Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest: The Results

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest: The Results

Without further ado, here are the results of Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest Challenge!

What originally was meant to be a simple survey has turned out to be a highly interactive and entertaining puzzle.


From our participants from the SIBL social media conference and internet group, we received an overwhelming response with over 200 comments!


For those who participated in this challenge, we want to THANK YOU for contributing to this challenge

We have learned a GREAT deal about Pinterest user’s behavior and how 5 variations of a single theme using mixed color and text can affect perceptions to how traffic might be driven to our websites.

At least in theory. The only TRUE way to know with absolute certainty will be to actually split test all the variants over a predetermined period of time and track all the traffic analytics.

This will be the next experiment I will complete very soon. Stay tuned!

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest

Now you have all been patient.

And have waited with great temperance (and tolerance!)

But I can hold off no longer……..

The time has come for Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest: The Results!

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Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest is now tested

Our Final Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest Results

First coming in 6th Place is -

#3 Green Background w/ Blue Text

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest GREEN

There were only 2 commenters who selected the green background and the blue text. I would have guessed much more!

I suppose the reason is the blue text over the green background made the text harder to read.

Next coming in 5th Place is -


There were 9 commenters who either could not decide between two or more options or gave cerebrally ambiguous (and rather amusing!) reasons.


Boo!! Shame on you! LOL!

This was the “copout” option but I can understand, sometimes these decisions are just really, really HARD…

But “undecided” still beat out the green and blue for bragging rights to avoid trailing the rear!

Next coming in 4th Place is –

#2 Black Background w/ Yellow text

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest BLACK

There were 10 commenters who selected the Black background with Yellow text. I was one of those ten!

Personally I just LOVE the “in your face” sharp professional appearance, bold contrast, and easy readability on the eyes of this color combo - and would have thought this would have been in the top 2– but then this proves again what do I know?!!

But I can also understand why many peeps here think this color combo is WAY too over the top!

Next coming in 3rd Place is –

#5 White Background w/ Blue text

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest WHITE

There were 11 commenters who selected the White background with Blue text. I was one of those ten!

Now I would have thought myself that #5 would be too generic and bland, however this turned out NOT to be so.

Reasons ranged from that all the others looked “like a commercial” and were “heavy on the eyes”. Others said they chose this most common white background with black text as it was the easiest to read with a cleaner background.

Well, we are now coming down to the Final 2.

What will it be?

Down to the Final Two

Down to the Final Two of the Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest Challenge!

Here we go…..

Coming in at 2nd Place is –

#4 Yellow Background w/ Blue text

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest YELLOW

There were 13 commenters who selected the Yelllow background with Blue text.

Up until very late in the game, I thought with Great Certainly #4 was going to pull away as the winner.

But at the 11th hour, #4 was overtaken by a LOUD “THUMP” with resounding authority by our winner. The loud “thump” of 9 rejections in a row.

It was the Great Come From behind Victory!

Drum Roll Please

Drum Roll, Please……

And the Pinterest WINNER IS:


Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest YELLOW and BLACK

A walloping 19 commenters on WA selected the Yellow background with Black text!

As someone in our group would say, “Amazing! Awesome! Astounding”!


Now it’s true that Yellow and Black are the most contrasting colors, but if I am a betting man I would have wagered that the reverse scenario of the Black background with the Yellow Text would have taken the prize.

Once again, I have been humiliated and proven wrong.


Mission Accomplished, Final Seminar Attendee Results

Final Seminar Attendee Results

Now let’s compare YOUR overall choices to our NYC Science Industry and Business Library LIVE attendees who were the 32 entrepreneurs and business owners surveyed from Felicia Lin’s awesome social media workshop and seminar from Tuesday.

Note that of the 32 LIVE attendees at the seminar (including myself), 18 were women and 14 were men.

Here are the final results from the seminar in descending order:

6th Place: Undecided 1 (3.1%) (Felicia was having none if it!)

