Inspiring Words of Encouragement are Contagious

Inspiring Words of Encouragement are Contagious

Inspiring words of encouragement are contagious Ladies and Gents, please keep sharing them! They motivate us, they energize us, they teach us, and they can be true game-changers for many of us.  

Our final due date is soon approaching.

As we head for the home stretch of our great Super Affiliate Challenge Part 4, we all are working through our own projects at different levels and at our own pace.


Sharing a positive post for one, feels really good. So it is healthy for us and validates the good news!

Even more importantly, sharing inspiring words of encouragement with your fellow sisters and brothers can really help a person who is struggling.

Here are only 3 proven examples where sharing a positive experience in a post had a GREAT motivational impact on our fellow members.

Inspiring words of encouragement in a blog

Last, I would like to share with you one of my student’s most recent moving posts of how she was able to overcome her own doubts and harness the potent power of presenting helpful training to our awesome 1.5 million worldwide community members.

Out of great respect, I will leave this person anonymous. But let me say, “Thank You my friend. Your post was truly inspiring for me.

If anyone still has any doubts at all about the awesome contagion of inspiring words of encouragement, please read on.

The proof simply rests within the pudding.

(Read one great member’s experience below)

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Inspiring words of encouragement, 6 posts in 5 days

Inspiring Words of Encouragement: 6 Posts in 5 Days is Number 1, Thank You!

My recent post “6 Posts in 5 Days, I Found A New Content Gear” when it went to the Number 1 most widely read post today.

It felt great for me to share the good vibes from my positive experience of being on a writing flow of posting 6 Posts in 5 Days on my website for the Super Affiliate Challenge. This was shared by instinct.

6 posts

So many of my friends within the international community – particularly the ones who were struggling to create content - told me in their comments and in their PM’s that THIS POST helped them so much. As a result of this post, they were re- motivated to finish their Super Affiliate Challenge assignment for Part 1.

What if I hadn’t shared that post?  Would they have somehow summoned the intestinal fortitude and the will to complete their tasks on time?

Many people would not have received the benefit, and some perhaps would not complete the Challenge.

Even worse than this, without such inspiring words of encouragement some surely would have dropped out of the challenge.

Inspiring words of encouragement, 60 referrals in 30 days

Inspiring Words of Encouragement: 60 Referrals in 30 Days, A New Milestone

One awesome member of my community recently shared an inspiring post of how she broke her own personal record by achieving 60 referrals in 30 days. It is called “60 referrals in 30 Days: A New Milestone.”

60 referrals

This was a truly amazing achievement. It is no wonder that post within 2 days h gone to Number 1. It was validation of her achievement, and a great motivational post!

Just Landed My First Paid Speaking Gig..WooHoo!

landed public speaking gig

Later there was another fabulous member (who asked not to be named) who shared her post of how excited she was when she landed her first paid public speaking assignment in her post entitled “Just Landed My First Paid Speaking Gig…WooHoo!”.

This post garnered over 300+ comments and 2K views in only 4 hours!

The One that Honored Me

The One That Truly Honored Me

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Well, given this popular phrase, here was the biggest and most pleasant surprise of all.

Let’s get back to my student who I mentioned at the beginning of this article. By sharing her wonderful accomplishment, my amazing student (anonymous) truly moved me when she wrote her most recent inspiring post “OMG, I Had 358 Users on My Site Today”.

358 new users!

This special student truly honored me by giving me a “shout out” about an evergreen training I wrote over one year ago on increasing your site speed for the casual internet user.

This true testimonial was inspiring words of encouragement unleashed!

The training is called “How To Make My Site Load Faster.”

Click on it here to read my training.

What really moved me was the fact that my student initially told me she wasn’t keen on covering my training because it first appeared overwhelming and tedious for her.

However, despite her reservations she mentioned that she pressed on despite her dreading doing it at first.

An amazing and unprecedented display

And she admitted that after only covering an incomplete portion of my training, by applying only the first 3 of 8 parts, her daily visitors to her website “went completely through the ROOF!”

This was an amazing and truly unprecedented display, and what made it all possible were inspiring words of encouragement.

Inspiring words of encouragement, 358 users per day into conversions

Inspiring Words of Encouragement: 358 Users in One Day

Thank You my friend, you truly honored me.

You "made the Piggy Smile" by going from 7 to 358 users in one day, and you turned some of these users into conversions!

And in doing so, you have honored humanity.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart

Great job on acquiring all of those New Users

Your affirmation certainly made my day, month, and Year!

Inspiring words of encouragement, what our community had to say

Inspiring Words of Encouragement: What Our Community Had to Say

Here are the recent comments from some of our amazing community members:

Positive posts get me motivated and this one is right up there !
I seem to learn something with every post, some are little things but some are big now its a matter of applying them. Thank you for another great post!!! – Anonymous

Yes, I love positive posts! – Anonymous

Way to go, Kaju! – Anonymous

Love it! Green light for go!
Positivity is always the best. - Anonymous

Say Yes!

Say YES! Keep Sharing the Love

All of these posts were Top 10 posts, and some even reached Number 1.

This PROVES that inspiring words of encouragement are contagious.

They feel good and are helpful to a plethora of wonderful and awe-inspiring people. 

So keep writing and SHARING them here.

Say Yes and Never Stop!

Say Yes!  Never give up, and never ever stop!

Please leave some of your awesome and inspiring words of encouragement below, and keep sharing the love!

About the Author

KAJU is the band leader and founding member of OFF THE HOOK, one of the premiere dance party bands in the New York Tri-State Area. After contracting a mysterious hand disorder, Kaju now writes to help other musicians and artists deal with disabilities. Currently he is a Full-time Affiliate Marketer and 1-on-1 mentor at Wealthy Affiliate, a community that can help anyone start an online business without prior experience. This is where he teaches others how to make a great passive income. Read more about his story here!

  • Roy Bretton says:

    Thank you for another encouraging and contagious blog post-Kaju!!

    When I look at the news, we always seem to see politicians throwing dirt at each other and genuinely other stories that are not very encouraging! Thankfully, I don’t have a television, so I limit how much news I see that I want to focus on the positive things in life. I feel that our take on the world news will have very little effect, although I do like to know what’s going on.

    I met Kaju through the Wealthy Affiliate platform, (you can see Kaju’s profile here:

    This platform is probably the most positive platform that I have been involved in, I have actually been a member for five years and I will probably be a lifetime member.

    I want to be around positive people, I literally run from negative people as I want to be around people who build each other up. As a Christian, I generally start the day reading the Bible and then I will go to this great platform because there is so much positivity. I love being able to encourage others and build people up, it’s a great way to start the day.

    Let me leave you with this thought, who are you going to build up today?

    • Kaju says:

      Thank You so much Roy, you are one of the most positive people I have met in our worldwide community. I agree we need to weed out the negativity and focus on the positivity. It’s a pleasure as always to converse with you, and let’s continue to encourage each other positively.

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