How to Work Less and Live More

How to Work Less and Live More

Let’s face it, we all want to discover the hidden secrets of how to work less and live more. Life is way too short, and all work and no play makes Jack ‘n Jane a dull boy and girl, doesn’t it?

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Here is a golden nugget of wisdom I have learned that I would like to share with you.


This is my new Golden Rule that I've been using. It is definitely both an analog and a huge upgrade of "Rinse, and Repeat”, and it may be my most controversial Golden Rule to date.

My new highly improved course of action (and My 2019 Golden Rule) is simply Learn, Review, and DO!

This is what you do to achieve your true optimal self and how to work less and live more.

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How to work less and live more, my 2019 golden rule

How to Work Less and Live More: My 2019 Golden Rule

Here is My 2019 Golden Rule #4 is:

Thou shall not wallow in superfluous education and training. Get straight to the training module related to the actionable task that stands before you, and Learn, Review, and DO.

Big actions taken on the most highly relevant training and important tasks at hand take precedence over extra education and training.

I used to talk about this one a lot. Seldom would it get done consistently.

But now I'm consistently doing it, and it's my most successful strategy implementation to date of the Year. It has turned put to be a great one.

And it's only been made possible because I'm practicing and sticking strong to my Golden Rules 1, 2, and 3.

howDon"t waste time on non-related education

Don't Waste Time on Non-Related Education

There are simply far too many of us who place extended non specific task related regimented education and training at a premium.

Here is what I mean by extended regimented education and training: 

  • 1) Finish ALL the training first, then take action. 
  • 2) Don't skip any of the training, do everything in order or you will miss something.

I'm sorry I know this might not be the popular answer, but I must respectfully disagree.

YES I will say for total newbies in online marketing, this is a important concept to follow.

If you are totally new to internet marketing, YES DO all the training here first and in order.

The main issue I see is that too many marketing veterans are believing everything they are preaching to the newbies, and are following such dogma to their own unproductive demise.

There is another issue that can hold one back in their forward progress when they exercise their schedule in such a way.

  • Following training modules that currently are not related to the most imminent and critical actions required are being wasted, as we tend to forget any non-relevant training by the time we are ready to take action on it.
How to work less and live more

Sometimes we review a training that we have no intention to take action on for weeks, or even months.

This is a most highly unproductive and total time wasting effort.
By the time you are ready to take action on that training (if ever) you have partially (at best) or completely (at worst) forgotten all of the material.

Enjoy life at the beach, and comments from our group

How to Work Less and Live More: Comments from Our Group

When we posed this question of how to work less and live more to our stupendous internet group of international worldwide members, here is what they had to say:

"Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as knowing, knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues until it is put into action." (Xunzi) Anything that needs learning can only be done by the "doing" – Anonymous

“Very, very good points! You are right. I have done that myself many time. Go around looking at other training and then not implement it. I have been trying to stick to the basics for now (adding content etc) and when I have time I will focus on specific additional tasks.” – Anonymous

We follow your good advice. We have done and continue to do, the training in order and skip nothing. We have also gone back over and reviewed things many times and had a better understanding by doing so.
Its like layers of learning and you can't skip a layer because they build upon each other.
Thanks for another golden nugget of wisdom.
Have a fantastic week! - Anonymous

How to work less and live more, laugh it up!

“Great advice, Kaju. When I first joined the program, I felt overwhelmed that I might miss something if I didn't watch every video and live training that was offered. But I was so new that I soon found that most of the stuff I was wasting my time on way way over my head and just made me feel even more ineffective.

I discovered early on, that I needed to stick to the training lesson I was in the process of completing, take the steps outlined there, write the accompanying post to implement what I was learning, and ignore the rest of the shiny objects out there vying for my time.I'm sure when I go back to writing for my website after I achieve my #1 goal of getting the mess out of my office, I'll need to do a lot of REVIEWING before I can get back to DOING once again! – Anonymous

You lay it out well. I'm finding that I am finding value in going back over the videos from training completed, as I miss things the first time through. I try to watch a video a day from past training. Every little bit seems to help. Now I am going to go "do" as I have a new post ready to put up.” – Anonymous

“You can't beat iterative reinforceable task learning Kaju!” – Anonymous

“Great advice!
It's also my way of working and you are
absolutely right it's the key to success.

Acting right after learning and understanding is the best
way to move forward.

Thanks for this positive, energetic and useful post!
Continue your great work!” - Anonymous

how to work less and live more: Learn Review and Do!

How to Work Less and Live More: Learn, Review, and Do

Learn (educate yourself), Review (refresh your knowledge), and then DO (take action) on what you learned shortly after you have fully comprehended the material, then review it once more.

This methodology hones the most relevant material residing inside your brain where it is at an optimal comprehension level, and it will best allow you to implement those actions with super precision, accuracy, and success.

And when your actions are set up optimally, the result often will lead to better decisions, optimal traffic, conversions, and earnings!

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Now that you have learned the hidden secret of how to work less and live more, take charge and create your full optimal self.


Wishing you all the Best. Please feel free to leave any of your comments below.


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