

No Dogs Left Behind Finds Homes for Rescued Dogs

Currently NDLB have 180 dogs in their shelter in Beijing all rescued from dog meat trucks and slaughterhouses. But they need to make room for more of the dogs that will be rescued from Yulin.

No Dogs Left Behind current goal is to bring 10 dogs back to the U.S. to be adopted by forever loving families. In order to bring home 10 dogs, they will need to raise $15,000. This will cover the cost of their care, and of flying and transporting the dogs from China to the U.S.

If we can raise even more, we can bring back more dogs. But these 10 are the most urgent.

Watch this video to learn more about the work that No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) does.

No Dogs Left Behind Story

The No Dogs Left Behind Story

Back in 2016, No Dogs Left Behind founder Jeffrey Beri had just come off a historic rescue mission in China. He and other activists were successfully treating, rehabilitating and transporting 121 dogs from Yulin with funding provided by the Soi Dog Foundation.

They had transport sponsorship for 11 dogs provided by the American Humane Society. It took Jeff and his team months upon months of constant treatment and rehabilitation for these dogs to get well and learn to love.

After the 2016 rescue, Jeffrey went back to China and continued working with activists. He brought 50 more dog meat trade dogs to safety that were in desperate need of help.

No Dogs Left Behind Mission

The No Dogs Left Behind Mission

No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) has two missions of equal importance: end the dog meat trade completely and permanently; and, until they accomplish that goal, rescue as many dogs as possible, rehabilitating them and finding them forever homes.

Their entire organization operates on the Five Pillars of Rescue which Jeff Beri developed:

1. Emergency Response – brave activists track and then intercept dog meat trucks and stop the drivers from taking the dogs to the slaughterhouse. No Dogs Left Behind and its team members provide emergency medical treatment to the dogs, all of whom are sick, beaten or starving (or all three).

2. Shelter Operations Protocol – Once the dogs are stabilized, they are brought back to their shelter to continue medical treatment, be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, and rehabilitated emotionally and psychologically.

3. Adoption – The NDLB goal is to have these dogs adopted into loving homes. The adoption process is costly. It is expensive to pay for the dogs’ transport and NDLB must find a “flight hero” willing to travel to Beijing and return to the U.S. or Canada with the dogs.

4. Education– Educating the youth in China is a huge part of the NDLB operation. Teaching children to love and respect animals is what will ultimately bring an end to the brutal treatment of these dogs.

5. Government Advocacy – Quite possibly the most important step is getting the sale and consumption of dog meat outlawed. As impossible as this may seem, increasing numbers of Chinese support ending the dog meat trade. While pressure from outside of China is important, No Dogs Left Behind can only achieve our goal with the support of the Chinese people themselves.

No Dogs Left Behind Amazing Work

No Dogs Left Behind Amazing Work

This is our most important crowdfunding assignment yet. We are now in our 6th and final week of our crowdfunding campaign to transport back 10 additional Yulin survivors to their new homes.

Tuna is rescued

No Dogs Left Behind is doing amazing work saving dogs from the dog meat trade going on internationally. The NDLB Team and their international satellite affiliates are out in the field everyday "boots on the ground" risking their lives to save the lives of innocent canines.

The dogs who are saved by the NDLB Team and their international affiliates from the inhumane dog meat trade are transported to temporary animal shelters around the world where they are well-cared for until they are able to be adopted.

Fox a survivor

No Dogs Left Behind continues to adopt the dogs they save through their website and through their social media to pet lovers all over the world.

But in order to make room in their shelter in Beijing for new Yulin survivors, No Dogs Left Behind will need the funding to transport these past rehabilitated and now healthy adopted Yulin survivors.

9 Dogs Back in the US

9 New Dogs Brought Back to US

Last Friday we made the trek out to JFK airport in New York City where we got to experience firsthand the deeper impact of No Dogs Left Behind's work which includes emergency response, rescue and rehoming for dog meat trade survivors.

The first screenshot on top shows 4 of the Special Happy families who waited for many hours at JFK Airport to first meet their newly adopted special Yulin survivors. We were on hand until 2am to take these true photos and videos.

no dogs left behind at JFK

The flight arrival was delayed from 12 Noon until 11:00pm.

