Free Computer Giveaways!

Free Computer Giveaways!

Today must be my lucky day…..For it is a day of free computer giveaways!

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And this must be my lucky week. For I am the recipient of the treasure!


**** Spolier Alert:  This is a Feel Good Post, you will see lots of happy comments that you may either like or may make you sick! *****

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The cat got the printer!

Temperamental Printer and Scanner

Earlier this week, my printer /scanner started acting up, and acting strangely temperamental.

I asked it SO many times to “Please, print this document” but it wouldn’t cooperate.

Then it later MOCKED me again when I asked it to scan something, but for some strange reason, it wouldn’t scan anything either.

I threw a Tantrum!

Seriously, I wanted to throw a tantrum!!

free computer giveaways

Then I Got the “Free Computer Giveaways” Call

Then shortly after my meeting tonight, out of the blue I received a call from my friend, who I knew her large IT company would be moving to 5 World Trade – but I did not when.

free computer giveaways, got the call!

She said, “Hey Kaju, my manager told me we have a bunch of tech equipment here that we can’t take with us, would you wanna come over and take a look?”

free computer giveaways in boxes

“What did you say?!” (pause….)

Uh, um, okay.” I replied

Then she said, “You need to come over right now within the hour. The district manager has already taken a lot of stuff. Hurry!”

Fortunately, her office is in midtown near Rockefeller Center, which is only 8 minutes away by subway from Chelsea. So off I ran.

Rockefeller Center NYC

Not knowing what kind of free computer giveaways I’d find!

free computer giveaways in more boxes!

When I arrived, she immediately walked me around an empty office space filled with boxes....

Free Laser Printer

Free Computer Giveaways – and a Laser Printer!

“OMG, this is just what I need, and it scans also?”

She replied, “Yes.”

“Can I take this? “ I responded.

She said, “Take it, if you can carry it it’s yours!”

Check! Printer issue solved…


free computer giveaways from a spacious office

Then she led me on a further search around the spacious office, and then before I could say anything else, she said,

“Do you need a Lenovo monitor, and some extra computer speakers?”

I replied, “Wow, Yes. I definitely can use a backup.

Are you sure it’s alright?"

free computer monitor with speakers

She said, “Take it, but you’ll have to carry everything yourself, I don’t have a wagon.”

I said, “Thank You!”

Called for an Uber

Okay, Let Me Call an Uber Now!

The Uber car was over in front of the building in less than 15 minutes.

I quickly stacked all the tech gear on top of each other, and proceeded to walk slowly over to the elevator.

Uber in 15 minutes for free computer giveaways

Not so bad! And no wagon or cart was needed.

Packed my “free computer giveaways” in the trunk of the Uber, and was back home in less than 10 minutes!!

Packed my free computer giveaways in the Uber car


What impeccable timing!

My tech problems were all immediately solved.

As I said, this must be my Lucky Week!

free computer giveaways, some comments from the community

Free Computer Giveaways: Incredulous Comments from My International Community

With all of my tech problems immediately solved, I had to share this unbelievable turn of events with my awesome community of online marketers.

They were in just as much disbelief as myself. Here is what they said:

Kaju I am happy for you but not surprised! Luck is something I do not believe. What is happening to you involves your giving freely and now you are being rewarded. Luck, for those who believe in it, is happenstance. Benefiting from something that indiscriminately happens does not make sense to me. – Anonymous

Wow!! Isn't it awesome when things like this happen? Validates all your hard work. Good for you Kaju!! – Anonymous

Positive things happen to positive people.
That would have never happened if you were a downbeat kind of guy.
– Anonymous

Hi Kaju.
See this as some small reward for all the unpaid help you dish out here in the community. Good luck to you my friend.- Anonymous

Make good use of that luck and crank out that content! 🙂 – Anonymous

learn why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation

I am going to give you a wee saying that we use in Scotland and you may already know it but:
If you fell in a bucket of s***e, you would come up smelling of roses".

Meaning that you are getting all the good luck at the moment and you can do no wrong whatsoever lol.
Well done on getting the printer and monitor though, that was telepathy, considering what had already happened. Hope you have it up and running now though. Xxxxx - Anonymous

When your life includes synchronicities like this, it means you are in alignment with yourself and allowing your greater self (that sees so much more), to participate. Co-creation at its best! *WOOT* - Anonymous

Your energy just draws in all the right solutions! – Anonymous

You must be doing something right Kaju.....of course you are, well deserved.- Anonymous

Awesome. What a great deal. You owe your friend a lunch or something.....- Anonymous

free computer giveaways, even more comments!

