Landing Page vs Home Page, What are the Differences?

Landing Page vs Home Page: What are the Differences?

Are you too asking yourself “Landing Page vs Home Page, what are the differences?” 

Then you are reading the right post!

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I still see many glossed over faces when I ask peeps what's the difference between a landing page vs home page.


It's not surprising for this confusion since a landing page (or multiple landing pages) often live on a website with their close cousins sharing the same valuable real estate with the other more scattered step-children - web pages!

They may appear the same to the inexperienced eye, but are Landing Pages and Web Pages even close to being the same?

Not a Chance.

The differences are vast in how a landing page vs home page functions.

Of course it will depend on your goals.

However when it comes to conversions, Landing Pages are vastly better.

landing page vs home page, know the differences

Understanding the differences between a Landing page vs Home Page and knowing how to harness them into action can be the difference between building a beautiful website for 'show" as opposed to someone else who builds not so pretty websites that make the Dough!

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landing page vs home page, a landing page gives you precision

How Is a Landing Page vs Home Page Different?

In a word, precision.

Landing pages are optimized pages built for a very precise audience.

Often your offer can serve many groups of people, but a landing page should only appeal to one of them.

With a landing page, you talk to only one specific audience and ignore the rest.

Landing pages have one singular goal in mind: conversions.

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And they are very GOOD at it.

When landing pages are built well with one clear Call-To-Action (CTA), they are irresistible lightning rods to scale your business. 

That's why they are ideal for converting visitors to your customers.

landing page vs home page

Landing Pages Only Offer 2 Choices

Landing pages are so narrow that they only offer the viewer only 2 choices: 

  • Give Your Email Address or Leave
  • Purchase A Product or Get Out
  • Make an appointment or Ignore Me

When created properly, landing pages also will get your visitors to focus only on one irresistible product, service, or value proposition.


Web pages on the other hand (including sales pages) are way too general, causing the viewer to be distracted with mixed messages, and by having different Calls-to-Action (CTA).

They have links leading to different places, often offering too many choices, only to confuse the visitor.

If you offer too many choices, your audience will "buy" nothing. Offer only one compelling offer and your visitors will convert MUCH higher.

That's why you will always get higher sign-up rates on a lead generation landing page than any normal web page.

And your online sales will be higher on a purchase focused landing page than on any general sales page (web page).

Of a landing page vs home page, a landing page is critical for conversions

Landing pages are critical toward conversions for your online business, but not all of your pages must be landing pages.

You need normal pages as well, to ensure that your visitors can navigate easily on your website and find all the information they need.

Normal Page or Landing Page?

The Reason We Need Normal Pages

Any ‘normal’ web page can be a page on your website that does not have one specific objective, i.e. an about page, a blog post, or a  homepage. Whenever you want to add a “normal” web page, just simply use the "create a new" page function in your WordPress dashboard.

From these normal web pages, the goal will be for visitors to be able to easily navigate their way to your other pages or posts, so they will have a good user experience.

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Let’s say your visitor wants to learn everything about your business, then hey should be able to find your ‘About’ page very easily. Your “About Page” will then act as a hub to easily allow the visitor to navigate back to other important pages on your website, such as your most recent posts, product pages, and contact page.

Use a clear navigation menu to ensure effective navigation on your website. You can also use a sidebar or widgets to showcase your latest or most popular posts.

The reason we need a landing page

The Reason We Need a Landing Page

Landing pages are islands. Lock in this visual and you will be able to understand this important concept much easier.

When you are creating a landing page, your goal is to have a page with only one goal without distractions. There are no links to other pages. Therefore take into account that this landing page is designed only to allow one thing a visitor can do: i.e., sign-up to your email mailing list or a webinar, buy your product, or leave.

Keep in mind, a landing page needs to have certain elements to be effective. All of the content you include on your landing page should support its one and only goal. Your text needs to communicate a clear structure and highlight the benefits of your offer.

You must have a clear call-to-action (CTA). This is a must-have feature.

