How to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer

How to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer

If you want to know how to become a Super Affiliate marketer, based on the number who make it compared to the total number of the internet community of 1.5 million worldwide members I currently am in, your odds will be very low.

Hats off to these Exceptional individuals in the photo below, they are truly Super Affiliates.


We might as well call this crew The League of Extraordinary Distinguished Women and Gentlemen.

how to become a Super Affiliate marketer, here are the Extraordinary Men and Women

It’s truly amazing what these Super Affiliates have accomplished.

As great as our ambassadors are, these select special individual’s accomplishments all go far beyond ambassadorship.


But what’s even more astonishing is the amount of drive, work, and ambition it takes how to become a Super Affiliate marketer when you do the math.

We will get back to that later.

Let’s first define what a Super Affiliate marketer is.

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how to become a Super Affiliate marketer is like putting on a cape

What is a Super Affiliate Marketer?

Let’s broadly define what a Super Affiliate marketer is.

These extraordinary individuals work for themselves, and do not have to answer to any boss. As in the case of my special internet community, Super Affiliate Marketers will often be members who are associated with one particular enterprise.

Super Affiliate Marketers are leaders in the affiliate marketing industry who earned their moniker by reaching a special lofty plateau based on a number of affiliate sales as defined by the company.

They are the Top Earners, and rises above and beyond other affiliates by procuring and maintaining highly profitable, successful affiliate marketing programs.

Super Affiliate Marketers generate the highest percentage of an affiliate program’s profits.

When you really delve deeply into this subject, the true worth of a Super Affiliate marketer’s value to their native affiliate program is vast and almost incalculable.

Now let’s get back to the math.

how to become a Super Affiliate marketer requires let's do the Math

How to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer:  Let’s Do the Math

Look at this picture again. Now think of the numbers.

I am only counting 25 Super Affiliates in this photo.

There may be others who couldn’t make the conference for various reasons or who are not in the photo, I am only going by the photo.

And when you subtract super affiliate’s spouses and guests based on tis photo, the number is probably closer to 20.

So let’s say the number is 20.

Now let’s do the actual math.

how to become a Super Affiliate marketer Calculations

There are a total of 1.5 million worldwide members in my internet community.

Of these 1.5 million members, according to data only approximately 12.5% are Premium members.

You need to first be a premium member to become a Super Affiliate. You cannot put the cart before the horse!

Considering this number, that means there are currently approximately 187,500 premium members worldwide here at WA. (1,500,000 x 0.125).

Now let’s dig into the math deeper: out of 187,500+ premium members who are current, only 20 extraordinary individuals earned their plane ticket and deluxe accommodations (and all the other “crazy” perks and trimmings for this extravagant week) to the Vegas Conference, all expenses paid.


In other words only 1 out of every 9375 premium members made it to the Vegas Conference in 2019 – that’s .0001066 %

e.g. 187,500 / 20 = 9375

1/9375 = 0.0001066

To translate, this is about one-hundreth of 1% of all premium members who made it to the minimum threshold of 300 premium referral signups.

Now I DO NOT draw attention to this number for any other reason than to demonstrate How Truly Amazing this Accomplishment is, and to pay homage to these 20 or so special individual’s achievements.

So many other members are succeeding from the knowledge they have gained here in their own niches making money online without promoting a particular affiliate marketing company program.

Kudos to those, they are all fabulous winners too!

Sherpa on Mount Everest

I hope to reach it to the Vegas Conference in 2020, but I have to admit that reaching that summit is tantamount to climbing the peak of Mount Everest.

Call me some great Sherpas though, and I KNOW I can make it.

Yes I can.

And we have some astounding "Sherpas" right here in the WA community that will help you reach that formidable summit from Base Camp – first to Camp 1, then Camp 2, and onto Camp 3 and 4.

And then the Summit.

Sherpa carrying heavy load

As distinguished as they have become, these very special Super Affiliates started out just like you and I from square one, with the SAME training, the SAME Bootcamp, and the SAME wonderful help from our great ambassadors and the entire community.

And in addition to all the SAME wonderful tools they had to succeed, they all have something else in common.

They have a belief system.

A core belief system.

how to become a Super Affiliate marketer. We Can Succeed

We All Must Believe We Can Succeed

It all comes down to belief.

Everything else doesn’t matter.

Without the core BELIEF that we can succeed, we will inevitably fail.

Great accomplishments require the courage to take even bigger actions in order to achieve such success; as the old saying goes, “Without risk, there is no reward.”

Make no mistake, this is hard.

Nothing will ever come easy.

No get rich quick schemes here. Not a chance.

This requires “elbow grease.”

Elbow grease

No matter how much knowledge you have acquired, how well you write, how much you research, or how interactive you are here in the community without BIG ACTIONS (and smart and timely actions), you will wallow in mediocrity.

It takes time and energy to get things done.

And without the belief that you WILL succeed, you will not be able to maintain the energy. Or find the time.

Without this core belief system, you will never be able to maintain the required consistency in taking actions to reach that summit.

It all comes down to owning that core belief system.

And a stubbornness to stick to it through the inevitable rough times until the end.

You must believe in yourself.

You must believe that you will succeed.

how to become a Super Affiliate marketer. Driving Success

All of this said, I believe we all can succeed if we set our minds to it.

Yes we can.

Now let’s make a plan on how to become a Super Affiliate marketer, and set that plan into action!

Do you have any ideas?

Please feel free to share your ideas with us by leaving your comments below.

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