5th Place: #3 Green Background w/ Blue Text 2 (6.25%)

4th Place: #4 Yellow Background w/ Blue text 4 (12.5%)

3th Place: #5 White Background w/ Blue Text 6 (18.75%)

2th Place: #2 Black Background w/ Yellow Text 8 (25%)

1st Place: #1 Yellow Background w/ Black Text 11 (34.4%)

Total: 32


#1 Yellow Background w/ Black Text

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest Conclusion

Conclusions: Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest

The Unanimous Winner once again was #1, the Yellow Background w/ the Black text.

Very interesting.

Consistent overall yet some surprising results.

After we calculated the final results Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest, we pre-screened these final results to our internet group and here is what they had to say:

  • I still like the black background with the yellow text, but can, with your explanations, see how the yellow background with the black text won out---It's more catchy to the eye, and would attract much attention on Pinterest! I was close, though! Ha ha!
    Great Challenge, Kaju! – Anonymous
  • Wow, came close with my #2 pick ! Looking at them again...I suppose the yellow background looks brighter than the black background ! Easy to the eyes. 
  • Now, I need to pick up my pace in the Pinterest knowledge drive. 
    Thanks for the very inspiring share Kaju ! – Anonymous
  • I think the black background and yellow text is a classic, we used to see it. However, by switching the role, it creates something our eyes are less used to see but at the same time familiar.I guess it's why it attracts our attention more. - Anonymous
  • It was an interesting survey, I've learned something new again, thanks. – Anonymous
  • I'm rather surprised that the yellow with black winning. I'm more partial to white with black or blue myself. But I understand that an emphasised piece might come out better with a colored background.Overall though I have to give you much credit for the work you put into this and the results will definitely have some people rethinking background options. Great work on this.                                           I look forward to your next survey results. – Anonymous
  • Without trying to be egoistic, I'm thinking that my choice (yes, mine was one of the blue/green votes) may point to my not running with the crowd, not sharing common likes/dislikes with the majority. I wonder....Maybe therapy is called for......Fascinating work, useful reporting and fabulous writing, Kaju. Merely what we've come to expect from you! Thanks! – Anonymous
  • Unfortunately, I was unable to vote, but I would have voted for the blue text on the yellow background. I see it as less "in your face" than the black on yellow. As a consumer, it would be less of a hard sell. I suppose that's the cerebral side of me looking from the outside. 😉 Great results, Kaju!! – Anonymous
Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest Comments
  • Very interesting results, Kaju! I expected less consensus on the winning variation so was amazed that the attendees of the seminar favoured the same as the majority here. This is definitely a clear indication of what way to go even though we don't know whether our potential target audience would have picked the same variation - probably down to gender, age group, educational or social background etc. So this still needs to be tested. But I quite like the idea of combining images and text on all variants and see what happens. – Anonymous
  • It was 1! I knew it would be 1 or 2, but I still think 2 is better. Lol, Thanks! – Anonymous
  • MacDonald's took this very seriously, so did the British Post Office amongst others, the scientifically proven tests showed that Yellow/Red is the most eye-catching combination. - Anonymous

Indeed, we can infer that for the most part (except for “undecided”) the final results were fairly consistent.

  • It wasn’t surprising “Undecided” finished in last place with a mere 1 vote, as we can assume almost all LIVE attendees felt compelled to give an answer, and Felicia was not accepting “none answers”. Lol!
  • Most interesting was that #2 Black Background w/ Yellow Text (my choice) came in 2nd Place with 8 overall votes, instead of the Yellow Background w/ Blue text #4, with the amount of only 4 votes.
  • The generic #5 White Background w/ Blue Text finished in 3rd Place with 6 votes.
Pin It!
  • What we also need to consider here is that at the NYC SIBL Library, all of the viewers were judging the Pinterest colors viewed off of a large projection screen from a distance which was not at the BEST resolution.

Some interesting psychology to consider when we choose our Pinterest color selection combinations moving forward.

Note it was also suggested that in the future we could further improve our results by combining BOTH Images and Text together on all variants, as Pinterest likes this.

Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest, Thank You!

Thank You all very much for participating in Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest.”

Your engaged response was truly overwhelming and greatly appreciated!


Please leave your candid comments below regarding your thoughts of this overall challenge Home Decorating Ideas with Pinterest, and how you might consider using what you have learned here in the future on Pinterest.

I sense that your comments here are going to be very interesting!

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