Life’s Dance You Learn as You Go

Life's Dance You Learn as You Go

“Life’s dance you learn as you go” from the 1992 song by John Michael Montgomery really speaks out to me.

Now I admit, I have never been the biggest fan of country music, but I love those words that John Michael Montgomery penned to his wonderful song which has such meaningful lyrical content. 

Or was it, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go”?


Either way, those words still ring true to this day.

Yes, in a word I categorically agree.

However, when it comes to my true philosophy towards business, my feelings go well beyond this 1992 emotional love song by John Michael Montgomery.

To learn to become a FAST learner, you must always learn and take action as you go.

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Life’s dance you learn as you go requires taking action

Learn and Take Action as You Go

I am a true proponent to learn and take action as you go. This is a philosophy for fast learner and bold action-taker. For what they say is true: no pain is no gain.

Here are my First 4 Reasons Why I Believe in Learn and Take Action as You Go:

  • Learning something then taking immediate effective action on what you just learned is the most efficient way to get something done.
  • Competency in implementing any task or process can only be gained by DOING, not READING.
  • Effective action is most likely to happen when the NEW studied material is still fresh in your mind.
  • You are most motivated to accomplish your task right after you have just learned something.

Motivation produces effective action. Effective action is what produces results. Results are what generate income. Repeated effective action improves competency and efficiency.

Fuse ALL of these components together and you have an unstoppable force.

It’s all part of “life’s dance you learn as you go.”

Life’s dance you learn as you go means nothing will ever be perfect

In Life’s Dance, Nothing Will Ever Be Perfect

There is no such thing as perfection, and it’s NEVER going to be even close to perfect in the beginning.

So why let that stop you.

Your quest for “perfection” is only an excuse for procrastination!

And if you remember from my post “The 5 Second Rule”, Neuro-Science has proven that procrastination is only a coping mechanism.

The real reason we all have such a grand aversion is deeply rooted in neuroscience and how the prefrontal cortex of our brain works.

Procrastination is not a reflection of your attitude, work ethic, or competence. It is actually a behavior meant to help us cope with stress. Whether it's something we need to do for work, a relationship, or our health, procrastination is basically a coping mechanism.

When we turn to Facebook or watch YouTube videos as an excuse for avoiding a task such as writing an important blog post or doing the training, it’s a way that we escape from a cause of stress. What we are avoiding isn't the task but rather the stress we are associating with the task.

a survival mechanism

Let me go even go one step further to label procrastination as a survival mechanismone that is deeply rooted and has been carried down through our ancestral DNA. A survival mechanism that evolved in an environment where stress was like radar, helping us avoid things that were likely to compromise our chances for survival.

If we needed to go out and hunt for food but also imagined that there might be wild sabre-tooth tigers running around outside our cave dwelling doing the same, we'd most likely put off getting food and find a nice corner to scratch out a few wall drawings.

In a word, procrastination is your arch enemy.

the mace effect

The MACE Effect

Many of us are familiar with the effectiveness of Mace brand pepper spray when it is used as a weapon to ward off criminals. One douse of spray in the eyes, and the enemy/ villain is temporarily blinded.

Well, think of using a different brand of M.A.C.E. as a superior weapon to beat your procrastination.

If procrastination IS your arch enemy villain, then M.A.C.E. is your Marvel Comics Super Hero!

Life’s dance you learn as you go does not require being a super hero

So here is My Own Personal formula:

Motivation + Action + Competency + Efficiency = Success

Whenever I have used M.A.C.E. effectively in my life, it has always produced some form of success. M.A.C.E is a procrastination killer.

Coupled with the “5 Second Rule” this tandem is an unstoppable force.

So next time, don’t wait to finish an entire course (or even a Chapter) before taking effective action, learn the task or the process at hand and put it into action immediately.

Life’s dance you learn as you go means learning how to learn

Learning How to Learn

This is the meta-skill of meta-learning, or learning how to learn.

If you learn something then WAIT you will forget many of the critical components and essential nuances that are imperative in implementing to make your task effective.

Worse, you will learn something and merely think about doing it, rather than just doing it. And when you finally do DO IT – if you ever even DO it – you will perform the task like crap.

And in the end, not have learned anything.

don't only read books

Forget about “life’s dance you learn as you go”,

Learning something without taking action, is akin to being left holding out your empty hands without your ticket to the Grand Ballroom Dance.

So once again please remember...

Life’s dance you learn as you go is like a ballroom dance or mastering tai chi

True practice makes perfect, but it is NEVER going to be close to perfect in the beginning.

And it doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact attempting to attain perfection is the road to ruin.

Your quest for “perfection” is only an excuse for procrastination!

Life’s dance you learn as you go is not about coping mechanisms

Remember procrastination is only a coping mechanism.

And procrastination is often triggered from the quest for perfection.

So why would you want to procrastinate?

TEACHING my friends, is the ultimate litmus test for learning.

Life’s dance you learn as you go

Conclusion: Life’s Dance You Learn as You Go

Here are my final 4 Reasons why learning as you go is a most successful recipe: 

  • Learning something then waiting is not the same as learning something and DOING IT NOW.
  • New information learned applied to a new task or skill will never be fresher than RIGHT NOW after you learn it.
  • When you understand LIFE'S DANCE you learn as you go to become a FAST learner by taking action
  • The more action you take starting today, the faster you will succeed
Life's a dance!

Thank You for reading this post Ladies and Gents, and please provide your comments below.

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