How To Buy a Premium Domain Name

How to Buy a Premium Domain Name

Those who are new to building websites might want to know how to buy a premium domain name.

Well, buying one is rather simple. I will explain very shortly. The bigger question really is “Should you buy a premium domain name?”


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You can purchase premium domain names that are available from a number of different domain registrars. All of the domain registrars where you can purchase the domain name(s) conveniently has a search database where you can type in the domain name of your choice to see if the domain name is available or is taken.

Some examples of popular domain registrars are GoDaddy, Blue Host, Network Solutions,, and Host Gator. But there are many more.

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Learning how to buy a premium domain name when many are for sale

What is a Premium Domain Name?

A Premium Domain Name is a short, highly memorable, and easy to spell domain name (that ends in popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .biz) that is more likely to drive traffic to a website.

They are more valuable than others since many website owners want them, and there aren't that many available to be had. Due to their greater demand, they are much more costly than a non-premium domain names.

A Premium domain name is also a way to keep your marketing dollars spent to a minimum. The reason is that a premium domain name is recognizable and relevant to your brand.

When you own a premium domain name and ty it in closely to your marketing, the premium domain name ITSELF will auto-magically create instant visions of your wonderful products and services in the mind’s eye of your online searchers.

Here is a perfect example to demonstrate what I mean. Imagine you were opening an eyeware store in Portland, and you wanted the domain name This would be an example of a premium domain name.

Internet marketers will often spend hundreds, and even 1000’s of dollars to purchase the perfect domain name that fits their brand if someone else owns that domain name.  

When you can select the right premium domain name, one that easy to remember, flows off the lips, and perfectly embodies your branding you will own an amazing brand name that will be inextricably linked to your business for years and even decades to come.

What is the cost of a premium domain?

What is the Cost of a Premium Domain Name? 

The cost for a new premium domain name can range from as low as $7.99 per domain name to the sky is the limit. The most popular extensions for premium domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org, and .biz.

Premium domain names with a .com extension that are available for purchase through one of the major known registrars usually will cost you in a range starting from $11.99. The .net extensions cost a bit more. They typically will run in the range from $15.99 - $19.99.

The “already taken” new premium domain names can be very expensive if you can find a buyer who is willing to sell. They can range from 100’s of dollars for a single domain name, up to the tens of thousands of dollars!

This is why you have to think and consider very carefully if it is worth it for you to invest in an “already taken” premium domain name.

After all, your premium domain name that you purchase for those Big Bucks should be so strong that its recognizable traits and relevancy of the domain name to your great products and services should be immediate and directly lead to a healthy return on investment (ROI) to your business.

how to buy a premium domain name was discussed in comments from our community

How to Buy a Premium Domain Name: Comments from Our Great Community

Recently I asked a question to my wonderful internet community to share their diverse experiences where they purchased Premium domain names.

Here were some of the great answers I recently received:

I have actually paid several thousand for the right domain name, but not as a rookie affiliate marketer. I knew how to leverage it and have now been offered much more as I built out the domain and it is now aging in Google. In the scheme of things $400 isn't much for a solid domain name that will be easy to grow, but the decision must be yours. Do you know enough to make this investment worth it? Your track record will tell you. – Anonymous

That's a good question, Kaju. I think if I was just starting the business, I would go for the cheaper version or for a slightly different name with a .com extension. The reason is that it might not make a big difference after all whether you choose the premium one or the other. We often think that there is only this one option and one way to succeed but it's only in our mind. – Anonymous

While a specific domain name may be an ideal solution is the cost worth it.
I personally would go for a similar name at the normal price. I would also go for a .com name above any of the others.
Not everybody looks at the .com extension when they are looking for your website, so if you have a net or info site the com site could pick up your traffic. – Anonymous

We talked this over and we think, allowing for the fact it's not our money, that paying a few hundred dollars for a premium domain does not seem such a huge amount if it is exactly the name you want. However, we wouldn't get into a protracted bidding situation either. - Anonymous

how to buy a premium domain name requires knowing the value of your brand

Should I Go Premium?

I found a new premium domain name I would like to purchase with a .com extension, but whose current minimum asking price is $400 as the current owner is anticipating high demand. I would have to place a bid on this domain name for at least this minimum asking price, but without any guarantees. .

After doing further research, I found out there is a company in a related industry in Florida using that same domain name but in reverse

The same domain name is available using other less popular extensions for a normal price ($11.99) per domain name through various domain registries.

Domain Registries

So here is the burning question:

Given the fact that there is currently a similar business in the United States using the name but in reverse, if you thought this premium .com domain name would be good for your new business, would you invest that much money ($400 or more) to purchase it from the current owner?

Would it be worth the purchase, given these conditions?

Or would you pass on the premium bid and purchase the domain name with a less popular extension (or several different extensions) immediately, try it out first and see if your new business will succeed using it, and then if your new business is successful later purchase the premium .com extension of it?

Premium Names for Sale

Of course, in doing so you would run the future risk that:

  • The Premium Name you sought will no longer be available in the future, or
  • Even if it is still available, the asking price will be much higher
  • Should I bid on the $400 premium domain name now, or should I wait?

Thanks friends, your feedback will be most helpful!

I hope this article helped you to understand how to buy a premium domain name.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

They will be most appreciated!

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