Make a Great Crowdfunding Pitch Video

Make a Great Crowdfunding Pitch Video

Here's how to make a great crowdfunding pitch video.

When it comes to crowdfunding, it is always best if the person raising the funds actually gets in front of the camera to talk about why they are raising money for their project.

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Having a voiceover of the person explaining what the project is about and explaining any reason why they are crowdfunding is a close substitute.


But even this method is either the poor man’s excuse or a neglected step-child.

That is why crowdfunding pitch videos are the single important element to the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

Here are some new things I want to teach you on how to make a great crowdfunding pitch video.

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crowdfunding pitch video success story

NO Dogs Left Behind Crowdfunding SUCCESS STORY

This was a truly watershed moment. We all are very emotional right now.

Thanks to the kindness of the wonderful donors who contributed to this extremely important campaign, the No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) crowdfunding campaign has already become a huge success.

This year as a result of these kind donations, less dogs will be lost to the brutal dog meat trade.

Today 4 days before our deadline on June 21, we have reached our No Dogs Left Behind crowdfunding goal of $15,000 to spearhead this amazing team effort.

crowdfunding pitch video  indiegogo

What started out as a slow campaign the first 5 weeks, we are now most proud and blown away that over $6500 was raised in crowdfunding only the past 3 days.

Due to this funding instead of being eaten, 10 Yulin survivors will be able to be transported from NDLB shelters abroad to  the caring homes of their newly adopted parents in the United States and around the world.

This will open up dire needed space for at least 10 more Yulin survivors, as NDLB and their support troops  have "boots on the ground" everyday risking their lives to save these innocent animals from the chopping block.

However, none of this would have been possible had we not chosen to make a great crowdfunding pitch video. 

Two of the videos we posted on Indiegogo and social media received enormous attention and engagement.

compelling crowdfunding pitch video

One compelling video of how NDLB intercepted a Dog Meat truck received 6500+ views on Instagram.

Another video of a dog in a cage howling received 3600+ views on Instagram.

But it should not stop here.

As a result of meeting our crowdfunding 15K goal early, Indiegogo will now allow us to extend our crowd funding campaign.

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Our mission has now shifted to raise more $$ to save even more dogs from the senseless Yulin Dog Meat trade which kicks off from June 21-30, 2019.

This crowdfunding extension jettisoned by being able to make a great crowding funding pitch video will save many more beautiful dogs (who were once house pets but stolen) from being lost to the horrifically unimaginable dog meat trade.

creating a compelling message

Creating a Compelling Message with a Crowdfunding Pitch Video

Whether you are paying a marketing firm to create your pitch video or shooting it on your iPhone the goal is the same: provide a compelling message that is informative and perhaps entertaining as to why someone should give you money.

Your crowdfunding video is the most important marketing element on your entire campaign page. It’s the first thing that people are going to see when they visit your project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

crowdfunding pitch video  an important marketing element

Sure, in an ideal world, appearances shouldn’t matter. People should judge your product logically based on its merits, features, and quality.

You can have the best product in the world, but if your video sucks, you’re going to fail to successfully raise funds. Period.

Crafting a powerful message with video

As the crowdfunding industry has evolved, both in investment and rewards, the pitch video has emerged as the single most important variable in crafting a powerful message to back a campaign.

Many of the biggest campaigns of all time benefited from a viral video that captured the attention of many and shared via social media by thousands.

4 Successful way to make a crowdfunding pitch video

4 Successful Ways to Make a Great Crowdfunding Pitch Video

With this in mind, here are 4 successful elements of a crowdfunding pitch video:

Music Emotion

1. Music = Emotion

Music will physiologically change how people feel when watching your video. You can use this powerful tool to influence how people feel about YOUR product.

A simple way to improve the quality of your pitch video is to:

Include background music

Use music to transition thoughts

Have music “underline” the message of a scene

This easy-to-implement tip will result in a higher conversion rate. More people will come away feeling emotions towards your project.

Show how to use product

2. Show How They’d Use Your Product

Show how people can USE the product in their daily life.

Where would they use the product?

Would they use it when going to work?

The “type of person” who uses this product?

Are they a fitness enthusiast, a hipster, or an environmentally conscious millennial?

Story Empathy

3. Story = Empathy and Attention

Stories are magical because they allow us to emphasize with characters that are not real. They cause us to feel emotions about a situation, despite not being in that situation ourselves.

This could be any type of feeling at all.  Here are a few examples:






You can use a story in your crowdfunding pitch video to evoke emotions and lower skepticism towards the team trying to raise money.

A story evokes emotions and whenever you feel emotions, you’re not bored. Therefore, it’s easy to keep watching. It’s easy to keep paying attention.

Time duration

4. Duration

Duration is arbitrary when it comes to crowdfunding pitch videos.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your crowdfunding pitch video under 3 minutes, although there have been successful videos that have gone beyond this length.

The only thing that matters is the attention / boredom scale.

You want to end the pitch on a high note and to have zero “lulls” through the video.

People are most likely to take action at an emotional peak, when they’re feeling intensely towards a product or a person.

crowdfunding pitch video equals education plus sales

Crowdfunding Pitch Video Conclusion:  Education + Sales = Success

Ladies and gents, here is some final advice I’d like to share with you my I’ve learned.

YES, you are educating your backers about the product, entertainment vehicle, or service that you’re looking to raise money for with crowdfunding.

However, make no mistake: this is a persuasion game.

Wanna Know How I Gained My Life Back?

One repeated mistake crowdfunding campaigns make in their videos is that they shy away from asking for the sale. You can have thousands of people visiting your campaign page, but it will be meaningless unless people are actually backing your project.

Crowdfunding in many ways is no different from selling your products and services through a lead magnet on your websites and landing pages.

Always remember to have a clear call to action in your video.

crowdfunding pitch video  must have a clear call to action

Ask them to join you on this mission to get your product, film, music, or service etc., in the hands of everyone. This should be near the beginning, repeated during the middle of the video, and at the end of the video.

If you fail to do this, your conversion rates will vastly suffer.

You don’t have to be pushy, but you do need to be comfortable promoting, marketing, and selling the value of supporting the crowdfunding campaign.

This is only my first installment of advice to make a great crowdfunding pitch video

Thank You my dear friends for reading this very important introductory primer about the great importance of producing persuasive and successful crowdfunding pitch videos.

Feel free to make your comments below.

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