Imagineering Your Life: The Art of Success

Imagineering Your Life: The Art of Success

Is it at all possible that by applying systematic engineering’s most fundamental and essential concepts, you can soon learn to be imagineering your life into expanding its reach to the exquisite realm of your dreams?


The power of the mind is profound and limitless. Tapping into our deep imagination through the subconscious is a boundless infinity.

With consistent learning, sheer determination, willpower, and dedication, nothing is impossible. We can re-engineer our collective destiny.


Learning to master self-improvement is both beautiful and profound.

Once we learn to unlock our mind’s true potential, we can achieve a most extraordinary life.

For myself, I now know this is possible.

And I devoutly believe soon you will share my belief.

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imagineering your life is a self wake up call

My Self Wake Up Call

This is a self-wake up call.

Ever hear of the shoemaker who didn’t own a good pair of shoes?

Or the great interior designer who lived in a mess?

Or the revered physician who neglected his own health?

Or the brilliant musician who could not hear his own song?

imagineering your life to see everything in the physical world

Everything we see in our physical world started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed.

We think then we become

We literally become what we think about most.

Our lives become what we have imagined and believed in most.

imagineering your life is a great knowledge

What Do I Mean by “Imagineering Your Life”? 

What do I mean when I say the phrase ““Imagineering Your Life”?

There are times we love sharing the great knowledge we have learned and helping others so much, often there will be days that we neglect taking care of our own businesses, websites, and training.

Then we become the teachers.

The givers.

And the great helpers.

Always give

Others who love to learn by doing and taking action on what they have learned

Then they become the action-takers.

The go-getters.

And the great earners.

The Great Earners

So which one are you?

Personally, I love to give.

Well, this is me my friends.

What is mine, is yours.

It is always better to give than receive

Your Wake Up Call

This for me will always be.

But there always needs to be a far greater balance.

imagineering your life has far reaching potential

We All Possess a Far Reaching Potential

Whether we realize it or not, the fact is that we all possess within our being a far reaching potential of creating an extraordinary life.

There is no doubt that if we as humans can architect and engineer highly complex, smart multi-billion dollar computer systems, why would there be any reason that we couldn’t apply the same architectural framework for designing and building extraordinary lives?

By applying a simple paradigm of who, what, why, where, when, how, that provides the essential tools to become clear on our ultimate life vision, it is now possible to take action by ultimately achieving that vision.

As we begin by laying down the foundation for our dreams, with sheer determination, willpower, and dedication, nothing is impossible. By imagining and implementing continuous process improvements, we all can live the exquisite lives of our dreams.

imagineering your life

Imagineering Your Life

These are the powerful concepts espoused by Siobhan McKenna in her wonderful book entitled "Imagineering Your Life: 7 Principles for Designing and Building an Extraordinary Life.”

McKenna takes you on a journey of finding success and learning how to live a joyful life to the fullest extent. An engineer by trade, McKenna applies her skills to attain ultimate happiness in life.

This highly inspiring guide has a a foreword by Dr. Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager.

Through McKenna’s teachings throughout this book, she will teach you how to apply systematic engineering’s most fundamental and essential concepts to create the life of your dreams.

7 Succinct and Valuable Principles

The 7 Succinct and Valuable Principles are indispensable tools to implement into your life. Each of these principles is a powerful tool that readers can use as a resource and directive to blueprint and architect the kind of life they want to lead.

Setting attainable goals which are reachable is fine art. McKenna postulates this to be an artful skill that we all need to finely tune and optimize on a constant basis.

So many people let life pass them by and slip through their hands, mostly because they do not have the know-how to go further, reach higher, and build bigger.


Every single person has the opportunity to imagineer a perfect life, then build a life that previously we could only dream of.

Personally I have found that by combining the principles presented in this book along with self-determination and consistent dedication, one can reach an exquisite place.

"Imagineering Your Life" is essentially a presentation of the 7 Succinct and Valuable Principles for building a complete and wonderful life, which are:

  • 1st Principle: The Inspiration: What Makes Your Heart Soar?
  • 2nd Principle: The Vision: Imagineering Your Own Life
  • 3rd Principle: The Blueprint: Laying the Foundation
  • 4th Principle: The Architect: You Are the Master Builder
  • 5th Principle: The Site: Eye on Paradise
  • 6th Principle: The Timeline: Just Now
  • 7th Principle: The Action: Now, Go Build It

These seven principles are compelling and significant. They will give you everything you need to reevaluate and reshape the most prized possession you are the owner to---your life.

"Imagineering Your Life" offers us a systematic approach of achieving a life which we once could only dream of having.

imagineering your life is a self wake up call

So this is a self-wake up call.

Rest assured I will never stop giving.

I will always be here for you, my friends.

However, for now on let me state a fact.

I will also be spending more days taking care of myself.

imagineering your life gives us extraordinary potential for living

Unlocking my mind’s true potential, to achieve my most extraordinary life.

The type of extraordinary life which is made possible in McKenna's wonderful book.

So I hope you will join me by taking care of yourself.

And by learning to reap the joy.

Imagineering your life.

Please feel free to leave any of your questions or comments below.

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