Go For The Extra Mile

Go For The Extra Mile

It’s time to go for the extra mile my friends.

What a better time than any to resume "My Golden Rule” series as we head into the home stretch of the year. This is going to be super affiliate challenge, but the bold and tenacious will prevail.


How is everybody doing?  Are we making progress?

Falling a bit behind?

No worries!!

There is still time between now and December 31.

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go for the extra mile  ride the burst of energy

Go For The Extra Mile: Ride that Burst of Energy

Recently I got a burst of energy, and just completed writing 5 posts in 3 days on my website. This compelled me to write this “Golden Rule” post.

This is all but one example that you can do to go for the extra mile. When you are on a roll, stay on that roll. Keep writing, performing, You Tubing, mentoring, etc.

Never give up, and when it’s going good ride that burst of energy. Within you can harness an unlimited supply of power.

You can boil the ocean, and move mountains!

Hey, if I can do it, you can do it too!
My Golden Rule 6

My Golden Rule #6

Here is my Golden Rule #6:

Thou Shall Not Be Satisfied or Content with Thy Progress.

Go for the extra mile whenever you get on a Roll.

My Golden Rule #6

Take advantage of that “wind behind your back.”

This will make up for those slower inactive periods.

Don't lose momentum

It’s a Long Race, We All Lose Momentum

If you feel you are losing some of that mojo and are feeling the slog, not to worry. We all lose momentum over the long season, myself included. And naturally, we all need to take breaks.

Remember whatever goal you are trying to accomplish, this is a marathon not s a sprint to the finish line.

Personally during the year, I take several breaks. And this does not even count the long vacations where I will travel and enjoy myself, which is usually 3 to 4 per year. Right now I am taking a vacation break and visiting Taiwan.

So this is a slow time for me.

Yet as you can see, even though I am on vacation and it's a slow time, I still am setting aside (for me in the wee hours of the morning) some time to write, as I am creating this post.

Enjoy yourself step back but don't stop

As I enjoy myself, I’ve stepped back my writing but not have stopped completely. I feel its very important for me to always keep doing some amount of consistent activity (in my case my blog writing) even when I am on vacation.

Although I have scaled my writing back, this is how I keep some skin in the game. That works best for me, but will it work best for you?  If you are the type of person that must stop “cold turkey” and not do anything while you are on vacation, then go for it!

Just keep in mind, when you return to work from vacation, you are going to have to go that extra mile even more fervently than before. You don’t want the wheels to come off the tracks either!

Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge advocate for taking a long vacation to recharge the battery. Do absolutely nothing if it best suits you. Enjoy to the max.

But just be aware all it can take is one vacation to set you on the wrong course for the rest of the year. Be careful.

go for the extra mile, my 7 Reasons

7 Reasons to Go For The Extra Mile

  • Because We Can
    Anything is possible when we are in the zone feeling it. Write that extra post and get ahead
  • Leverage that extra burst of energy and convert it into content now
    Yes, you will be thankful one week later when you are well ahead.
  • Writing an Extra Article Leads to More Content
    Once we get “on a roll” we cannot stop ourselves. With each new post you publish, you will Feel Great and want to write and publish another one.
  • Creates a buffer for writing down cycles

This will act as a hedge as we prepare for unexpected contingencies. We can never predict when life throws us curveball and pulls us away from our content creating. Even if it’s for a short period of time.

  • Build greater site authority
    The more quality content we post, the greater the chances of ranking high in the search engines
  • To Impress your Mentor
    This is self-explanatory, but what’s more important than this is…..
  • To Impress Ourselves and Build Greater Confidence
    Going the Extra Mile is like achieving a “runners high”. Once we get “over that hump” and get it truly going, there will be no stopping us to the finish line!

I probably could think of many more, but this will do for now.

Feel free to add some others.

go for the extra mile, comments from our community

Go For The Extra Mile: Comments from Our Wonderful Community

Here is what some of the members of our worldwide community of 1.5 million awesome members had to say:

Good rules to follow, Kaju.
I have 7 more posts to write for the SAC. However, I am just short of 12,000 words now. That's because the pillar article I finished writing on Saturday was 6900 words. – Anonymous

Kaju, You're rockin', it!! You're taking respon-ability!
Stretching, my limits, is my fuel!!
My greatest rewards, are from, accomplishment, of something, BIG, MY BEST!!
... Perhaps, In, turn, ...I'm also, ahead of the game! – Anonymous

Your post gives us wings to fly! Now we are looking forward to a Super Week ahead Thanks to you, Kaju! – Anonymous

Thank you, Kaju. You always inspire me.- Anonymous

I’m feeling a bit like the tank is running on empty, but trying super hard to go the extra mile!
Thanks for the motivation. – Anonymous​​​​

I am thankful I have the ability to do so. So many who do not have the opportunity or know of it, share it. I am going to use one of mine, “don’t assume.” “Actions speak volumes!!” – Anonymous

Smile as you go the extra mile as success improves your health. – Anonymous

Thanks I really needed that today. – Anonymous

Thank you very much, fantastic. - Anonymous

Creating content

Remember take full advantage of those energy bursts and do the extra keyword search, and write those extra articles. Better rankings will soon follow.

Understand these 7 reasons and take charge with actions today and you will be Mastering the Content Creation process like a true Champion.

Happy Content Writing, now Go For The Extra Mile!

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