That's awesome Kaju. LOA working. You wanted that printer/scanner enough, the Law of Attraction worked in your favour. and brought it to you and you didn't have to pay a cent, except for the Uber, but that's a small price to pay for something that's gonna help you for a good while to come. – Anonymous

Kaju, I've thought this more than once about you. You definitely have the Midas Touch!! Awesomeness for you!! – Anonymous

Wow. You must be doing something right. I'm so happy for you! - Anonymous

It's amazing how things can just fall into place.
It doesn't happen all the time but when it does its Golden!!
Congrats on the new tech gear Kaju!! – Anonymous

As the Universe unfolds for the Blessed ... natural abundance... it's all there when needed ... sincere, authentic heart in connect with mind ... there u go!'s all good ... cheerio... 🙂 - Anonymous

learn why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation

Kaju, it is your lucky lifetime. You have such great Karma. You must have been a chivalrous Knight in a bygone age; the hero of legends. It is all coming back to you in this lifetime 😉 Truly, you are a favorite of the gods! – Anonymous

Somebody likes you! - Anonymous

Dang it, I need some new friends! HA!
What an amazing set of events. Love love the pictures you find for your posts, they always make me laugh.
True definition of Karma...when you put good things out into the world good things come back to you.
Thanks Kaju! – Anonymous

Sounds like somebody is looking out for you Kaju! - Anonymous

Wow! That is awesome! The universe works in strange ways sometimes. Glad to hear it worked out for you 🙂 - Anonymous

That's absolutely AMAZING! Your printer stopped working and another one presented itself almost immediately. Happy to hear that this worked out so well for you. May you continue to express gratitude for your good fortune and have many more wonderful surprises come your way. – Anonymous

This is so amazing Kaju , you have good people who can think something great for you.- Anonymous

Dear Kaju,
I am NOT Nagging but since your Angel Rescue the words
luck and lucky should not be used with reference to or for KAJU
You may use Favoured ; Blessed and Fortunate
luck meaning
success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than one’s own actions
You Kaju have built up your Network of Amazing Special People who are Pleased; Happy; and Glad to help you
Plus you have big work t do and you needed the new printer
so the Speed it came to you amplifies Favour and Blessing.
I loved the photos large or bold print plus spaces great post – Anonymous

Life has a funny way of working itself out when you least expect it:) - Anonymous

It's almost like winning a new home in the Clearing House Sweepstakes 15 minutes after getting evicted. Congrats on your new tech stuff! – Anonymous

WOW, that put a smile on my face and enjoyed reading that one Kaju, well done, as for Lenovo, the nice chap, if I call Uber, can we arrange something, they do... amphibious cars, don't they? : ) – Anonymous

Monitor and printer!

Hi Kaju - Yes, I can believe it is not what you expected, but since all is energy at an atomic level... your positive, kind and giving personality, is attracting it into your life. 😉

I've been thinking about the lessons to be learned from your experience and what we can take away from it, business-wise:

1) You were flexible - when the call came, you dropped what you were busy with, and went.

2) You knew your resources and had a plan - when she was concerned about how you'll have to carry it - you weren't, because you knew you'll call Uber to help you out.

Hey, and that Lenovo screen... there is a way to connect 2 screens to your computer / laptop. (You'll have to ask somebody more knowledgeable than me how to set it up though!) It is AWESOME to have an extra screen!

How would you use an extra screen? 😉
1) Watch a training video on one screen (full screen, no more squinting), while doing it on your website, on the other screen.
2) Making out a client's invoice on one screen, while getting the details from your email, which is open on the other screen.
3) Working on one screen, while keeping an eye on Trello on the other screen.
You will wonder how you have ever managed without it! Enjoy!

May you receive many more positive gifts from the Universe, Kaju! - Anonymous


The amazing support from the community brought tears to my eyes!

In closing let me say one more thing….

Btw, anyone need a new 17" Lenovo monitor?

(Only kidding!)

Friends, I hope this week will turn out to be your Lucky “Free Computer Giveaways” week too!

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