Communicate your prime message by encouraging people to click by suggesting a clear next step. Don’t forget to include the benefits they’ll receive if they complete the requested step.

4 Types of Landing Pages

4 Types of Landing Pages

Here is a list of 4 Types of Landing Pages that always Convert:

  • The Email Sign Up Page
  • The Purchase Page
  • The Make AN Appointment Now Page
  • The Coming Soon Page

All 4 of these types of landing pages are laser focused and built for conversions. Even if you think a "Coming Soon Page" isn't, think again.

By placing a signup form on your "Coming Soon" Page, you will turn it into a Conversion focused page. This will help you launch the minute that your website or product launch is available

landing page vs home page, here are 5 examples of landing pages

5 Landing Page Examples

Here you can see templates for 5 Landing Page examples.

lead generation squeeze page

Lead Generation Landing Page (a.k.a. Squeeze Page)

webinar signup page

Webinar Signup Landing Page

Product sales page

Single Product Sales Landing Page

Download Page after signup

Signup Download Landing Page

Thank You Page

Thank You Landing page.

All of these pages have the same look and feel and will keep your visitors from getting lost because they never send a visitor to a page that doesn’t feel familiar.

Attention to design details like this are crucial to keeping your visitors engaged, and are what conversion optimized landing pages are all about.

landing page vs home page for high conversions

My Recommendation: Use Landing Page vs Home Page for High Conversions

Here are the facts: companies and individuals see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of Landing Pages on their website by 1/2.

Anytime you want to speak to a very specific audience to have them take one Call to Action (i.e. sign-up, Purchase, submit a form, make an appointment) you should always build a new landing page.

Landing Pages are your “ticket” to greater sales, higher conversions, and more signups.

landing page vs home page for success

This is just the tip of the iceberg to get you thinking about Landing Pages.

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Therefore if you want to learn more about what is the difference between a landing page vs home page, stay tuned as we will go into greater depth in future articles here.

Thanks for reading please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  • What an incredibly informative post! About 6 months into my website journey I discovered the benefit and value of landing pages. I purchased Thrive Architect which took my design work to a whole other level. I come from a graphic design background so I needed a tool that would allow me to better explore my creativity. It gave me much more functionality at my finger tips than my WordPress design experience. Now I create everything I do on my site in Thrive.

    • Kaju says:

      Thanks Stacy, I appreciate that comment! As you can see (or may have noticed) this site was built on Thrive Architect as well, its all I use and I absolutely love it:)
      Landing pages are absolutely essential, and you also need to learn how to at least design and incorporate a simple funnel.

      You are doing fantastic, and let’s keeping Thriving!

  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    I’ve been in the middle of researching to learn more about landing pages and what I can use them for.

    So glad I found your article. I have an online business and from what I can see, there are some interesting options. The one I specifically like is the email sign up page.

    Do you have an article on how I set up emails?

    • Kaju says:

      Hi Monica, I am so glad you found my article on landing pages. Considering you have a growing online business, I am really happy you found this information to be useful.
      I will soon be following up this article with more detailed posts on how to setup emails (email signup page), a purchase page, and other types of specific landing pages that convert.

      Thanks for a great comment, and stay tuned here on this website!

  • Trodvies says:

    Hi Kaju, and thanks firstly for affording me the opportunity to visit and observe around your site. I was touched when I read your story, and I’m glad for the recovery you’ve gone through. I’m not familiar with your theme so it took me quite some time to get adjusted, but the overall objective of my visit was achieved.

    I was able to see different types of landing pages, read the “unabridged” version of your article, and even took notes. It was a great experience for me. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think a website should be worth a million, then.

    I now understand how landing pages come into play as far as one’s website framework is concerned. What I think is left to know is how to get started with building them.

    Thanks once more for your kind assistance. I appreciate.

    • Kaju says:

      Your perfectly welcomed Trodvies. I will be posting additional articles in the forseeable future about Landing Pages with greater specificity here on this website.
      Stay tuned and bookmark my site so you can “check in”, and feel free to ask any other questions.

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