NCH Software Photo Editor Review: Backhanded Tactics

NCH Software Photo Editor Review: Backhanded Tactics

Here is my review of the NCH software photo editor, and the results are rather surprising.

The downloadable software product is called the NCH Photopad Photo Editor, and this review is all about the FREE version.


Please note that I am not associated with NCH in any way. Let me be completely transparent with you

NCH software photo editor explained

In this review, I am only here to explain as best I can (and as objectively as possible) any product benefits and things to beware with the NCH software photo editor from my own personal experience.

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NCH Photopad:  My Review Summary

Product Name: NCH Photopad Photo Editor

Founder:  NCH

Product Type:  Photo Editing software

What Is It:  FREE Downloadable Photo Editing software

Made By: NCH

Price: FREE

Upgrade:  $34.99 one-time purchase for Mac or PC ( Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7) 

BEWARE!!  There are popups claiming this software is a one-time purchase of $99. This is a SCAM. Read additional details below.

Perks:   None

Best For:  Web designers, Bloggers, and Marketers on a budget

Summary: This review is only for the FREE version. However, based on this companies business practices, we DO NOT recommend that you get the Free version OR the Upgrade.

Rating:  30 out of 100

Recommended:  No 

NCH software photo editor

What Is the NCH Photopad Photo Editor?

Upon first glance, the NCH software photo editor would appear to be a viable low-cost option for any and all of your photo editing needs.

According to NCH’s website, the NCH software photo editor “… the fastest and most fun way to edit your digital photos. PhotoPad is one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive photo editors available.”

Their website further mentions the NCH Photopad Photo Editor can:

  • Easily edit digital photos and other pictures
  • Supports all popular image formats
  • Crop, rotate, resize and flip photos fast

And this may well be the case, as long as you do not have an issue with backhanded tactics. I will elaborate more about this later in this review.

However, what I discovered is this downloadable free software called NCH Photopad Photo Editing Software is not all it appears to be on the surface.

The Shiny Side of the NCH software photo editor

The Shiny Side of the NCH Software Photo Editor

When you first read through the introductory tutorial of the NCH Photopad Photo Editing Software you might become quite pleased and even excited about the possibilities of this free downloadable program.

The tutorial claims that the NCH Photopad Photo Editing software is complete and full-featured. The program allows you to remove blemishes and red-eye, add special effects, enhance colors, crop photos, and so much more.

Even when using the free program version, you can import your photos into PhotoPad for easy editing. Simply import images from your hard drive, a camera, or a scanner.

The tutorial appears to be very user-friendly and it will take you step-by-step through the entire process. You can even make a screenshot or take a picture with your webcam.

Here are 14 Features and Benefits of the NCH Software Photo Editor:

  • 3 PhotoPad Selection Tools:   There is a rectangular selection tool, a lasso selection tool, and a magic wand. You can easily create a border for your photo and apply various artistic effects even to only a portion of the image.
  • Flip and Rotate Digital Pictures:  Use the Flip and Rotate tools option in NCH PhotoPad. Horizontally or vertically flip photos. Rotate photos 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees or to any arbitrary degree.
  • Crop Photos:  Learn how to use all of the Crop options available.
  • Resize Photos:  You can easily resize your images for print or for the internet. You can utilize the Liquid Resize tool for pictures that you need to resize but where you don't want to lose any details when cropping.
  • Color Enhancement of Photos: Use the Color Tab of PhotoPad to quickly optimize exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation. Let your creativity run wild with color by using the gradient, hue and tint tools. You can apply effects such as sepia, negative, grayscale or vintage.
  • Add Text to Your Images: Add text to your images by creating captions and more. You can also add a text layer for customizing the characteristics of your text.
  • Draw on Your Photos: Use the built-in Draw Tool. Learn how to pick a color, change the opacity and size of your brush. An added feature is that it shows you the attributes of the different brushes.
  • Eraser Tool: You can use the eraser tool to click and drag on your image. This way whatever is underneath the cursor will erase. There is a handy restore brush button if you have erased too much.
  • Create a Panorama by Stitching Photos: Stitch multiple photos together to create a panorama image. It is ideal for scenes that your camera lens just can't completely capture without cropping.
  • Add Color to Black and White Photos: Use the "Colorize" feature efficiently and creatively. Bring old family photos to life by adding color to a part of a black and white picture for a beautiful artistic effect.
  • Regional Effects: Use the "Regional Effects" tool to apply an effect to just a portion of your photo.
  • Changing the Background Layer:  Learn how to change the background layer in photographs with PhotoPad. This can be done with a solid color, any transparent, or an image. You can also learn how to resize and adjust the background layer.
  • Making a Photo Collage:  Make a photo collage with NCH PhotoPad!
  • Print your Photos:  Learn all the printing options in PhotoPad's print dialog.
Backhanded Tactics

What’s Wrong with the ​NCH Software Photo Editor

First let me give you the lowdown on the Free NCH software photo editor.

Talk about disturbing backhanded tactics!

I have Jing installed on my computer and I use it frequently. For those who are unfamiliar with Jing, it’s an excellent tool to make shareable screenshots that you can send via a link.

Searching around, I was trying to find a Free tool I could use to make some specific photo edits. Photopea (another great free tool I use) didn’t have this function available, and I don’t have Photoshop installed on my computer.

So this is how I found NCH’s Photopad Photo Editing Software, which clearly in both the article and the meta description announced itself to be FREE to use to consumers.

Also I’ve used various NCH products in the past, and have found some good free ones to use.

Well, not very FREE as advertised anymore. When I downloaded the program, and selected the tool I needed, a box popped up and told me I had to pay $99 to use the program.

Not even a free trial. I remember NCH used to offer free 14-day trials at least.

So my plan was to remove the program from my computer, as I no longer had a use for it, and would never pay $99 for one special use.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward Two Days Later

However after exiting the program, 2 days later I noticed even something more passive aggressive. Rather sinister really.

When I attempted to open my reliable Jing, I was expecting to see that bright “Sun” icon on the top of my screen, but Jing was Gone!


At first I couldn’t figure out why this happened, but then I had a hunch…..

See, I planned to remove the NCH Photopad program, but forgot to do it. Thinking back, I realized that Jing disappeared about the same time I installed the “Free” NCH” program.

My intuition was correct.

NCH software photo editor ways to beat their competition

NCH Software Photo Editor: New Ways to Beat the Competition!

As soon as I removed that NCH Photo Pad Editor program,”Hoila!”

Jing reappeared!

Wow, that’s when I realized something very backhanded, and rather scary.

NCH Photopad is a competitor of Jing, as then I remembered they also has an onboard screenshot tool built into their Photo Editor.

NCH apparently figured out a way to vanquish (or block the view of) their competitor’s product (Jing) from our computers the moment we download theirs.

Then as soon as I removed their program, the original competitor product once again reappeared.

Think about how many of us add Free programs to our computers, but later forget about them forever and never remove them.

That’s what NCH is banking on!

Amazing yet very sinister!

I’m very happy I have my Ole reliable Jing back but…..

How can you trust using this NCH software photo editor when the company itself is doing this?

How can you trust this NCH software photo editor?

Talk about attempting crush your competition with back-handed tactics!

The NCH Photopad Photo Editor is now gone from my computer forever!

I would rather pay $5 per month for a program like Pixlr than to support a FREE product that attempts to undermine their competitors in this way.

Thought I would just let my tribe know to be on the lookout for another layer of unscrupulous behavior and activity in the online world.

Please feel free to leave any comments below

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