9 Dogs were saved and brought back from abroad to the US, and were adopted by caring US families through the NDLB Adoption Program. One young couple drove down from Toronto, Canada to meet their new survivor. Another drove up from South Carolina.

It was truly an emotional experience.

Final Week of Crowdfunding Campaign

Final Week of Our IndieGogo Crowdfunding Campaign, Please Contribute

As we go into the last week of the NDLB crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, which happens to coincide with the first day of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival (June 21). No Dogs Left Behind's work takes on added urgency.

An estimated 10,000-15,000 dogs will be brutally slaughtered for their meat. Annually 20 million are slaughtered.

Please check out NDLB on IndieGogo and on their social media. There you can check out their videos (some of which we recorded), images, and stories.

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

This is not an advertisement, and myself and my partner are not affiliates of No Dogs Left Behind. We are only runnng their crowdfundng campaign. Nor does this post include any links.

Yet without our solicitation, I invite my friends who are pet owners, animal lovers or are moved by the work of No Dogs Left Behind to Google them, read about them, and if you like contribute to their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo.

The last day is June 21.

Please share the important work of No Dogs Left Behind with others to stop the senseless dog meat trade Thank you.

***UPDATE*** We are moved and humbled by the enormous generosity of our supporters. I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that since we have now achieved our crowdfunding goal 4 days before June 21, we will now be allowed to continue to raise funds indefinitely through IndieGogo for the No Dogs Left Behind mission, and thus SAVE MANY MORE Yulin dog meat trade survivors from the chopping block.

Thank You for your wonderful kindness and generosity. Keep donating to the cause, and let's keep remain vigilant working toward ending the senseless dog meat trade. 

No Dogs Left Behind Founder Jeff Beri

An excerpt from Jeff Beri, founder of No Dogs Left Behind:

It’s heartbreaking to hear the cry of a dog over the sounds of a butcher’s knife hitting the chopping block. Just because the city of Yulin, has decreed that dogs can no longer be slaughtered in the streets., it doesn’t mean that scenes like this no longer happen.

HELP us to stop the dog meat trade and to rescue those that we can. CONTRIBUTE TO our crowdfunding campaign which also ends on the first day of Yulin ➡️CLICK LINK IN BIO⬅️ 

We must end this nightmare. HELP us raise $15,000 to make more room in our Beijing shelter and to bring 10 dog meat survivors safely back to the U.S. to be adopted. If we raise more funds we can bring more dog meat survivors home.

We are a non-government organization and rely solely on the donations of people such as yourself. We couldn’t do our work without the kindness, generosity, and caring people of the world who support our cause.

DONATE to No Dogs Left Behind crowdfunding campaign by clicking link ABOVE.  ??CLICKING RED Link Above??

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  • Fran Kelso says:

    I am so pleased that you are working on the “no dogs left behind” rescue mission. Any time we can do something to stop animal cruelty, we are doing a good thing. Innocent animals don’t need to be tortured and killed in such a way. Dogs are meant to be pets; household friends and protectors, not lunch. Keep up the good work. Wish I could give you more, but had to help a little bit.

    • Kaju says:

      Fran, we and the No Dogs Left Behind team are immensely appreciative of your donation no matter the amount.
      Thanks to generous caring people like yourself who know that dogs are pets (not meat), we are almost at $18,000 (more than 3K above our crowdfunding target).

      What was once limited to a 6-week campaign, as a result of reaching our crowdfunding goal (15K) by June 21, we can NOW continue to raise funds on Indiegogo for the No Dogs Left Behind rescue mission; as long as people consistently contribute to our cause we can run this campaign indefinitely.

      The more contributions we can raise for the NDLB mission, the more Yulin dog meat survivors we can transport to their new homes around the world.
      And the NDLB Team is also re-educating the public about how bad this practice is, and they are working with groups around the world toward influencing a change of legislation toward mitigating (if not eliminating) the senseless dog meat trade.

  • Cheryl Brown says:

    Thank you for bringing this very sad subject to the forefront and making people aware that this horrible thing is happening to the poor dogs. It is so good to see that something is being done to rescue these dogs and rehome the poor animals. I read this with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Can you still donate to the cause. I did click on your link but couldn’t see anything after that.

    • Kaju says:

      Yes you can Cheryl. Go to the Red Link at the bottom of the Post Page and click on that. It will take you straight to the IndieGogo crowdfunding page.

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