Learn How to Start a Public Speaking Business

How to Start a Public Speaking Business

If you want to learn how to start a public speaking business, I would highly recommend that you become a member of the National Speakers Association.

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On Tuesday, we were invited as special guests to the National Speakers Association annual event called “Summer Social” in the Microsoft Headquarters at 11 Time Square NYC.

This was a very entertaining and interesting business networking event, hosted by the highly energetic “human Every-Ready Bunny” Ramon Ray where top professional speakers talked about the business of speaking.


Felicia and I were the lucky ones. Tickets to this event are normally $75, but we were comped.

This was a highly informative and entertaining event on everything you would want to know on how to start a public speaking business.

However in a more general sense, this event was all about showcasing some Incredible Human Success Stories.

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how to start a public speaking business requires entertaining a crowd

Group of People in Seminar

How to Start a Public Speaking Business By Joining the National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association (NSA) makes the bold claim that they can not only teach you how to start a public speaking business. But they will show you how to boost your impact, influence, and income.

According to their website, here is what the National Speakers Association can do to help you thrive in the public speaking world:


“NSA will help you grow the speaking part of your business in the direction you desire by providing you with the professional relationships, strategies, techniques, and tools to master the business side of speaking, and become great on the platform. “

how to start a public speaking business requires courage

The National Speakers Association (NSA) provides professional speakers with all the comprehensive resources, mentoring, and professional connections they will need to become more efficient and more effective in all aspects of public speaking.

They have 3,500+ members and their reach encompasses a wide set of audiences such as thought leaders, coaches, trainers, educators, authors, consultants, comedians, and motivators.

Anyone who uses the spoken word to impact audiences can benefit from NSA membership.

Summer Social NSA event

Public Speaking is a Big Business

Primarily, this event was an open panel discussion by professionals about how to earn a living in public speaking.

But there were some other special guests who had very powerful stories to share.

Here is a young man and special guest speaker named Josh Johnson.  He was a who as a teenager grew up in the crime-ridden inner city of Newark, but found his unique talent by developing his own perfect niche - tap dancing.

Tap Dancing

Through incredible hard work and God-given talent, he was able to gain acceptance to the Ivy League college of Purdue. Commuting 5 days per week Monday thru Friday to classes, he paid for his expensive college tuition by tap dancing every weekend for 4 straight years in the NYC subway.

Josh’s special talent was soon “discovered” in the subway, and showcased on premiere daytime television shows such as “Ellen” and “Katie Couric.”

Here is Josh performing for us tapping to jazz at the event. Amazing!

Notable Public speakers at event

Next there was a mixed panel of 5 professional speakers, social media experts, and major influencers led by “The GPS Girl” Karen Jacobsen. 

The hot topics of discussion were how to succeed in public speaking, “news jacking”, mastermind retreats, and “act it, become it.”

how to start a public speaking business with Hall of Famer Jeffrey Hazlett

How To Start a Public Speaking Business by Hall of Fame Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett

Next Hall of Fame speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett who was the main keynote speaker of the event, discussed how he is now able to raise his public speaking fees 10x by giving free speeches.

This rockstar in the global business speaking arena tells it straight. Jeffrey Hayzlett has certainly earned his Hall of Fame status as a celebrity, primetime television and podcast show host, author, and keynote speaker.

His irreverent style, no-nonsense approach, and down to earth manner brought the house to an uproar!

Incredible Human Survibal

Incredible Human Survival

The final speaker was an incredible war veteran survivor by the name of Justin Constantine. A veteran of the war in Iraq, Josh shared his miraculous personal story. In late 2006, in Iraq Justin was shot in the head, neck, and face by Iraqi sniper machine gun fire.

He was never supposed live to tell the tale, but he miraculously survived when an amazing marine field intern at the scene performed life-saving emergency surgery amid incoming hostile gunfire.

The surgery was performed in the open amid ricocheting bullets before a vehicle could pick them up and transport them to the local hospital.

Here is what Justin looked like visiting in Argentina 2 weeks before his life would change forever.

how to start a public speaking business might involve 24 surgeries

After 24 surgeries, here is what his face looked like.

After 24 surgeries

He eventually had to learn to eat and speak all over again. It was only in 2013 after 7 years that Justin’s once again first took a “bite” of solid food.

First bite of solid food in a year

On Tuesday at the NSA Event, here is Justin speaking in front of us and a full house of professional speakers, entrepreneurs, and notable guests, fully readjusted to a normal lifestyle.

Justine Constantine public speaks

And finally, after his talk us and the audience giving Justin a “Standing Ovation”!

how to start a public speaking business will get you a standing ovation

What amazing human will and determination to not only survive the seemingly impossible, but to work so hard for many years to once again become a vital thread in the fabric of society.

how to start a public speaking business is something Winston Churchill knew

What an incredible human success story!

Justin's improbable story of how strong we as humans are should remind us of the above famous quote by Winston Churchill.

If People Can Everyday, we marketer can too

If These People Can, WE as Marketers Can

Ladies and Gents, these are all common everyday people just like you and I who have overcome incredible odds to succeed and survive.

If they can persevere, flourish, survive and even thrive under such dire circumstances and against almost impossible odds, then why should we believe it is so difficult to become successful affiliate marketers?

We and ONLY we decide how productively we use our time on this earth, how we achieve to succeed.

We are truly the makers of our own destiny.

how to start a public speaking business is full of human success stories

And if these incredible human success stories, who all once had zero skills in speaking in front of an audience, can learn how to start a public speaking business so can we!

Thank You for reading folks, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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  • Kelyee says:

    Wow, what an amazing story of Justin Constantine! Thank him for serving our country.

    Public speaking for me is too scary for me. Although I took public speaking in college and did really well.

    However, that was long ago that now I can’t even put myself in front of a camcorder and speak into it. Lol

    You know what your post motivated me to at least try making a video for my youtube channel.

    Fingers crossed!

    • Kaju says:

      That’s awesome Kelly! Hey, if you did well in college public speaking, you can absolutely CRUSH public speaking now! The best public speakers prepare their speeches, then improvise around what they have already prepared. That’s the key.

      I am so happy that this post has motivated you to start making videos, that’s where the best engagement comes from, and the more you do this and get used to it, the better you will become. Kudos!

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