Instagram Throwback Thursday

Instagram Throwback Thursday

Instagram Throwback Thursday has been a really popular thing, especially for fans who have a tremendous interest in seeing celebrity past photos before they became famous.

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But even more so than this, learning why Instagram Throwback Thursday works is a great lesson in learning how to create effective hashtags for Instagram.


Lately as you can see I’ve been on a mad Instagram kick, so I promised I would give you one of the really HOT hashtags that is trending right now.

In fact, I used this theme last week (it’s now Sunday, so I can officially say “last week”) and I found a really cool vintage pick to post, and I ended up getting a boatload of likes and follows that day.

YES, it’s #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram – arguably the most embraced weekday trend by social media enthusiasts around the world!

Instagram Throwback Thursday

This is a wonderful day to post a pic of one of your old projects, those funny outfits and hairdo you wore back in the 80’s, or better yet, repost and share SOMEONE ELSE’S funny outfits and hairdo from the 80’s!

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Otherwise, continue reading. 

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Don't forget to give proper credit

Don’t Forget to Give Proper Credit

Folks, please just remember to be kind and give the originator attribution when reposting, even though #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT) encourages all Instagram users to post an old photo on Thursdays.

Such attribution is usually in the form of “Photo courtesy by @JaneDoe” within the caption, but don’t forget to add some great relevant hashtags to follow it.

Follow this convention, and the majority of the time you will receive a very warm comment from the source (who will likely now be following you) who will be Thanking You very kindly.

Instagram Throwback Thursday, hashtags for the weekend

Instagram Throwback Thursday: Hashtags for the Weekend

Here are as promised are some cool trending Weekend Hashtags that are really HOT now:

#Caturday: Cats again, and the crowd goes wild! When you can never get enough cats on #MeowMonday, there’s always Caturday!

#SexySaturday: Don’t forget to dress up when going out on Saturday! Snap a photo and share your impeccable style with your friends and followers.


#SaturdayShenanigans: Saturday is a great day to be busy doing fun activities with the family or your friends. Use this hashtag to let everyone know what you're up to this Saturday.

#SelfieSunday: Now you have a good reason to post a selfie, and this is currently trending. Of course, you can post selfies any day of the week, but now on Sundays, you have one extra reason to do so because of this hashtag.

#SundayFunday: Here is a hashtag that encourages you to share whatever fun you might be doing before heading back to work or school for another week. Show off the fun you’ve been having all weekend long – there is no shame in it!

Instagram Throwback Thursday, our member feedback

Instagram Throwback Thursday: Our Member Feedback

We asked some of the awesome members of our worldwide online community what they thought of this special type of hash tagging strategy, and here is what they had to say:

Good suggestions Kaju. I use Flashback Fridays and Soulful Sundays in one of my websites, but have not capitalized on them in instagram. Will do from now on. – Anonymous

Well Kaju I probably should post an old photo of me when I was young and hot.....tee hee I tended to like the high teased look and big eyes lined with liner, pert pink lips and huge earrings, like flowers. Shoes were pointy toed with kitten heels, stockings had a back seam. A cardy done up at the back was a trend with large necklaces of pearls to finish the look. The pleated skirts were a big thing too, just to the knee, nothing too short otherwise you were dubbed as "fast." I used to get around on a motorized scooter complete with a white imitation leather jacket and white crash hat. No drinking when one was riding that crazy cat of a bike. - Anonymous 

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Great suggestions, Kaju. This is all a bit new to me, I have to admit, but it sounds really fun to experiment with the hashtags. You can become very creative doing that - probably best in that pub with the super advice. – Anonymous

Besides enhancing my online business later, I have been wondering what it is I should do with my Instagram account in the meantime. (I am not a great Social Media communicator). Now I know what to do, at least as a start. – Anonymous

Short and sweet, right to the point. Good post. Maybe we need to work at becoming influencers more than worry about ranking. just a thought. – Anonymous

Hey Kaju, Thanks for the Post. You are a master at finding exciting trends and other related news items that you report on. Then it becomes the center of attention. Great job as usual. - Anonymous

Throwback Thursdays, My Conclusions

Instagram Throwback Thursday: My Conclusions

Acquiring new knowledge leads to power, and obtaining new powers leads to greater engagement.

Engagement brings you greater attention.

And in this age of the influencer, down the road.....

Attention = Money

Instagram Throwback Thursday and other similar hashtags that are trending on Instagram are key success ingredients, and everyone should be taking advantage of them. Flashback Fridays and Soulful Sundays are also good ones to use indeed, and I’m happy for anyone who is having success with them!

However, these fun hashtags and hashtag strategies are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Turn up your creative side and get busy coming up with your own excellent and catchy hashtags for different days of the week.

want to learn to discern the "forest from the trees" in affiliate marketing? 

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I certainly hope you will harness the AWESOME power of these Instagram Throwback Thursdays type additional hashtags and many of your own hashtags. They will ALL be a GREAT addition to your arsenal on Instagram.

Kindly let me know if you have any comments and leave them below.

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